HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj Tiktik 21

HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 21

Hey guys! How r u? I hope u all are doing fine…i know it has been long but taking a small break from any type of work was imperative as i was really tured and those who know me know that i have been travelling too…additional reason for not posting and not commenting…i am so sorry ff writers! It has just been 2 crazy weeks…with loads of stuff happening in my life…so please forgive me
1. For my lateness
2. For not commenting

And and and!!! This one is specially for my Nikoria! My nautanki FT! Sorry my sweetheart! U wanted an ff na? So here it is! ❤❤❤

Now without any further ado…lets jump to the epi:

❤__________ready steady go__________❤

Kunj and his family had dinner at Taneja Mansion. Kunj was trying to pacify Twinkle by pampering her with gifts, complimenting leela maa and herself, romancing with her but all to no avail…Twinkle was adamant on not forgiving him.

Both the families were watching tv while enjoying dessert. After sometime Kunj and his parents decided to take leave from them.

U-bhut bhut dhanyavaad leela ji! Aapne hamari itni khatirdaari ki…aur issi bahane humein apni nayi bahu ko milne ka mauka mil gya…badi hi pyaari bachchi hai! Par humne aapko bahut takleef di hai…

(Thank u so much Leela ji! U have been such a good host and served us so well…by doing so i have also got the opportunity to mingle with my new daughter-in-law…she is such a sweet child! Having said that, we have bothered u a lot…)

Leela cut her off.
L-ni usha ji! Apnon ke liye kuch karne mein kaisi takleef? Twinkle to meri ek lauti bachchi hai…mera farz banta hai uske liye heera chunna…aur maine vahi kiya hai…
(Not at all Usha ji! Is anyone ever bothered to serve his own ones? Moreover Twinkle is my only child…it is my duty to find a worthy person for her…and i think i did it…)

She said looking at Kunj who smiled at her and then looked at Twinkle.

Twinkle’s POV
Heera? Kaash mein aisa keh paati! Iss heere ki chamak mere aasouon se aaye hai…kuch zyada hi chamak rha hai…jaanti hun Kunj tum meri maafi chahte ho…par mein ye ni kr sakti! Tumne mujhe bahut hurt kiya hai…mein tumhein zaroor maafi dungi…par tab, jab tumhein ehsaas hoga ki mujhe kaisi feeling aayi thi…

(Diamond? How i wish i could say that! My tears have polished this diamond…i know that u want my forgiveness Kunj…but i cannot forgive u! U have hurt me a lot…i will surely forgive u but only then when u’ll realise what i’ve gone through…)

Just when they were about to go, there was an announcement on the television. It said that a fierce fight had broken up between two different religious groups in Amritsar. It was really dangerous to get out.

U(looking at Manohar)-how will we go now?

L-usha ji, manohar ji, mujhe lagda hai ki aap donnon ko yahan theher janna chahiye…bahar kuch bhi ho sakta hai…upar se baarish bhi ho rhi hai…
(Usha ji, manohar ji, i think that u should stay over tonight…it is not safe to go out…moreover it is raining…)

M-ummm…theek hai leela ji…
(Ummm…ok leela ji…)

Leela smiled at them and asked Twinkle to show them their rooms and make them comfortable.

❤Next Scene❤

Twinkle was going to her room after having completed the task assigned to her by Leela. She was tired and after a day full of surprises, a day which almost seemed like a roller coaster ride, she wanted to have a tight sleep although she knew that she would not be able to. She was pondering about some random stuffs when two strong arms pulled her towards them. She was about to scream when the person covered her mouth.

K-shhh! Kam bola kar…siyappa queen kahiki!
(Shhh! Get into the habit of talking less…siyappa queen!)

Twinkle just rolled her eyes.

K-itna risk lekar tumse milne aaya hun…literally apni jaan pe khelkar apne pyaar ko jitne aaya hun…maana ki pyaar aur jung mein sab jaayaz hai par aashik ki hawa tight kar do…thats not fair…

(I have taken so much risk to come here…i have literally put my life at stake to pacify my love…i admit that everything is fair in love and war…but it is not fair to put ur crazy lover in difficult situations…)

He said, sensuously, pinning her to the wall. Twinkle just kept staring at him and a tear escaped from her eyes. Kunj got startled and dragged her to her room and locked it. He cupped her face. Twinkle just looked at him intensely, her eyes questioning him at every point.

K-pta hai teri aankhein mujhse kitne sawaal poochti hai? Unse nikli har ek shabt mere dil ko chubhti hai…aur tumhare har ek aansu mujhe apni majboori ka ehsaas dilati hai…
(Do u know that ur eyes ask me a myriad of questions? Each and every word that it conveys hurts…and each and every tear of urs remind me of that moment of helplessness…)

He released her mouth.

T-kaash mein pehle bolti…aaj itna dard sehna ni padta…ye sab tumhein mazaak lag rha hai kunj? Risk, aashik, pyaar…ab ye saari cheezein mere palle ni padti hai Kunj…in cheezon se maine maat khayi hai…bharosa, vishwaas, mohabbat, aitbaar jaise words mujhe tumhare saath bitaye hue pal to yaad dilate hai…chand minuton ki muskurahat aa to jaati hai…par uske baad mujhe tumhara dhokha nazar aata hai…dil se khoon nikalta hai…hazaron sawaal mann mein aate hai…tumhein pyaar karna chahti hoon par apne aatm sammaan ke badle ni…

(How i wish i could have spoken up before…i would not have to go through all the pain that i am bearing today…is this all a joke to u kunj? Risk, lover, love…i do not understand these things anymore Kunj…i have been betrayed by these things…trust, anticipation, love, passion…such words remind me of the time spent with u…i smile for sometime…but then i am again put face to face against ur betrayal…my heart bleeds…thousands of questions crowd my mind…i want to love u but certainly not against my self-respect…)

Saying this, she grabbed him by his arms and threw him out of her room. Both sat down against the door and cried bitterly.
After sometime, Twinkle dosed off but Kunj cried the whole night cursing himself for the blunder or sin he had made….

❤Next Morning❤

Twinkle woke up and reluctantly got ready as she had to live as such then onwards. She plastered a fake smile on her face.

When she got down, she saw that Karan and Pallavi had come. Everyone was silent and worried. Twinkle was perplexed at the situation.

T-aap sab itne udaas kyu hai? Kuch hua hai kya?
(Why are u all so sad? Has something happened?)

L-vo puttar…
(Actually dear…)

Pallavi dragged her from there.

P-tu apni life se kya kar rhi hai Twinkle? Aur kunj…uss bechare…
(What are u doing with ur life Twinkle? And Kunj…that poor guy…)

Twinkle cut her off.

T-agar tu uski tarafdaari karna chahti hai to mujhe teri baat ni sunni…
(If u want to defend him then i do not want to listen to u…)

P-chup! Bilkul chup! Uski jagah koi bhi hota vahi karta…maana usse galti hui hai…par iska ye matlab ni hai ki tu uske saath aisa soolook karegi…aur agar tujhe usse itni khunnas thi to shaadi ke liye haa kyu ki? Chod deti na usse…
(Shut up! Just shut up! Anyone would have done what he has done…i admit that he wronged u…but that does not mean that u will treat him as u r doing…moreover if u hated him so much then why did u agree for the wedding? U could have left him…)

Twinkle stayed quiet and looked away.

P-kab tak sach se bhaagogi? Ek dusre se looka chupi khelna band kro! Ye roothne manane ka khel bas hua! Tumhein ni lagta ki usne bhut tadap liya? Usne jaisi bhi ray rakhi…usne tumhara haath ni choda twinkle…he held on to you! Ab jab usse samajhne ki baari aayi to ye kiss zid pe ad gyi tum?!

(Till when will u try to escape the truth? Stop playing these games with each other! Dont u think that he has been punished enough? He may have thought anything but he never let go of u at any point! Then why are u doing as such when it is ur turn to understand him?!)

She shook her by the shoulders. Twinkle broke down.

P-haalat dekho uski…bookhar chada hai usse…aankhein soojh gayi hai uski…
(Look at his state…he is running high fever…his eyes have swollen…)

Twinkle looked at her in disbelief.

P-karan ke alawa kisi se ni mil rha hai…ro rokar halat kharaab ho gyi hai uski! Kehne ko to ladka hai par tumhare pyaar ke aage usne khud ko jhookha liya hai…shaayad vo tumse zyada takleef mein hai…
(He is not meeting anyone except Karan…he has cried too kuch! Despite being a boy he could not keep what he has for u in his heart within himself…u mean so kuch to him…maybe he is suffering more than u…)

Twinkle just looked at her.

T-kahan hai vo?
(Where is he?)

P-uncle aunty are also worried…unhe pta bhi ni hai ki unka beta kiss halat mein hai…karan ko jhoot bolkar sambhalna pada…kiske liye? Tumhare liye!
(Uncle aunty are also worried…they dont even know the state in which their son is…karan had to handle everything by lying…he lied for whom? For u!)

T(shook pallavi)-VO KAHAN HAI?

She said cryingly.

P-tumhein kyu fark pad rha hai? Sadte raho…usse chod do na…vo suffer karein…isse tumhein kya?
(Why are u so bothered about him? Remain angry…leave him…whether he suffers or not…why should u be affected?)

T-pallu pleaseee! Vo kahan hai? Mujhe usse milna hai…usse gale lagana hai…pleaseeee!!!
(Pallu pleaseee! Where is he? I want to meet him…i want to hug him…pleaseee!!!)

She sat on her knees, crying hard.

P-apne kamre…
(In his room…)

Before Pallavi could move any further, she rushed to Kunj’s room. Everybody in the hall was startled at her state. She was running like crazies. Pallavi came there.

P-uncle, aunty, mujhe lagta hai ki humein unko akele chod dena chahiye…unki shaadi tay hui hai…kunj bimaar hai…twinkle uski dekh bhaal kar legi aur ussi bahane vo ek dusre ko jaan payenge…

(Uncle, aunty i think we should leave them alone…their wedding has been fixed…moreover Kunj is ill…Twinkle will take care of him and simultaneously they will get to know each other more…)

They all moved out, not so convinced. Yet, they trusted Pallavi and Karan so they went out.

Precap: twinj patching up? Do u think so?

❤__________to be continued___________❤

Do tell me how was the epi and kindly leave a link to ur ffs and os in the comment box…i am a little messed up…

Hope u enjoyed this one…

Love u all?

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  1. Ria

    Hey Ayu,
    That was such an emotional episode. I feel bad for Kunj, but Twinkle’s right. He should’ve trusted her and atleast sorted out the matter. Anyway, I’m lookin forward to the next update ?

    Btw, here’s the link to all the chapter’s of my FF:

    http://www.tellyupdates.com/ s=The+Fragile+Trust


  2. SidMin

    Loved it ???
    Awesome I really liked the part where Pallavi makes Twinkle realise her mistake ❤
    Twinj’s conversation was so emotional …… ?
    Feeling sad for Kunj bechara ……
    Hope Twinj reunite soon ?
    Love you post soon ❣

  3. Simiyy

    Hey Ayu
    i am glad you finally posted
    really enjoyed it
    try to post soon
    loads of love

  4. Emotional episode ayu I loved it feeling sad for twinj plz unite twinj soon yaar

  5. Hey ayu,
    It was very emotional episode ?? soo much emotions turmoil in twinj heart’s but Love it And kunj in fever felt bad 4 him ?? and yeah twinkle is r8, kunj didn’t trust upon her so, make him suffer little more ?? Now eagerly waiting 4 next update ☺ Post soon ☺ Love you ??

  6. hey ayu loved it dear…

  7. Chiku

    Oyeee hoyeeee Meri orange ?!!!! Woaaaah loved it. U showed their pain soo welll?????i am going gag seriously man. U r amazing. Hats off to uuu. It was very emotional ?

    Link to my ff

    Post next soon jaanu??????

  8. Sohi

    Good and emotional episode
    As always your dialogues ?
    Do continue

  9. SidMin23

    Nice and I love how palavi make twinkle realize her mistake and I feel bad for kunj and I hope that twinj get patch up tomorrow

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi

  11. It was an emotional epi. Can’t express it in words that how good it was. Hope that twinj patch up . want some family/twinj scenes, if possible. You nailed it totally. Hope you post another epi soon and pls make it longer, if possible.loved it.

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Heya Ayu! Missed you and your ff alot 🙂 Glad to see you back 🙂 The update was amazing as always.. and emotional too.. felt bad for twinj and loved how pallavi made twinkle realise her mistake.. kunj and fever?? make him well soon ??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  13. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    sabse pehle to i am veryyyyy sorrryyyyyy
    as i said mood was hell off yesterday and said a lot
    i am verry sorryy

    and coming to the epi it was Just Outstanding one
    I pity kunj
    and twinki
    just unite them yaarrrr i cant see them like thisss
    and first toh i thot pallu is the villain but yeh to bht hi acchi nikli ree
    i just hope ki twinj miljayee baassss
    aur ye wish tu hi puri karsakti he kyunki ur’re the author

    love ya and thanks for posting it todayyyy as this ffs are the only one who can make me smile
    love ya♡
    and sorryy
    and thanks too
    i cant belive me apni izzat ka faluda kar rahi hu by this Nautanki ft id..

  14. Epi was too much emotional….and heart touching also plzzzzzz unite them soon….cant see them like this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post nxt asap….

  15. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode Ayu you nailed it love you

  16. Ramya

    Sooo siooo sry fr late mujhe maaf kardo
    Episode was so much superb awesome amazing episode
    Tumhe pata hi hai
    I love ir dialogue
    Aur itne pasand hai ki express karne ke liye koi words hi nahi
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  17. Aanya_pandey

    That ws a real emotional part dear!!! Just soo emotional..

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    Hey ayu kaisi thi mumbai ki seyer… I saw chiku n ur pics seems like u enjoyed a lot… Glad u both met…
    Sorry for late comment was busy… Its so emotional… Felt very bad for Kunj… Hope Twinkle forgives him and they patch up… Ayu plzzzzzz post next soon…

    Love you?

  19. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhhh my my…….☺☺
    ayu darling srsly hum tumhari hindi par fidda hain……..
    vah vah♥………..kya baat hai……….
    uffff…….itna dukhadbhara episode ko hindi mein i dont know hahahahaa………
    u know itna emotional ko hindi mein kya khete hain sochna pada fir iss conclusion par ayyi hun hhahahahahahaaaaaaaa…………..☺☺☺☺☺
    srsly dear soooooo adorable♥♥ soooooo cute♥♥ soooooo lovely♥♥
    loved it ab pta nhi u posted nxt or not bt srsly luved it to eternity pity kunj☺
    love u lods♥♥
    post nxt soon☺☺☺☺☺

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