Hamari Love Story – Swaragini (few shots) part 2

Hello guys!! So here’s the next part…

A boy is shown in blue jeans and blue shirt. He is wearing sunglasses and driving jeep. He is Rajvir1 (laksh).

Ragini’s pov:
(A girl is shown sitting in a swing and writing in dairy.) Rajvir naam ton accha hain lekin jija kaisa hoga? Swara di’s choice must be good. He must have something which attracts swara di. (Guy is shown in front of her house). Ragini saw him and said baat hain bande main

Dp, Ap and sumi was sitting in the garden and drinking tea. When rajvir1 came to them.

Namaste Rajvir1 said while folding his hands.
Namaste Ap and sumi said. While Dp was confused. Because they never met him before.

Who r u?? Dp asked
Ji main Rajvir he replied. (Ragini looked at him in a shock)
 Jijaji raju said (raju works at MM but like a family member) and hugs Rajvir and said swara di is in coma.
Everyone is sitting in living room and there was pen drop silence.
Jija is good looking Ragini whispered in Dp’ ear and Dp gave her look.
Are u mad?? Ajj kal ki ladkiyon ko acche ladko ki pehcan hi nahi Dp said to Ragini
Do u want to eat beta AP asked to Rajvir.
U must be hungry from morning and rats must be dancing in your stomach Ap said while laughing.
Haan Ji oh Rajvir said before he could speak further Dp interpreted:
He came in noon. He must eat something before leaving from home.

Nana Ji Ragini said
Rehene do I am not feeling hungry Rajvir said
I felt like u guys were going somewhere Rajvir asked while looking at Ap
Nahi Nahi we’re not going anywhere Ap said.
Oh inho ne sari hi aisi pehni hair Rajvir said while looking at Sumi ( sumi was wearing heavy green sari)
Ap laughed at his statement while sumi gave him angry look.
Rajvir was looking at their faces being confused.
She was miss Delhi in 1995 and came on 4th position.
4th position Rajvir said while laughing with Ap.
Sumi gave him look whatever*
From then raat ko vi aisi saari pehn kar soti hai Ap said
Raat ko vi Rajvir said while controlling his laughter.
Don’t worry bacchu I’ll see u later sumi mumbered
Vaise khane main kya hain Rajvir asked
Palak ki sabzi raju replied
I don’t eat palak Rajvir said with a smile
Ap- don’t worry beta.
Raju aisa Karo jakar daal banao and make sabzi on two eggs Ap said while ordering to Raju
Haan that’s fine Rajvir said to Ap
Ap ordered raju that ajj se ghar main palak nahi banaegi
Sumi gave her what the look … and asked if someone wants to eat palak then what they should do…
So what They can go out and eat Ap said
Thank u Ji Rajvir said to Ap
There’s no need to say thanks beta. After all you r jawai of this house while side hugging him.
Sumi and Dp was burning in jealous while Ragini was smiling.

 At dining table:
After dinner jija Ji would u like anything for dessert Ragini asked
Haan beta tell me if u want any sweetish Ap asked
How I can eat sweets when swara is in coma Rajvir said with sad voice
OH kitani acchi baat ki hain Ap said while Dp and sumi gave angry look

Raju whispered to Dp kya acchi baat hai he ate a bowl of daal, 8 rotis and sabzi of four eggs.
Can I have a cup of tea?? Rajvir asked. Actually it’s good for digestion after dinner.
Kyon dada Ji Rajvir asked to Dp while placing his hand on dp’s hand
Dp took his hand away and said don’t call me dada Ji call me Mr. Maheshwari
Okay okay fine Ap said
Raju from today khane ke baad har roz tea banaegi Ap ordered.

They were drinking tea while sitting in the garden.
Jijaji Ragini said
Ji Rajvir replied
App karte kya ho Ragini asked
Ji I’m a photographer Rajvir replied
Ap to Dp did u hear he is a photographer. He takes pictures
Dp- nodded
Jija Ji can I asked u something Ragini asked
Sure Rajvir said
When and where u and swara di met first time Ragini asked
15 April Rajvir replied
OH do u remember date is well Ragini said being impressed
Sab kuch yaad hain Rajvir said it was such a beautiful story.
Love story Ragini said please tell us na…..

Precap: first meeting of swara and Rajvir (laksh) and entry of rajvir 2 ( sanskar)

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