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Amrita says to Karan and she just wants to know why is someone trying to kill him, she saw the killer shoot at him directly. She requests him to tell her what happened in her past. Karan moves on, she gets him. He tells her to stop her lecture. She says she won’t, he has to speak about it for himself. They want to help her. Karan asks he is running away from his past, as this Karan Oberoi is a murderer. He has murdered someone, he is a killer. Amrita says that she knows he is worried, he can’t kill anyone. He says it is like that. This all happening to him, should happen to him. HE shouts on the road, she takes him by shoulder. He says he killed a man, on operation table. He begins to cry, and says I killed him.
In the hospital, Mehr notices Veer passing by. Malika says she felt

bad about Amrita, she must miss Avinash, will she get another chance in life.
Karan says he was a surgeon in Mumbai’s hospital. He was getting all very successful. He wanted one published paper of a surgery. It is an addiction, when everything is in surgeon’s hand on OT. He just wanted one chance, to be the head surgeon. He got it. He says they must do the surgery again, Karan says they must operate on him again. The doctor contacted him again, he was in a party. He told Karan that he is stuck in traffic, he must start the surgery as he was in the operation with him. Karan was reluctant, but the head says he must not lose the chance.
The surgeon thinks he is God, in OT. He says had he said no then, the patient’s life and his career both would have saved. A doctor stopped Karan, he shouldn’t. Karan didn’t listen to him, and says he doesn’t see his vision. Karan thought he was jealous of him. Karan went into the OT.
In the OT, the patient starts bleeding, the heart beat going down. Karan panicked, watching blood on his mouth. He was shocked.
Karan breaks the bottle on road, and sits on the side. He says he got to know that the head was celebrating his wedding anniversary then, and put all the case on Karan Oberoi. The board asked why he took the case, when it wasn’t his. Karan explained that the head has promised to come. The head said that the board is aware of Karan’s ambitions, and he didn’t absolutely told him to do so. Karan asked him to tell the case. The board asks why he took his case. The hospital suspended him, and made the neglect case on him.
Karan tells Amrita, that they stopped his work in Mumbai. He asks she must be thinking he is an opportunist. She denies saying this. He says the guy he killed was 24 years of age, and had a full life. He broke all his dreams, and this all is happening to him as a punishment. He was over-confident never to make a mistake, and got it all back. Every friend left him, had Avi been here, he must have fought for him.
Dimple was in rage again, and says she gave this city and this hospital 15 years. She snatched her Avi, and now she wants to snatch her Karan. She won’t.
Karan asks Amrita to say something to him, why is she quiet. He asks her to forgive him.

PRECAP: Karan worries what if Amrita tells anyone. He comes to hospital, everyone blames him. Veer arrests Karan for fraud.

Update Credit to: Sona

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