HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj Tiktik 20

HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 20

Hey guys! Happy New Year!!! I hope that you are all doing great and enjoying life!
2017 has some magic in it…the magic of bringing about a new turn…so grab it and live it as a dream!

This is my new year treat to all of u! I was not going to post because i am on holiday mode but this happiness feels better when shared! So let’s jump to this epi:

❤____________ready set go_____________❤

Twinkle was shocked at the turn of events. On one side, she was angry on the fact that the person she loved till infinity had doubted her but on the other side she was praying that Kunj came to her rescue. Running away from a situation like that would certainly prove her love for Kunj but would also undeniably prove her ungrateful nature towards her parents….

Twinkle’s POV
Na mein maa ko dhokha de sakti hun, na Kunj ko khud se door kr sakti hoon…tab tak…jab tak mujhe mere sawaalon ke jawaab ni mil jaate…agar pyaar ke haathon dhokha khaaya bhi hai to iska ye matlab ni hai ki mein khud ko kisi aur aag mein jhonk dungi…
(Neither can i betray my mum nor can i stay away from Kunj…till the time i get to know the truth…even if i have faced betrayal in love that does in no way mean that i will engage in another serious relationship…)

She thought as she carried the tea tray to the living room to serve her supposed would-be in-laws. She arrived there and just put on a plastic smile and without making eye contact, she served everyone. When it was the boy’s turn she looked around, feeling embarrassed.

Twinkle’s POV
Ab ye kaunsa naya cartoon hoga? Aaj tak sab ajeeb characters hi aaye hai mere life mein…ek aashik bana pada hai..ek ko boyfriend banaya hua hai…aur do ko devar cum bodyguards…isse kahan fit karun? Mujhe ismein interest to hai ni…par ek baar shakal dekhne mein kya jaata hai? Mujhe pta hai ki vo chahe bhi to bhi mere Kunj ki barabri ni kar sakta…par maa ke liye thoda impression jamaana padega.

(Now who can be this new cartoon character? Till date i have encountered only strange people in life…one is a mad lover..one is my boyfriend…and i have two crazy brother-in-laws…where am i supposed to fit this one? I know that he can never be as charming and handsome as my Kunj…but i still have to give a good impression for the sake of my mum.)

Without looking at him, she sat beside him and started interacting with his parents.
They were nice people…open-minded and really sweet. Twinkle enjoyed their presence.

Twinkle’s POV
Ye bilkul bol hi ni rha hai…na koi reaction de rha hai…iska thobra aakhir dilkhta kaisa hai?
(He is not talking at all…nor is he giving any reaction…how does he even look like?)

She shifted her eye lids to the adjacent person. Her eyes teared up. She felt a wash of relief in her body but at the same time she shivered on the thought of a possible betrayal.


L-puttar tum donnon pehle se ek duje nu jaante ho? Changi baat hai! Twinkle Kunj ko ghar dikha do…
(Do u know each other? It is good! Twinkle show Kunj around…)

Twinkle was constantly looking at Kunj, in a state of shock. Kunj was simply admiring her with a smirk. Leela shook Twinkle.

L-ki hoya puttar? Jaa…
(What happened? Go…)

T-h..haan m..maa
(Y..yes m..mom)
She mumbled with hurtful eyes.

Twinj got up and and headed towards the garden. On the way Kunj held Twinkle’s hand stealthily. Twinkle jerked it away and avoided eye contact with Kunj who was confused at her behaviour.

❤In The Garden❤

K-siyappa queen!
He grabbed her by the arms.

K-oye sorry! Tujhe pehle ni bataya…dont worry maa papa se keh diya hai ki leela maa ko ni bataye ki hum pehle se hi…
(Oye sorry! I did not tell u about all of this before…dont worry maa and papa will not tell Leela maa anything about us…)

He smiled.

T-hum pehle se hi kya Mr Sarna? Humara rishta abhi pakka ni hua hai…to leela maa kyu? Aap mujhe dekhne aaye hai to kuch baatein honi zaroori hai…aakhir mere zindagi ka sawaal hai…

(What us Mr Sarna? Our mariage has not been fixed yet…so why Leela maa? Since u’ve come here to see me we should talk…my life depends on this decision…)

Kunj looked on perturbed.

K-Twinkle tu ye kya keh rhi hai? Tujhe bukhar vukhar chad gyi hai?
(Twinkle what are u saying? Are u ill or what?)

He said, checking her temperature. Twinkle removed his hand.

T-aren’t you getting too familiar with me? Abhi to aapko jaanna baaki hai Mr Sarna. Sit…
(Aren’t u getting too familiar with me? I am yet to know u. Sit…)

She said, taking a seat. Kunj sat down and kept on staring at her.

Kunj held her hands.
K-kya hua Twinkle? Tu aise kyu behave kr rhi hai? Tu kahin gir vir gyi hai kya? Dimaag shayaad satak gya hai tumhara…

(What happened Twinkle? Why are u behaving like this? Have u fallen down somewhere? It seems that u’ve gone mad….)

Twinkle smiled and said:
‘Haan shaayad…to ye ek wedding interview hai? Mujhe aapse aapko mujhse sawaal poochne honge…aap shuru karenge ya mein shuru karun?’

(Yes maybe…so this is a wedding interview right? We are supposed to ask each other questions…shall i start or would u?)

Kunj sighed.
K-tu sachmein baaz ni aayegi na? Karo…ulti seedhi ut patang harkatein kro…
(You wont change right? Carry on with ur stupid stuffs…)

Twinkle got up and faced her back to him.

T-aapke kya shauk hai?
(What are your hobbies?)

K-horse riding, volleyball, literature, travelling….

T-bas? Itna hi?
(Is that it? Only this much?)

K-uhun! Mera favourite hai hone wali Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna se pyaar karna…
(No! My favourite hobby is to love the future Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna…)

He said, hugging her and pecking her neck.

T-aur supposed hone wale Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna pe shak krna?
(And what about doubting the supposed to be Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna?)

She said as a tear fell on Kunj’s arms.

He got startled and turned Twinkle to him.


T-boliye Mr Sarna! Apni hone wali biwi ke baare mein ghatiya baatein sochna, uspar shak karna, uska dil dukhana…in sabka kya?
(Tell me Mr Sarna! What about thinking disgusting things about your would be wife, doubting her, hurting her?)

K-Twinkle mein…
(Twinkle i…)

T-haan tum kya?
(U what?)

She said, trying hard to control her tears, in vain.

K-twinkle please ro mat…mujhse bahut badi galti…
(twinkle please dont cry…i made a huge mistake…)

T-no Mr Sarna! Galti to mujhse hui thi…paap maine kiya tha…ek din mein iss batchalan ladki ne do aadmiyon ko khush kiya ni?
(No Mr Sarna! I have made a mistake…i have made a sin…this characterless girl has satisfied two men in a day right?)

Kunj grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her towards him.


They both looked into each others’ eyes intensely.

T-tumne bhi to yahin raay rakhi thi na…
(Even u had the same opinion…)


Twinkle cut him off.


Kunj cupped her face.

K-Meri aakhon mein dekho! Mera vaisa matlab ni tha! Usne mujhe picture dikhaye the aur…
(Look into my eyes! I did not mean that! He showed me the pictures and…)

Twinkle grabbed him by the collar.
T-right! Usne dikhaye aur tumne maan liya! Mujhse ek baar pooch liya hota Kunj. Kya mein itni buri thi? Mujhpe thoda bharosa kr liya hota! Ab koi matlab ni hai!!!

(Right! He showed u and u trusted him! U shoul have asked me once Kunj. Was i that bad? U should have trusted me a bit! All this is meaningless now!!!)

Twinkle broke down and cried hard against Kunj’s chest.

Kunj was crying and was feeling very guilty. He hesitantly reciprocated the ‘hug’. Twinkle regained her senses and pushed him away. She wiped her tears.

T-ab koi matlab ni hai! Na pyaar ka na kisi vishwaas ka! Jis pyaar mein trust hi na ho uss pyaar ka koi vajood ni hai…ni hai…
(This is meaningless! Neither any love nor any trust! The love which is devoid of trust has no identity…no identity at all…)

She went away cryingly while Kunj fell on his knees, weeping hard.

K-mein jaanta hun ki mein tumhara gunehgaar hun Twinkle…par mein majboor tha…mera dil toot gya tha…mein na kuch samajhne ki haalat mein tha na kuch kehne ke haalat mein tha…i am sorry…

(I know i am guilty! I have wronged u Twinkle…but i was helpless…i was neither in the situation to understand nor to think…i am sorry…)

After sometime he composed himself and wore his shades to hide his swollen eyes.
He got up and went back into the mansion. As he entered he saw Twinkle laughing and mixing with his parents. This left him utterly shocked. Leela noticed him.

L-puttar ji! Baat ho gyi apne dost se?
(Son! Did u talk to your friend?)

Kunj looked at Twinkle who just gave a disinterested look. Kunj chuckled.

K-mar gya Kunj.
(I am dead. )
He whispered.

L-tumne kuch bola puttar?
(Did u say something?)

K-ji…ji ni aunty…haan ho gyi baat…
(Yes…no aunty…yes i am done talking with my friend…)

L-changa hai! Aur le munh meetha kr…Twinkle ne bataya ki tum donnon ne shaadi de vaaste haan kr di…mubarak ho puttar! Jinda reh!
(Good! And have some sweets…Twinkle told us that you both have agreed for the wedding…congratulations! Stay blessed!)

T-haa maa…i will marry him!
(Yes maa…i will marry him!)

Kunj shifted his gaze to Twinkle who smirked at him. He stood perplexed for a while but then smiled brightly while Twinkle frowned.

K-jee aunty ji! Mana kaise krta? Aapki kudi hai hi itni pyaari…
(Yes aunty! How could i decline? Your daughter is too sweet…)

Leela smiled at him. Twinkle gave him a death glare.

Kunj’s POV
Ho le gussa! Mein tujhe vapas paa kar rahunga! Siyappa maine kiya to iski bharpaayi bhi mein hi karunga!
(Be angry! I will gain u back! If i have done a mistake then i will rectify it!)

Twinkle’s POV
Welcome to hell Mr Sarna! Mein tumhein itni aasani se ni chodungi! Pyaar kiya hai maine tumse! Uss pyaar mein junoon hai…tumhein apne paas to rakhungi par khud ko tumse bahut door kr dungi! Yahi tumhari sazaa hai!

(Welcome to hell Mr Sarna! I will not leave u this easily! I have loved u! This love has become my passion over time…i will keep u close to me but u will still be away from me! This is your punishment!)

Precap:Kunj staying over at Taneja Mansion.

❤___________to be continued___________❤

That was it for this one! I am really sorry for not commenting on ur ffs…i am simply giving myself a break…so i am refraining from entering TU for some days…please don’t get me wrong, its just that i need some time off for my family and friends…really sorry!

Happy new year once again! Keep smiling and enjoying life❤

Love u all?

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