Hamari pyaar ki nishani (ishaqbaaz os)

I am swatantra ……here u go with a short os

A man in his end of 20”s is seen engrossed in his work.Tension is clearly sensed by the arrogant,frustrated looks .His blue orbs are constant on his laptop screen.He was so passionately engrossed in his work that he didn’t realise it was 10 in noon.By 10.30 his frustrated looks changed to a relief satisfied look.A mild smile crept on his face. This made him look like a Greek god eros (god of love).He shut downed his lap top and kept it aside on the table near to bed.He stretched his arms and legs which were strained due to constant posture.He stood up from his bed which made visible that his body was clearly shaped in his white kurtha. He went towards the window and felt the cool breeze tangling around.A bright full moon was captured by hi’s blue orbs which reminded of his psyche (wife of eros) that is anika.Anika was no less than psyche ,she just loved him with no terms and conditions. Beauty of her love was so strong that the charm of the moon too faded away.Remembering his wife a broad smile crept on his face .The mortal version of eros was none other than the most successful entrepreneur Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay pov
life is just beautiful.This beautiful assense of life and it’s proximity made me turn from the arrogant phase to lovable sweet Singh Oberoi .This credit of huge transformation goes to my gorgeous wife.It’s true that “A FLOWER CANNOT BLOSSOM WITHOUT SUNSHINE AND A MAN CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT LOVE”.
The most beautiful moments of my life is when I am with anika and my brothers .They complete me.Anika’s antics,her innocence, her soothing melody …in fact everything related to her make me fall in love again and again.The blessed moment of my life and my mistake was my marriage with anika.It’s the blessed mistake I have done as because of my mistake she entered my heart and life.She conquered my soul and heart.It was a mistake as that day she had tears in her eyes because of me.But she won’t deny the fact that our marriage was her blessed moment too.She made me realise that a person make his own identity and identity he creates by his efforts remains till end.She made me realise that life need not be perfect as long as it is happy.Thanks to omru that I confessed my feelings to her before it was too late and that night was the best night of my existence as it witnessed the union of 2 souls madly in love in every humanly way possible.That moment was the best as “SHE WAS JUST MINE…..JUST MINE”.She has gifted me her unconditional irrevocable love and the best thing she has gifted me till date or about to gift me is___________________________

End of Shivaay pov

He moved towards a the couch where a woman had slept peacefully.Her face clearly depicted the feeling of protected,contentment in life .She was complete. Her cheeks were chubby and cool breeze that entered window danced with her open hair.She felt quite cold and as an immediate response she stretches the long sleeves of her sweater further.Shivaay was just mesmerised seeing her as though it was the first time he had seen his lovely wife .For him everytime with his wife was like first time .No matter how many times they had been in each others embrace or blissful kisses .His adoring looks were changed to concern when his wife further elongated the sleeves of her sweater feeling cold.
He bought a blanket and spread it over her.Her face clearly indicated that she was warm now.He kneaded down and placed his lips against her forhead. As soon has his touch made way a smile crept on anika’s face and slowly opened her eyes to see the love and concern in the man of her life.He slowly headed towards her stomach which clearly indicated her baby bump.She was at end of 8th month.He kissed her baby bump and soothed his hands over her belly.anika smiled at him as a response …..she knew he would be the best father .

Shivaay pov
the best gift she would gift me is the symbol of our love ……the union of our soul……OUR BABY

Anika got up and sat comfortably on the couch and Shivaay pulled a chair and sat opposite to anika.He bent down and kissed her belly again.
Anika carnessed his hair.

Shivaay looked up at anika with a sense of completion “Thank u anika”.Anika with a smile replied “for the baby ??”.Shivaay grinned and held her hands in his and kissed it “nope……..for entering my life and making me complete .for bearing me and my anger”.Anika in response interwined her fingers with his and held it close to her cheeks feeling the warmth”no Shivaay. ……….it’s our love that makes u and me complete and ur anger makes my khanji ankho vala bhagad billa a true tadibaaz ……and the thing which make my Shivaay is accepted by me…..which includes ur anger”.Shivaay tightened the grip of his hands on her “my jhansi ki rani ……just my anika ”

“Ahh…”screamed anika in response .Shivaay pushed the chair aside and sat next to anika on couch and cuddled to her”anika I know I thought u the word Aww ……but u shouldn’t scream while telling …..u should feel it”.Anika had a clear sense of pain in her face “Shivaay I screamed ahhhhhh…….baby kicked”.Anika had rested her face on his chest and Shivaay couldn’t see her expression. ……he responded in a calm tone “I know my baby is going to be a jnr jhansi ki rani “Anika sat straight with a frowned painful expression “Shivaay it’s not the pain by kick…..it’s labour pain…ahhhhhh….it’s paining ……Shivaay…….. and it’s not jhansi ki rani it’s going to be jnr bhagad bila.Shivaay was shocked by term labour pain and stood up “but still 20 days r left”
Anika in pain”Shivaay may be the baby is in hurry ……ahhhhhh. ….Shivaay stop blabbering ……it’s paining. …..get the car keys ….it’s kept near ur coffee machine.Shivaay who was nervous and his every nerve freaked out in response to mental shock (???) .he stood still murmuring “baby is gonna arrive. ……get the keys near coffee machine. ……..baby is gonna arrive get the keys near coffee machine……baby is gonna arrive get the keys neat coffee machine “.Anika who was in pain noticed Shivaay’s nervousness and stood up with difficulty clenching Shivaay arms and made him face her holding her hand on both his cheeks”Shivaay calm down….ah…..ah…. (in pain but trying to remain calm so reduce the nervousness of her husband )look at me……..breath in and breath out…..take a long breath “.Shivaay did as anika told him.Seeing him a bit calm now …. she held his shoulders tightly as a response to pain and later sat down as she couldn’t srand up “shivaay now go towards the coffee machine and get the keys”.Shivaay did as anika told him and she responded “now help me walk….ah…..”.Shivaay who was quite nervous with trembling had made anika stand and slowly helped her through the stairs as anika screamed in pain making Shivaay more nervous.she suddenly noticed that her husband had picked the wrong keys.
“Shivaaaay”…..she screamed.Frightened by her tone he replied”ahhhhh (being scared with confused expression as he still wasn’t able to digest the situation ).she replied “u have picked the cupboard key ….go pick the UR CAR KEYS which has a key chain of my name “Shivaay noticed the wrong keys “anika…..wat should I do.”(he was nervous as in this situation it is the wife who is nervous and husband is consoling but here it is opposite ????)
Anika maintained her tone and pain and calmly responded”Shivaay it’s me who is pregnant and who has labour pain ……not u…..first calm down go run to the room and get the keys “Shivaay ran to his room and bought the right keys and ran outside the door (he forgot anika only….????)Anika who had sat on the sofa in the hall while he had went to room shouted”Shivaay. …..ah…….Shivaay …..take me …….it’s my delivery. …not urs “Shivaay came back listening this and supported anika till the car. While he was driving to make him calm “Shivaay soon there is going to be baby who will call u dad …..u will hv to change its nappies etc “she spike such lines through out the whole journey to hospital

In the hospital Shivaay walked to and fro like a pendulum. He had informed his family members who had been to function on his insistence. Omru followed by other family members arrived .Dadi held Shivaay “billu stay calm ……everything is gonna be fine “suddenly the doctor arrived with tensed face “Shivaay! !!!!”.Shivaay who was lost in thought paid no attention. Rudy herded shivaay”bhaiyaaa. …”.shivaay’s thoughts were disturbed “what is it rudra?”.doctor replied for shivaays question “shivaay anika is not ready to listen. …..she wants u with her or she won’t deliver ”
Rudra laughed at her words”bhabhi. ……she wants everything to be done with bhaiyaaa. ……..”.om and shivaay together “shut up rudra “.rudy made a puppy face .
shivaay entered wearing gloves and all accessories required to enter OT .He saw his wife who was waiting for him.Doctor irritated by her antics”anika…..at least now go and lay on the bed….before its too late”.Shivaay helped anika to lay on the bed .Doctor in a husked voice”Anika….push…push”.Anika tightening her grip on shivaay hand and tried pushing .Doctor on serious tobe asked anika to push harder .Anika who was frustrated “what am I doing…..pushing from that time”.Doctor understood anika’s condition and signalled shivaay.Shivaay kissed anika’s forehead and caressing hairs said”anika…..for our baby……a last try….for me ….r u enough with one anika…..we want more na ……”.anika replied “Yeh shivaay …..after this a girl for u as this time its a boy “saying this anika pushed harder tightening her grip on shivaay “Ahhhhhh”
A tiny structure made its way to the world as symbol of its parent love crying at its pick.After cleaning it doctor handed the baby to shivaay.He planted a kiss at its forhead and anika kissed it’s legs.Both were the most happiest souls on earth to witness their symbol of love .Anika with a thin layer of tears of happiness spoke”shivaay u won….it a girl with ur kanjhi ankein”.To this shivaay replied “and tadibaaz as well as beautlike like her mother “.He planted a kiss on anika’s forehead handing over his daughter to anika.All the members were rejoiced.Shivaay ,anika and the beautiful baby girl in his father’s arms made a complete beautiful family.?

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