Hamari pyar ki On aur Off ki sides

Hi guys. I had abit of time and decided to upload the FF today.(it.migt be wednesday in your countries already) Thank for your support. Keep reading
Hamari pyar ki On aur Off ki sides P1.

A big collored block is seen roght after the corrner of a busy street in Mumbai. The bright collor of the block almost cut your breathe for seconds. The colourful walls make the nerbourhood brighter and with more life. The two best friends Payal and Neha run around getring ready for the Holi color holiday.It’s been about 15 years since Neha’s mom has started working as a maid in the household of Mrs and Ms Chaunkivala,Payals parents and ever since the two girls have been best friends through rough ans tough. Always open,direct and very and hard-working going together through the life’s hardships and expressing a immense likeness in things: till the very last detail acting and thinking the same. The financial status didn’t seem to bother the girls relationship as friends and there was never a question about any shortcomes of Neha’s financial status. They were friends and things like this didn’t seem to matter at all.

Kya karti ho( what are you doing )? It is holi and there is no time to be wastes looling at others how they play and dance for Holi said Payal to her cousin Sam while smudging his face with a bright mix of collor. He raises his eyebrows in anger yet he doesn’t act upon it. He doesnt like this period of the year, beter sait he hates and to show his dislike of this holiday he has a serious and disinterested posture and a lost gaze- its always been like this; same face yet different year. Knowing him Payal nusy gives him space and goes off to play holi with her college friends. She looks around and Neha is nowhere to be found yet on Payals face expresses a big smile and goes back to celebrate. Neha is seen in the temple with a middle age woman praying. After the puja Neha stretches her hands gets some collor in her hands and adresses to the lady as Veerah ji and wishes Happy Holi. The woman starts laughing and huses Neha : Nataunki main teri ma hu. ( im your mom ). The both smudge colour on eachother and hug having tears in their eyes.ekk din main sabh bathaongi ( one day i will tell you the truth) Veerah thinks. But i dont know if you will be able to take the truth. The screen freezez on both ladies teary faces.

Precap: Payal and Neha are playing with holi collor. Both girls guardians( parents )look at the girls and their faces turn sad out of blue.

Please keep an eye out for my next update and let me know how it is so far. PS Hindi is not my native language but i learned how to write romanization words bits and pieces.If there are grammar mistakes please bear with me.

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  1. Meymey

    I have some grammar mistakes that I would like to correct: looking * friends* and * the last Hindi sentence would be translated as : “one day I will tell you everything ” and not the truth as written above

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