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Karan asks Amrita what she is thinking, she must forgive him. He says he knows he was against Avi marrying her. Amrita recalls what Karan had said. Karan got fainted. Amrita tries to wake him up. At Karan’s house, she does Karan’s dressing, while he sat on the bed.
In the morning, the newspaper lied on the desk. Karan comes to the hospital, everyone complained him of hiding such a big thing to him. Mrs. Kapoor accused him of lying. They trustees and Mrs. Kapoor told him to leave. Veer arrests Karan for being fraud, and takes him. Amrita was thinking about it all, as she leaves the house. She thinks can she live with this lie. She says there is someone who wants to kill Karan and punish him. She says she can’t be the sourse of his destruction. She thinks she will have to save Karan,

and says it is important to know who wants to kill Karan. She says she must tell Veer about it. The guard comes there, and Amrita leaves.
On the scooty, she comes home. The children cheer and hugs her. Sooraj asks why is she late. She says sorry. He tells he made her photo, in uniform. She asks did they have milk. Mrs. Kapoor says she gave them the milk with almond. The children go to sleep. Amrita asks that does she like the gram seeds. Mrs. Kapoor says she doesn’t know how to make them, and is thinking about calling her maid from Delhi as she has to look after he kids. Amrita asks does she really think she called her here, for looking after children. She goes inside, to bring a box of Sooraj’s drawings. He always waited for her, and always drew her on the top of family tree. She shows them the little things, they did for her. Amrita says that she could never go from the house, she doesn’t want to come between her and people. The kids know how to take care of themselves. But this house needed her, and is now complete. Mrs. Kapoor had tears in eyes. Amrita says this house looks normal, if she needs formality in relations she will do as she would instruct.
Karan was sleeping at night. Someone masked break-through the house through window. The guard looks up in suspection. He says sister did was right, there is something wrong. Someone entered, then left.
Amrita says that the morning duties, doesn’t let her spend time with kids. She thinks that mummy ji was suggesting about calling her maid. Khushi speaks to Amrita, that her friend Kabir asked him to give cough syrup to him. She gave him, his parents doesn’t give him money. He asked her for money, for text book. Amrita says that she did the right thing, as they must stand with their friends always. Khushi asks why his parents don’t give him money. Khushi says every house has different problems. She says to Amrita, she will make her talk to Kabir so that she can also ask for his mother’s help. Amrita asks Kabir what is wrong with his mother. Kabir stammers that everything is alright, she will talk to her later as there is much traffic. Amrita tells Khsuhi that he disconnected, as he might not have liked she told his problem to anyone else. She asks her to bring him home sometime.
Mehr thinks about Veer, and was lost, smiling. Babay comes to her, and asks why is she so happy. Mehr denies thinking about anyone. She teases, that her ways have changed. Mehr leaves, saying if she has nothing to do. Malika says she doesn’t feel like Veer made some place.
Karan wakes up, sits up and thinks about yester-night. He thinks why he told everything to Amrita.

PRECAP: Babay stops Karan and says sister didi told him everything. Dimple asked did Karan saw the news. Amrita says he must be punished.

Update Credit to: Sona

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