Hamari Love Story – Swaragini (few shots) Part 1

Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments…so here’s the first part…

A girl’s pov…
Hamari love story’s first chapter wrote down that day when nana ji, nani ji and maa went to swara di’s hostel.

A girl was wearing red knee length dress. She yelling dada ji and came to DP.
Oh here’s my princess swara and hugs her.
Then swara hugs AP and AP kisses her forehead.
Hello bua swara said to sumi and hugs her.
Sumi- hello bacche
Bua you’re looking hot and winks.

1995 miss Delhi Sumi said. Toon style to marna padta hai
AP- just stop it. Forget about 1995 miss Delhi. U came on 4th position.
Mom is feeling jealous because she didn’t get chance sumi said and swara laughs.
AP- jealous my foot. Look at yourself aur yeh kya waalon main bade bade phull laga lati ho.

DP- shut up both of u. Don’t create a scene over here. It’s not our house but it’s swara’s hostel.
DP and AP started arguing with each other. To stop their fight
Swara hugged DP and AP and asked yeh surprise visit kaise.
AP- now tell her
Dp- princess we’ve a good news for u
Swara wow good news
Dp- we fixed your marriage with Sahil. So after your collage. You and Sahil will get married.

After listening about marriage swara’ face turned pale.
What’s wrong? Aren’t u happy sumi asked
No swara nodded.
Why- Dp and sumi asked at same time.
I have Rajvir in my life swara exclaimed

All became shocked
Ji.. swara said while looking at Dp. He is a guys and I want to get married with him. Be both decided to start a business. Give me 50-60 lakh so I can start my business and I will get married to Rajvir after that.

Dp shouted at swara- listen one thing carefully. Agar tum Sahil se shaadi krna chahti ho to hi ghar aana warna Hume bhool jana.
They left from their after saying that and swara started crying.

Scene shift to MM
Dp was standing on terrace. When a girl enters. She was wearing light yellow anarkali. Her hair was open and she was wearing glasses. She is ragini.
Nanu can I say something to u ragini asked
Dp nodded
If swara di found a guy for herself then I am sure he must be a nice guy. God gave us everything. So I think aap swara di ko 50 lakh DE do
Please… nana ji ragini said like a innocent child. So Dp agreed and hit ragini on her head playfully.

Swara is shown setting in a restaurant with her friends. When her phone rings

Hello ragini- swara said
Swara di from when did u start hiding things from me ragini said while complaining
Swara- oh ho what happened. What I hide from u
Accha ragini said while laughing. Kya chupayea hain. Just leave it. Nana ji is ready to give to u 50 lakh.
Really! Yes swara said
No ragini said. First tell me about Rajvir jiju
Swara- Rajvir jiju haan. Kal mil kar batungi
Kal.. okay that’s fine. I’ll wait ragini said and finished call.

Next day swara was driving to home and was listening music. She bow down to pick her phone and hit a  truck.

At hospital
Dp, Ap, sumi and ragini are shown standing front of icu and crying.
Doctor- sir swara is out of danger. But she went to coma because of accident shock.

A week later:
Ragini’s pov:)
It’s been a week thar swara di is in hospital. News about her accident came to newspaper is well. But Rajvir jiju didn’t Come to see her neither he called.

Two boys are shown one is taking pictures and other is driving his bike.

Precap– entry of Rajvir and lots of masti & confusion…

Sorry guys. I know it was boring and full of family melodrama. But next part will be entertaining it’s a promise. Please do comments…

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