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HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj Tiktik 18


HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 18

Hey guys! I am back…i hope that you are liking the way this story is shaping up…

I feel that i am too early this time…is it? πŸ™ˆ
Let me know in the comments.

Without further ado, let’s move to the epi.

❀️_________ready set go_________❀️

T-but I HATE U!

Kunj was startled at her sudden change of behaviour.
Twinkle started throwing stuffs at him
T-duffer kahika! Agar tumne kal vo stunt ni ki hoti to vo sab ni hota! Tumhare kaaran mujhe usse gale lagana pada! MUJHE! TWINKLE TANEJA KO! Khud ko kya amit ji ki aulaad samajh rakha hai kya? Jab dekho angry young bird banke mooh phoola dete ho! Aur…aur mujhe nirupa roy samjha hai kya? Tumse milne ke baad tanki bhar aansoon bahaye hai maine! The Twinkle Taneja ke aansoon bhi croron ke hai! Badi high maintenance ho tum! Kamiiinnaaaaaa!!! Aahahhhhhhhh!!!!!

(Duffer! Had u not created all that mess yesterday then all of that wouldnt have happened! Because of you i had to hug him! Me! TWINKLE TANEJA! Who do you think you are? Anger is always on your nose! And what do you think i am? Because of u i had to cry so much! Do u even know that my tears are worth millions! All of those were wasted! Ur quite a high maintenance person! Idiot!!!!!)

Kunj grabbed her by the arms and pulled her in a liplock to stop her from talking…Twinkle took some time to realise what was happening and decided to pull off but then kunj pulled her by the waist and she gave in…it was a passionate liplock.

Just then karan and Rahul were passing by.

R-kya hua?
(What happened?)



He said that loudly so that it could be audible to them.

Twinj broke the liplock being embarrassed…Twinkle looked at Kunj and they shared an eyelock.

Ka-inka to chalta rahega…bandar ko bandariya mil gyi…socho agar ye donnon aise hai to inke bachche to…
(Let them carry on…this monkey has got his love…if they are as such then how will their children be like?

R-ye donnon ek doosre ki vaat lagate hai…inke bachche in donnon ki lagayenge…
(They’ll trouble each other and their children will trouble them…)

They were laughing when they heard

K-siyappa queen! Apne pe aa gyi naaa! Maara kyun?
(Siyappa queen! U became the real Twinkle! Why did you beat me?)

T-oye! Fakir ke bachche! Mein haath se maarti hun…mujhe kiss karne se kuch ni hota! Aur vaise bhi raita tumne phelaya hai…to vo tum jaano aur tumhara sada hua dimaag jaane!

(Oye! Son of a beggar! I beat you with my hands…then what was the use of kissing me! Anyway…u screwed up…so u and your blo*dy mind handle it!)

She flared.

Kunj grabbed her by the arms and locked her. She avoided eye contact with him.

K-ye Twinkle Taneja kya laga rakha hai? Tum TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA ho ab…tumne hi to kaha tha…aur maine maana bhi…

(What is with this Twinkle Taneja? Now u are TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA…u only decided this name…and even i have approved of it…)

He said kissing her cheeks making her blush hard.

K-kitna bolti ho? Aise lagta hai kisi ne tv on kr diya aur remote kisi bachche ke haath mein chod diya…har do minute ek naya channel aa jaata hai…ni to tv ka hi fuse ud jaata hai…

(How can u talk so much? It feels as if someone has switched the tv on and he has given its remote control to a child…whois changing channels every now and then…if not…then the fuse of the tv shots..)

Twinkle slapped his chest playfully. However, after sometime, she came back on angry bird mode…

T-vaise…mein uss Yuvi duffer ko kyu bhala bura keh rhi hoon? Uss din tumhara dimaag ghaas chadne gya tha…baap ke defective maal kahike! Maine tumhein apne hisse ka ek aham hissa diya tha…badle mein tumne mujhe aansoo diye…i just hate u!

(By the way…why am i cursing that Yuvi duffer? U messed everything up that day… I had given u such a crucial part of myself…but u gave me tears…i hate u!)

She struggled out of his grip. Kunj tightened his hold on her.

K-tcha tcha tcha…kitni bhi koshish kr lo…meri zindagi se tumhare aane ke raaste khoole hai par jaane ke raaste maine banaye hi ni hai…ab jo hai…so hai…mein hi hoon…

(Tcha tcha tcha…u may try as much u want…there may be various ways for u to enter my heart but no way to get out of it…u have to do with whatever u have…for now u have only me…)

T(teary-eyed)-par uss din kuch aur hi kaha tha…kya tha vo? Haan! Me and you are over! Yahi kaha tha na?

(But u had said something else that day…what was that? Yes! Me and u are over! U had said this only right?)

She said intensely, making Kunj feel remorseful.

T-meri kya galti thi Kunj? Mujhe kiss baat ki saza di thi tumne? Kya uss din hamare beech jo hua…vo tumhein manzoor…

(What was my fault Kunj? For what did u punish me? Was it because of what happened between us that day…?)

Kunj pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately. He pinned her to the wall, without breaking the kiss. Twinkle slowly melted into that kiss…kunj moved his one hand from her waist and cupped his lady love’s face. He broke the kiss and moved to her neck and nuzzled it. He placed a love bite there and looked at Twinkle.

K-tumhein kya lagta hai Twinkle?
(What do u think Twinkle?)

Twinkle looked down and blushed. Kunj smiled looking at her.

K-lagta hai kuch aur karna padega…
(I think i have to do something else…)

He pretended to look around while Twinkle stared at him, confused.

K-koi classroom khali hai kya?
(Is there any classroom free?)

He said with a slight smirk. Twinkle turned red. He glared at her.

K-ab to room hi dhoondhna padega…
(Now i think i will have to search for a room…)

He put his hand in his hairs.


she pushed him and ran away, feeling shy.

K(shouting)-par maine to sab dekh liya…i guess…
(But i have already seen everything…i guess…)

He smiled looking at her going.

❀️Next Scene❀️

Twinkle was sitting, all smiling, in her room, on her bed. She was looking at Kunj’s picture in her phone.

T-jhalla kahika! Not fair! Mujhe tumse thoda zyada gussa hona tha…aur satana tha…par tumne itna cutely mujhe mana liya…plan mein nakhre karna, chillana, pitna…ye sab tha…par uske badle kiss 2 n kiss 3 ho gya…

(blo*dy Idiot! Not fair! I wanted to remain angry for a longer time…i had to tease u more…but u made me to forgive u…i had planned to throw tantrums, scream at you, beat you…but instead we enrolled into 2 kisses…)

She bit her lower lip. After some time she frowned.

T-par aisa kya hua ki vo Yuvi se itna bhid gya? Pehle bhi to uss gadhe ki aulaad ne mere saath itni cheap harkat ki…par iss baar to Kunj ne usse nearly maar hi daala tha…kyu? Mein bhi na…turant class se bhaag gyi thi…mujhe pta bhi ni hai ki unke beech kya baatein hui? Aisa kya hogya ki Kunj ne apna aapa kho diya? Uske baad usne mujhse maafi bhi maangi…kuch to galat hai…aakhir uss din hua kya tha?

(But why did he fight with Yuvii so much today? It is not the first time that that cheap persoon did such a thing…but this time she nearly killed Yuvi…why? Even i did wrong…i got out of the class early…i dont even know what they talked about? What could have happened so that Kunj lost his cool? There is something wrong…i have to find out?)

She pondered.

(N/A: Twinkle was not present during Yuvi-Kunj’s face-off. She had not heard their fight so she was still clueless about the problem and the fact that Yuvi had tried to defame her. )

Precap: Twinkle called Pallavi to know about the recent happenings.

❀️_______to be continued_______❀️

So here it was…my 18th epi…i hope it was up to the mark!
Do leave your precious comments down below. Both Positive and negative criticism is accepted but no foul language please…

Enjoy the last days of the year 2016 with a wide smile!

Love u all😘

  1. Hey Ayu
    It was really good
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    Loads of Love Simiyy πŸ’•

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    Awewe it was soo sweetπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆfinly twinj are not showing tashan to each otherπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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