Hamari love story (trailer 3)

Hey guys netra ks here. Thanks for your valuable comments. So as per the track today i am here with trailer 3 starring kaira.

And here we go

A pair is seen getting down from car & going in to the mall. The girl is seen in white top & blue jeans looking so bubbly & cute. Along with her a boy will be seen wearing same white shirt & jeans & he is just more than handsome.

And they are our couple kaira.

They went inside the mall & was about to go to movie but kartik stops her.

Kartik : Naira u just wait here i will be back in 5 mins.

Naira: But what happened kartik anything serious ?

Kartik : No but just wait here i will be back.

By saying this he leaves from there. Naira is confused not knowing anything & she decided to sit in cafeteria & ordered a veg sandwich for her. She ate it & after 15 mins also kartik didn’t return.

Naira thinks “i hope everything is fine. Y he is not back yet?” And she was about to call him & then suddenly she hears someone playing guitar & all are seeing at her opposite.

She also turns & sees kartik holding guitar & playing it. She is shocked but also surprised.

He smiles seeing her & sighs at 2 girls & they came to naira & makes her to sit on nearby bench. She silently sat there & asks kartik during actions “what’s happening? ”

He says through action “wait & watch “. Then he started singing

Zara si dil mein de jagah tu

Zara sa apna le bana

Zara sa khwabon mein saja tu

Zara sa yaadon mein basa

One guy comes & dances infront of her for these lyrics.

Mein chahun tujhko

Meri jaan bepanah

Fida hoon tujh pe

Meri jaan bepanah

Wooow O ooo O

Then there will be blast of balloon & flowers will fall on her. She was so happy by the surprise.

Zara si dil mein de jagah tu

Zara sa apna le bana

Zara sa khwabon mein saja tu

Zara sa apna le bana

Then he & some girls & boys starts dacing around her. She smiles hard which says that she is very happy by the proposal.

Mein tere mein tere

Kadhmon mein rakhdu ye jahaan

Mera ishq deewangi

He comes to her & kneels infront of her & lifts her legs & puts payal on both legs which he brought for her. She gets teary eyed by his love.

Hai nahi hai nahi

Aashiq koi mujhsa tera

Tu mere liye bandhagi

He makes her stand & wipes her tears & hugs her tight

Mein chahun tujhko

Meri jaan bepanah

Fida hoon tujh pe

Meri jaan bepanah. …..

Wooow O ooo O

Then he lifts her up & twirls her around & all people around claps for them.

Song ends & he puts her down & proposes her.

Kartik: I love you naira.

She is so happy because the most awaiting day has finally arrived in her life & she is so overwhelmed by his love towards her.

Naira: I love you too kartik

Then they hug each other tight.

That’s is guys. How is the 3rd trailer? I hope you all liked it. And ya sorry if you ard not impressed by songs or scenes. It was my fav song & about scenes i am not that good to explain scenes. Sorry for that & ya please comment. Wait for trailer 4.

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  1. Sus

    its really good dear but i didn’t seen trailor 2

    1. Ng18

      Its already there yar please watch it

  2. WOW so nice loved it

  3. Vinni05

    Amazing one

  4. Shivaya khanna

    Wow what a trailer it was fab kaira were really cute totally loved it waiting for the chapter

  5. Soumya85

    Awesome one

  6. Fenil

    super happy with superb Kaira.
    Loved it.
    Love u too..

    1. Ng18

      Thanq that was so sweet of you

  7. Alekhika20

    NYC trailer

  8. Awesome trailer
    Waiting for chapter

  9. Superb

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