HAMARI KAHANI -Twinj Tiktik 16


HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 16

Hello! I am back with another epi…i hope it’ll entertain u guys….
I want ti thank all the ones who commented on my prev…sorry i did not have time to reply individually but i’ll make sure i make up for that!

If anyone missed the prev part, with the summary link, here it is:
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So without further delay, let’s move on to the story.

❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

Twinkle was sitting under a tree and thinking how to deal with her Sadu Sarna when Pallavi came to her.

P-Twinkle kahan thi tu? Tu to kal gayab hi ho gyi…tune sharab kya pi li….evaporate ho gyi…
(Twinkle where were u? U literally disappeared yesterday…u had alcohol…did u get evaporated by any chance or what?)

She giggled.

T-Pallu ki bachchi! Meri halat ki band baji padi hai aur tujhe mazaak soojh rha hai! Aur tu na! Agar uss bandar ki tension ni hoti to tu khalass ho chuki hoti! Dimaag pindi sa hai tere paas…phir bhi einstein wale ideas khodne nikalti hai! Tere chakkar mein kal hormonal lochcha ho gya…

(Please dont joke around with me…my mood is already off! N coming to u…had i not been tensed about that monkey then u would have regretted ur silly actions! When u do not have much brains then why do u look for ideas in ur head? Because of u…i had a hormonal dysfunction yesterday…)

She munched her nails tensedly.


Twinkle got startled.

T-kya kya? Ab bholi mat ban…tere kaan ke neeche do bajaoungi saara kuch bahar aa jaayega!
(What what? Dont act smart…if i slap u twice u’ll spill everything out!)

She stressed.

P-tu…tu meri taraf dekh! Kal tere saath kaun….??
(U…u look at me! Who was with u yesterday…?)

T-oye! Tere chehra ka fuse kyu ud gya? Achcha…k…Kunj…
(Hey! Why do u seem so shocked? O…okay…k…kunj…)

She closed her eyes and blushed.

Pallavi sat down, being relieved.

P-thank god!

T-huh? Ab bolegi kya hua? Aise ajeebo gareeb sawaal achanak kyu?
(What? Now will u tell me what has happened? Why are u asking me such weird questions all of a sudden?)

P-vo kal tumhare aur Kunj ke jhagde ke baad Karan bta rha tha ki usne tumhein UV ke saath hotel room mein jaate dekha tha…to isiliye…
(Actually Karan was telling me that he had seen u going with UV in a hotel room after ur fight with Kunj…that is why i thought….)

T-tujhe abhi bhi chadi hai kya? Ho hi ni sakta! Mujhe vaisa kuch yaad hi ni hai…jab mein uthi to mere saath Kunj tha…aur…kapde ni the…
(Are u still drunk? It is impossible! I do not remember anything as such happening to me…when i got up i found Kunj besides me…we were naked…)

She said in a breath.
She realised what she had said and looked down, blushing hard.

P-oye hoye! Lagta hai kal do love birds mil gye…hehe
(Oh my god! Seems like yesterday two love birds got united…hehe)

She giggled.

T-tu..tu jaa…mujhe..m..mujhe bhut kaam h..hai…
(U..u g..go…i h..have l..lo..loads of w..work…)

She tried to say…

P-theek hai meri maa! Samajh gyi…par apni ye gulaabi gaal Kunj se bachakar rakhiyo…kahin vo ghayal na hoo jaaye…bechara to vaise hi tere pyaar mein devdas ban chuka hai…tu aise hi blush karti rhi na to dekhte hi delhte jab tak hai jaan ka shah rukh ban jaayega…

(Fine! I’ve understood…but keep ur blush away from Kunj…he might get turned on…)

She winked at her and went away. Twinkle blushed at her words but her face became dull the next moment.

T-mera jhalla bandar filhaal to kal ho na ho ka shah rukh ban gya hai…par dont worry Mr Sadu! Tum jald hi apne iss angry bird avatar ko break lagaoge aur vapas mere paas aa jaaoge.

(My idiotic monkey has turned to angry bird at the moment…i have to break his silly trance!)

She smiled brightly.

Twinkle’s POV
Par Pallu ne aisa kyu kaha ki mein kal UV ke saath kamre mein gyi thi? Kamre mein to Kunj tha na…

(Why did Pallu say that i was in the room with UV yesterday? But kunj was in that room…wasnt he?)

She got thinking.


Person-gulabi gaal my foot! Isse jitna khush hona hai ho le…maine bhi kachchi baaziyan ni kheli hai…ye jo tum logon ki zindagiyon mein jo mod aa rhe hai vo bhale hi chan dinnon ka mehmaan hai..filhaal…mujhe pta hai ki Kunj aur Twinkle isse jald hi mita denge. Par vo duffer UV…usse lagta hai ki iss chote dav se vo baazi maar jaayega…par usse ye ni pta ki usse bhi bada koi hai…jiske haathon me na sirf Kunj aur Twinkle ki dor hai balki tumhari bhi dor hai Mr Yuvraj Luthra! Bhale hi mein tumhara kaam aasaaan kar rhi hoon…par mein hoon ya ni…iski tumhein khabar bhi ni hai…hamari manzil ek hai…ye bhi tumhein ni pta…aur tumhein ye bhi khabar ni hai ki waqt aane par mein tumhari bhi patang kaat sakti hoon…saazish tumhari, dimaag tumhara, khushi tumhari…par JEET! Jeet meri!

(Blush my foot! U can be as much happy as u wish…because i am not an amateur in this game…all these misunderstandings in your lives may be temporary because i know that Kunj and Twinkle will get over it soon. However that duffer UV thinks that with such a small step, he’ll win the game…but he doesnt know that in this game, there is someone who is mightier than him..there is someone who is not only controlling Kunj and Twinkle’s lives but also yours! Mr Yuvraj Luthra! I might be facilitating ur work but you are unaware of my presence…unaware of the fact that when the time comes, i’ll not hesitate to ruin u along with Twinkle and Kunj…the conspiracy is yours, the brains are yours, the temporary happiness is yours…but the final victory is mine!)

That person smirked.

❤️On the other side❤️

Kunj, who was looking at her from far, said:
‘Ye phir muskurayi? Matlab iske dimaag mein koi na koi khichdi pak rahi hai…mein chahe isse kitna bhi gussa kyu na ho…mein kitna hi pretend karun…mein isse akela ni chod sakta…subah ko tashan maarke gyi thi…ainvi ni maari thi usne…kuch ka kuch kand to ye karegi hi…par kasam hai mujhe apne pyaar pe…agar uski baatein sach nikli to humara rishta sach mein khatam!’

(She smiled again? Means that she is upto something…i may pretend to be angry with her but i still care for her…she flaunted herself with attitude this morning…that was certainly not for nothing…she will definitely be doing something silly…but i swear on my love…if his words turn out to be true then we are over!)

He wiped off the tears that had flown.

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinkle and Pallavi were about to enter UV’s class when Kunj grabbed Twinkle’s arms and pulled her towards him.

T-excuse me! Tum kaun ho? Chodo mujhe!
(Excuse me! Who are you? Leave me!)

K(as calmly as possible)-bahut bardash kar li maine tumhari nautanki! Chup chap mere saath chalo!
(I have had enough of your drama! Come with me without creating any scene!)

T-ohh hello! Tum aur mein…its over right? To tumhein koi hak ni hai mujhpe raub jamane ka!
(Hello! We…we are over right? So u have no right to order me!)

She struggled out of his grib and entered the class, followed by Kunj who was angered. Yuvi was ecstatic to see Twinkle in class.

U-ohhh! My favourite student is in class today! Nice to see you sweetheart! I had a lot of fun yesterday night…hope we can catch up with each other more often…

He said looking at Kunj and smirked. Kunj, who was boiling in anger at that point, broke his pencil under the table.

U-so class…today hum romeo and juliet ki confession scene karenge…anyone volunteering to be juliet for a while?

P(whispering to Twinkle)-ye raha tera golden opportunity! Maar le mauke pe chauka…yahan tu chauka maaregi..aur wahan tere boyfriend ke chakke chootenge…tujhko leke vo risk ni lega…yahan tu UV ko gale lagayegi…aur wahan uske emotions bahar aayenge…jaa!

(That is your golden opportunity! Seize it…the moment u grab this 1…all his feeling will come out…he will not risk your dignity…when u’ll bond with UV…he’ll realise his mistake..)

Twinkle reluctantly agreed and volunteered. Yuvi’s eyes beamed in the light.

U-well! We’ve got our Juliet…so i am going to be your romeo!

Kunj’s POV
TWINKLE!!! Tumhari har ek harkat mujhe uss cheapster ki baatein yaad dila rhi hai! Tumne sachmein mujhe dhokha diya hai! Mere pyaar ka mazaak udaya hai tumne! Humare jhagde ko ek din bhi ni hua aur tumhara asli roop ubhar ke aa gya…ye silah diya tumne mere pyaar ka? Mere vishwaas ka?

(TWINKLE!!! Each and every move of urs is reminding me of that cheapster’s words! U have truly wronged me! U have insulted my love! It has not even been a single day since our breakup and u have already started showing your true colours! Is this the way ur paying back for my love and trust?)

His blood shot reds were not hidden from anyone…and especially not Twinkle.

Twinkle’s POV
Bandar! Kya itni chot pahunchayi hai maine tumhein? Bol ke to dekho ek baar…mein sab theek kr dungi…par agar mujhe apni galti hi pta ni hogi to mein kya karungi?
(Monkey! Have i hurt u this much? Say it once…i will fix everything…but when u will not tell me where i went wrong then how will i sort it out?)

They shared an intense eyelock.

UV-so Miss Taneja…may i?
He asked, forwarding his hand. Twinkle looked on hesitantly and glared at Kunj…intently waiting for a reaction, in vain.

T-Mere bandar mein itni sehen shakti? Sorry Mr Sadu! Jitna mera dil roya hai…uske liye tumhein sazaa milegi…jaanti hun…ye sahi tareeka ni hai…tumhari aakhon mein dard dekh rhi hoon…par agar tum aise hi bhoot bankar baithe rahoge to mein tumhein maaf ni karungi…jab tak tumhein tumhare shabdon ka pachtava ni hoga…tab tak humare raate alag rahenge…

(So my monkey has this much tolerance? Sorry Mr Sadu! U will be punished for having made my heart cry…i know that this is not the right way out of things…i can see pain in your eyes…but if you will stay there seated like a dead man then i will never forgive u…our paths will remain separated until u regret ur past words…)

She gave her hand in UV’s with a determined face.

T-i love u my romeo! It was love at first fight…your intoxicating eyes, your silly doings and your sweet taunts…those were all you neede to steal my heart…i love u! Am i lucky enough to be the chosen one to share your life?

Even though the words were to be for UV but those were hinted to Kunj. Twinkle was thoroughly looking at Kunj during the whole scene, reminiscing their past memories…

Uv’s POV
Pyaar to mujhe bhi hai…par tum seedhe tareeke se maano tab na…tumhara saath paane ke liye ungli tedhi krni padi mujhe…usmein tumhara bechara Kunj bhi piss gya…maan kyu ni jaati? Mera pyaar dekho…mere junoon ko pehchaano! Meri deewangi ko mehsoos kro Twinkle! Meri baahon mein aao…ek baar aa gyi to mein usse itni zot se band karunga ki tum kabhi azaad ni ho paaogi…mere pyaar ki zanjeerein tumhein hamesha ke liye mere paas rakhegi…

(Even i love u…but u should reciprocate it…i had to employ the wrong path to get to u…ur poor kunj also fell victim to it…why cant u accept defeat and come to me? See my love! Recognise this passion and feel..feel my craziness for u! Come to me! Once u come in my arms i will always keep u for myself…i will chain u with my love and never let go of u…)

He smirked.
U-i love u too jaan!

He proceeded to hug her. Twinkle, still determined to break Kunj’s ego, reciprocated the hug, looking straight into Kunj’s eyes. She looked on teary-eyed. The determination on her face soon broke to disgust…her bright face turned pale and her tears went on flowing in a stream…

Kunj’s heart bled…He wanted to liberate his Twinkle from that devil…

Precap: k-i love u…
T-but i hate u…

❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

Hey guys! That was it for today…i hope u’ll enjoy it and please do comment! I feel that u guys are losing interest in the story…a word of appreciation will be of much help to boost my confidence! Thank u for showering all ur love on me!

Love u all?

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