Hamari Pyar ki On aur Off ki sides Part 2

The episode starts with Neha and Payal full from head to toe in holi collors heading to the tandai ( milk based drink mostly) place. Without knowing the girls have the tandai with bhang( hallucinogen drug ussualy used in this drink or some sweets called mitai )-not one cup not two but 3 one after other.Not too long after they played and danced the bhang started to have its effect. The both girls families are watching surised and suddenly  they have a sad  face as they meet with an accident as while dancing they bumb into a  cement pole. To their surprise the girls stand and dance some more till they are unable to stand on their feet. Mrs Cetna seeing this sends some workers to bring them in their room to rest. On the way to their room the girls shout Holi hai ajj Holi hai. ( it is Holi festival, today is Holi festival.) And then they are out incouncious. In the morning a maid brings some chai for each girl and wakes them up saying that if they will sleep more they will be late at college. When they heard that 

, both Neha and Payal start jumping  from the bed screaming:
 Aunti ji why didnt wake us up earlier. We are going to be in trouble. 
  They got ready in just matter of minutes and left to college whitout thanking the blessings not even praying- however still complaining of how late they are.  Outside, the driver Mrs Gupta  tells the  girls that the car has some malfuntions and won’t start. He suggested that it is better to take a rickshaw. The girls didn’t even waited for Mrs Gupta to finish the sentence that they start running out of the block surrounding, pass the corner and get into the busy street of Mumbai waving now for a ricksaw.  

  Neha :Bass. Agar aji  phir hum late hone  wally hai  tho ( thats it. If we are  going to be late again  then)there is nothing else but dentention for us.  It took them a while to catch a rickshaw but in one way or another they made it I’m class right before the teacher came in. 
We were so close today, Payal whispers to Neha. I don’t know what happeend to me yesterday because I don’t remember anything she then adds. 

Neha: Me too. Last thing I remember is that we were dancing with our friends.  They both look around and  see that the class was almost empty. The teacher starts calling the students names but as he gets to call  Nehas name Payal copies Nehas voice and aswers  in  place as she was dozzing off. Payal nodges Neha and makes her  focus in the class. Later in the evening as the courses ends the teacher says that at the end of the month there will be the final exam and that everyone need to prepare well and pass it if they want to finish well. Everyone agrees  yet complaing and class is dismissed. 

We need to prepare for this  very well.Otherwise our dreams won’t  be fulfilled  Payal talks to Neha while heading towards the door. Outside started to get dark and the driver hasn’t arrived. Can you call Mrs Gupta and see what happened Neha suggested to Payal.  I don’t have battery she then adds by checking the phone. Maybe you should call him Payal exclaims. I think I left my phone at home Neha says while checking her bag. Now what are we going to do?
Payal:  let’s go and take a rickshaw. They get in one  car and start off towards home not knowing that Mrs Gupta arrived at school right after they left. We see the girls are heading home meanwhile Mrs Gupta still waiting for them. When he sees that all the students knoked off and the girls didn’t appread, he then calls home and let’s Mss Chankivala know that the girls are nowhere to be found. Suddenly Mss Chetna drops the phone and is starting to worry and wonder where are the girls. What if  something happen to them? Where they could be ? While we was doing the back and forth walk the girls are seen on the road in the parked car as they are stopped due a tire puncture. The rocksawy  driver tells them that it will take a while for the mechanic to come. They wait until the car is fixed and then start off. At home Mss Chetna is red worried and doesnt know what to do. She calls the police  and try to file a mission person file however the police said that they have to wait till the morning for the searches to begin. She is adamant but the inspector rerpoches her and tells : No matther how  much influence she has in the whole Mumbai, he won’t be able to start the searches until the 24 hrs passed as the law says . It must be respected by everyone equaly and then hangs up. Chetna gets very angry and start screaming and says who do these people think their are to talk like this with me? Gupta jii arrives at home at last and enters the house to see if are here any news about the girls. When Chetna see him she starts hollering at him but a voice stops her.  Ek minute ( one minute) as chetna looks to see the persons face the screen freezes on her tensed face 
It’s all your fault….  all your fault only. We see Mrs Dev standing having a shocked  gaze towards the voice……

 Thank you guys. This one is a bit long. It was hard to stop. 
Please let me know how it is and where it can improve. Honest feedbacks are apreciated.
Keep an eye for part 3.

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