HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 9

HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 9

Hey guys! Trust you r well…i know many of u r excited for this epi…n u will skip my bak-bak for sure so whoever is reading this tiny part…bak bak after the epi….

But ya….this is gonna be the longest ever epi so agar comment mein kanjusi ki! To i swear maine gussa ho jaana hai! Iss baar 20+ honi chahiye?

❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

Recap: Twinj fight and do not talk to each other. They accept Alisha and Yuvi as partners instead of each other at the Fresher’s party.


(Soo…i am not in college yet…i am but i am not…ok…its complicated but u understand?? Hope so….but anyways i dont know how this normally goes on but we’re just gonna do it mah way…?)

The venue was beautifully decorated. Glitters, sparkles and festoons added to the beauty of the place. Lights, the DJ and the pretty people just took the arrangements to another level. Everyone was so well decked up that at some point u’ll be confused whom to admire. Soft drinks in their hands, all newcomers were enjoying among their friends. In a corner Kunj and KaHul were standing, looking at the door…
Kunj was wearing a gorgeous black suit with a royal blue shirt. His shirt’s first 2 buttons were opened, showing half his chest. Karan was wearing a dark blue suit. Rahul was wearing a black tuxedo with a pink shirt and bow.

K(looking at Rahul)-Haye meri pinky! Kya lag rahi hai…sorry raha hai! Vaisi aisi chahatein kab paali tune?
(Oh my pinky! Ur looking soo good! By the way since when have you been fanciing such things?)

He said trying to control his laugh.

Ka- Areee…samajh yaar! Darvaze ki taraf dekh to…
(Areee…understand buddy! Look towards the door…)

They all looked at the door. A girly type bomb shell wearing a bright pink mini dress which flaunted her s*xy thighs was busy gossiping with some friends of hers. Her dress was backless and also displayed her bare belly.

Karan and Kunj looked at each other and burst out laughing while Rahul was trying hard to stop them.

K-yaar bhabhi to maa saaman hoti hai par ye to kuch aur hi saaman lag rahi hai…
(Buddy a sister-in-law is equal to a mother but she seems to represent something else…)

Ka-abe yaar…tu itna kanjus niklega maine socha bhi nahin socha tha!
(Pal….i did not imagine u’ll turn out to be so miserly!)

R-Ab tera khoon kyun jal gaya??
(Now what’s gotten into u??)

Ka-kaira bhabhi ke liye raddi kapdon se dress banwali!
(U made a dress out of thrown cloth for kaira bhabhi!)

Karan and kunj burst out laughing yet again. Rahul passed a death glare to both of them. Both of them placed a finger on their mouth.

K-are karan check kar zara….kahin apne hi shirt se to nahin kaati hai…
(Karan just check whether he has made this from his shirt or not…)

They went on laughing again while a frustrated Rahul went to meet his date for the night.

Ka-iski to setting ho gayi…teri waali abhi tak parlour mein hi hai kya?
(He got set…urs is still in the parlour or what?)

K-kaunsi waali? Andar wali ya bahar wali?
(Which one? True one or fake one?)

Ka-bhabhi ki sautan….
(Bhabhi’ competition…)

K-hogi kahin…fevicol khareed rahi hogi…mere gale jo padna hai…
(She must be somewhere…buying fevicol…to stick to me…)

Ka-kaash mere gale pad jaati….
(I wish she stuck to me…)

He said showing a gorgeous girl dressed in a blue one-piece till her knees. She had worn silver jewelry perfectly complimenting her waves.

K-mar gaya! Ek taraf uss UV pe nazar rakho aur dusri taraf chipku chudail ki sadi baatein aur teesri taraf siyappa queen ke nakhre….
Ek baat bata karan…multi tasker to Don ka Shah Rukh Khan bhi tha….film mein to uski kabhi nahin lagi….meri hi kismat ne mujhe doobane ka theka le rakha hai kya?

(I am dead! On one side i have to keep an eye on UV and on the other side i have to listen to the rotten talks of that sticky witch and on the third side i have to bear siyappa queen’s tantrums…
Karan tell me one thing buddy…even shah Rukh khan from the moovie Don was a multitasker…he was never in trouble in the film…is it only my destiny who has decided to drown?…)


There was still no answer


Karan was no longer there. He looked around to find Karan flirting with Alisha.

He tapped his forehead…

K-log chipku cheezon se bachne ke liye baal bhi kaat lete hai…ye to fevicol ki bottle se jaa chipka!
(People even cut their hair to get rid of sticky stuff…he intentionally got stuck to glue…)

He looked at Rahul on one side of the hall and Karan at the other side.

K-babaji dekhiye! Kitna beautiful nazaara hai! Gaana, decoration…phir mere bechare doston ki halat dekhiye! Aapne inko raat ke samay banaya tha kya? Itni black comedy!
(Babaji see! It is such a beautiful view! Songs, decoration….then look at my poor friends! Did u make them during the night? So much black comedy!)

He said faking pity.

He was looking at Karan and Alisha with a disgusted face when his gaze met someone’s. His jaws literally dropped to the floor.

Kunj’s POV
SHIT! Siyappa Queen tune kya kiya?? Tere husn ka teer to seedha dil ko paar kar gayi…tera pagal aashik to ghayal ho gaya! Maan na padega! Aaj to tu keher dhaa rahi hai! Tujhe Kiss karne ka mann kar raha hai! Freak!!!
(SHIT! What did u do Siyappa Queen?? The arrow of ur beauty has pierced my heart…ur crazy lover got hurt! I must admit! Ur looking stunning today! I want to kiss u! Freak!!!)

He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hairs.

K(to himself)-chal beta! Utar jaa maidan mein! Aaj yaa aar ya paar! Donnon hi cases mein MERI SIYAPPA QUEEN MERI HI HOGI!
(Get on the fighting ground! Either pass or fail! In both the cases MY SIYAPPA QUEEN WILL BE MINE)

Twinkle is seen wearing a very pretty duochrome dress. Showing her toned thighs, the dress was of royal blue colour with specks of micro gold glitter enhancing its beauty. She had paired it with golden earring, a dark blue smokey eye with a nude lip. She had her star bracelet dangling on her wrist. She finished the look with awesome waves and dark blue stilletos. She was at the entrance, lost in Kunj…

Twinkle’s POV
Babaji! Mere bandar ke killer looks mujhe self control khone par majboor kar rahe hai! Muaah!! Baby kya lag rahe ho yaar! Aaj to jaise tumhare hont mujhe apne paas bula rahe hai! Aaj to gussa aur ego gaye tel lene! Bas tum aur main! Aur ye khoobsurat shaam! No kabab mein haddi!

(Babaji! The good looks of my monkey are compelling me to lose control! Muaah! Baby ur looking stunning!! Today it seems that ur lips are calling me near u! To hell with ego and anger! Only u and me and this beautiful evening! No interference!)

Kunj started to move towards her. Both had melted…however suddenly his steps froze. His eyes became red and his hands turned into a fist.

Twinkle’s POV
Kunj please! Ruk kyun gaye? Mujhe lene aa jaao! Tumhari Twinkle tumhara intezaar kar rahi hai! Dekho! Pehchaano! Mera dil tumse cheek cheek kar apne paas bula raha hai…aao…mujhe apna banalo! Please…mujhe pata hai UV ke saath tum mujhe nahin dekh sakte…tumhara dil bhi dukhta hai…aur main…mujhe pehle kabhi itni ghutan nahin hui…please aao….

(Kunj please! Why did u stop?come to fetch me! Ur Twinkle is waiting for u! See! Recognise me! My heart is screaming…calling u to him…come…make me urs! Please…i know u cannot see me with UV…n me…i have never felt soo suffocated before…please come…)

Her hopeful eyes said it all.
Kunj started moving towards the door again but soon Twinkle’s hopeful eyes started to tear up, oblivious of all…

Kunj came and grabbed Alisha by her waist and kissed her on her cheeks.

K-Wow! Itni garmi lag rahi thi! Ab pata chala! Itni hot bombshell party mein aa gayi to temperature to badna hi tha.
(Wow! It is soo hot! Now i know why! Such a hot bombshell has come in the party so the temperature had to rise.)

He winked at her then looked at Twinkle who was all angered now.

Twinkle’s POV
Garmi?? Grami to tab bhi lagti hai jab kisi ki phatti hai…usne tumhari kamar daba di…mein gala daba doon? I swear aaj tumhari garmi nahin utaari naa to mein abhi Mrs Yuvraaj Lutha ban jaaoun!!
Aur iss makeup ki dukaan ka solid setting hona hai! Mere Kunj ke saath gulcharein udane ke sapne dekh rAhi hai na? Teri 3 inch ki heels se tumhari bhootni jaisi shakal pe baara na baja diye to dekh lena!

(Heat!?? U feel hot also when someone is damn scared…she has squeezed ur waist…do i squeeze ur neck now? I swear if i dont make u feel cold then may i become Mrs Yuvraj Luthra now itself..
N this girl full of makeup will have to be taken care of! She is dreaming of having fun with my Kunj? If i do not make u regret this then u’ll see!)

She fumed.

Y-ouch baby! Dheere se! In sabke liye poori raat baaki hai.
(Ouch baby! Go on slowly! We have the whole night for this.)

He slightly pecked her bare shoulders. Twinkle made a disgusted face and realised that she had hurt yuvi’s arms by inserting her sharp nails in his skin. It was slightly bleeding.

(When Kunj was coming to Twinkle yuvi entered and took her by her waist. Twinkle put her hand on his arms to control his mobile hands. That is why Kunj got angry)

Twinkle was slightly embarassed. She just kept looking sideways.

Y(whispering in her ears)-dont worry…i like ur angry avatar…u look hot!

Twinkle was very uncomfortable and struggled out of his grip. She saw Alisha and Kunj heading towards the bar with karan.
She signed him that she was going to get a drink.

Y-sure baby!

(Btw…Yuvi was wearing a royal blue tuxedo…matching with Twinkle)

❤️Next Scene❤️

KaHul were sitting on a table and were observing Twinj. Both were pretending to be very loving to Alisha and Yuvi in front of each other.

R-yaar inn donnon ka kya karein?
Kunj kitna dheet banega? Usse dikh bhi nahin raha hai ki vo khud ke saath Twinkle bhabhi ko bhi chot pahuncha raha hai? Aur vo kamina UV!! Bhabhi ko choone ke firaak mein rehta hai!
(What do we do of these two? How stubborn will kunj be? He is not even able to see that he is nit only hurting himself but twinkle bhabhi is also suffering? N thats bastard UV!! He is always wanting to touch bhabhi!)

Ka-haan yaar! Aur Kunj! Gussa naak pe baitha hai! Aaj to sachmein chid gaya! Bhabhi se bahut naaraz hai! Kya karein???
(Ur right! N kunj! He is always angry! He is really irritated today! He is very angry with bhabhi! What shall we do?)


Karan looked at him and found him smiling at Kaira.

Ka-abe! Kya apni wali ko dekhke ladkiyon ki tarah sharma raha hai?? Dimaag ke ghore daura! Varna shaam ke end tak kisi ki to arthi uthni hai!
(Oye! Why are u blushing like a girl looking at her? Think! Otherwise somebody will be dead till the end of this evening!)

R-h…h…haan…soo…soch..sochte hai…
(Y..y.yess ….lets’s t…think…)

Ka-hakla kya raha hai??
(Why are u stammering??)

R-uss…usne aan..aankh m..maari…

Ka-pata hai kya? Lagta hai tu patni nahin…vo patni laaegi apne ghar mein! Phoot yahan se! Isse pehle tu single haddi se multiple haddi ban jaao!
(U know what? U will not bring a wife…she will bring a wife home! Get lost before i thrash u!)

Rahul went away from there.

Ka-ab dekhta hun ye love birds door kaise rehte hai…
(Now i’ll see how these lovers stay away from each other…)

He smirked looking at a bottle.

Ka-daaru andar…confession bahar…
(Alcohol in…confession out…)

❤️Next Scene❤️

Ka-thanks yaar…help karne ke liye…vaise aaj achchi lag rahi ho…akeli aai ho?
(Thank u for helping me pal…by the way ur looking good today…have u come alone?)

‘Ur welcome…mujhe bhi donnon ko milana hai…jabse vo alag hue hai…meri Twinki ke chehre ki raunak pata nahin kahan kho gayi hai…aur raha savaal mera! To do minute pehle Miss Chipku se ishq lada rahe the…ab mein? Mujhse thoda door raho…samjhe?’

(Ur welcome…even i have to unite them…since they’ve parted ways…i dont know where has Twinkle’s shine disappeared…n coming to me! Twon minutes ago u were flirting with Miss Chipku…now me? Stay away from mr…understood?)

Ka-wow Miss Pallavi…mujhe itna notice kiya? Miss chipku hun? Jalne ki bu aa rahi hai….
(Wow Miss Pallavi…u noticed me soo much? Miss Chipku hun? I am smelling something burn…)

The girl is none other than Pallavi. She blushed slightly.

Karan interwined his hands with hers stealthily, trying to hide it from all…

P-kaam nahin karna hai kya?
(U dont have to do the work or what?)

Ka-ab tum bhi ho…shaam achchi jaayegi…
(Now evem u’re here…the evening will go well…)

They went away from there.

From far both Kunj and Twinkle were watching them.
Kunj/Twinkle-donnon apne aap mein hi lage hai! Thatki kahike!
(Both are concerned about themselves! Flirts!)

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinj was watching some performances together with their respective partners. They were standing opposite each other, on the other side of the dance floor.
They were busy passing death glares at each other.

Kunj’s POV
Saale kaminey! Haath lagane se thakta nahin hai na?? Bas ab mere haath lag tu! Tere thobre ka design badal dunga!
(blo*dy bastard! Ur never tired of touching her right?? Now let me get my hands on u! I will change tge design of ur face!)

He tightened his fist.

A voice came from behind.

V-ab dance floor pe real aag kaun laga sakta hai? Dekhte hai ki iss nayi generation mein kitna dum hai…
(Now who can really set the stage on fire? Lets see how daring this new generation is…)

Kunj smirked at Twinkle amd vice versas.

Kunj/Twinkle to Alisha/Yuvi
‘Ho jaaye?’
(Lets do it?)

They nodded positively.

The title song of the movie ‘Bang Bang’ played.
(Put the song guys! Otherwise u’ll not understand anything!)

*Teri meri.. raaton ne kiye hain kuch iraade
Milli hai jo ab ye mulaqaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai (hone ko hai..)*

Kunj spins Alisha and holds her close by her waist, dancing very close to her while looking at Twinkle.

*Teri meri.. hui aankhon-aankhon mein jo baatein
Mili hai jo ab ye mulaqaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai*

Twinkle puts Yuvi’s hands around her waist and dances closely with him while giving Tashan to Kunj.

*Hona hai.. jo hona hai rahega hoke hi
Hota hai.. jo mill jata hai koyi
Hoga yeh.. hai jaana maine milke tumse hi*

Alisha and Yuvi dance turn by turn with Twinj.

*Are you feeling it tonight
I am feeling it tonight
Bang Bang, raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal 
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun..
Bang bang raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun
Bang Bang, Bang Bang, Bang Bang
Jaane kyun…*

Twinj dance exactly same as in the song with their respective partners.
It is quite sensuous…

*Bang Bang, Bang Bang, Bang Bang
Jaane kyun… Bang Bang!*

Twinj are looking intensely in each other’s eyes while dancing, trying to make each other jealous. But kunj is actually very angry…

*Hey! aajkal aate jaate
Hey! aankhe karti hai baatein
Hey! aaj toh aa jaana hai
Hey! aankhon ki baaton mein*

Other couples join them on the dance floor one by one. Karan-Pallavi, Rahul-Kaira, chinki-Aarav join in.

*Bas ek baat kar le
Hey! mujhe baahon mein tu bhar le
Hey! aur saari raat bhar yeh
Hey! chalti rahe phir kahani teri meri*

They form a circle and they start changing partners while dancing.

*Teri meri.. teri meri aahon ke ishaare
Aa zara samajh le hum woh saare
Ke hosh ab toh khone ko hain (khone ko hain)*

Twinj reach each other. They dance looking into each other’s eyes. Kunj squeezes Twinkle’s waist tightly and they dance really close.

*Hona hai.. jo hona hai rahega hoke hi
Hota hai.. jo mill jata hai koyi
Hoga yeh.. hai jaana maine milke tumse hi
Are you feeling it tonight
I am feeling it tonight
Bang bang.. raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun?
Bang Bang.. raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun
Bang bang, Bang bang, Bang bang
Jaane kyun..*

Twinj are still dancing with each other. Other partners are also mixed up. Pallavi-Yuvi, Karan-Alisha, Rahul-Chinki, Aarav-Kaira and Twinkle-Kunj.

Kunj had Twinkle’s back facing his chest and was leaning towards his neck everytime he got the opportunity to do so.

*Raat bhar baat kar
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun..
Bang bang, Bang bang, Bang bang
Jaane kyun
Bang bang, Bang bang, Bang bang
Jaane kyun…*

Alisha and Yuvi were constantly looking at Twinj dancing. Alisha felt very jealous and tried to interrupt them but Pallavi and Karan tried to manage the situation.

Bang bang take a little chance chance
Take a little dance dance
Now get your body movin’ (x2)
Bang bang, raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun (x4)

Alisha snatched Kunj’s hand from Twinkle’s and dragged him in the middle and started dancing sensually with him. At first Kunj was perplex but then went with the flow. All the couples dispersed seeing their chemistry and started hooting while Pallavi and Karan looked on tensedly. Twinkle was fuming looking at them.

The song ended. Everyone started clapping. Yuvi placed his hand on Twinkle’s shoulder but she jerked it away. She passed a death glare to Kunj who was smirking at her amd stormed to the lawn.

Karan and Pallavi looked at this.

Ka-yehi sahi vaqt hai. Jaao meri sipaahi! Aur haan…dhyaan se…iss aag ki garmi kuch zyada hi hai…kahin jal naa jaao…
(Its the right time! Get going my soldier! N yes…be careful…this fire is too hot…u could burn urself…)

He winked at her.

P-Dont worry Mr Flirt. Khud ki fikar karo…tumhari Alisha ke tevar chade chade se lag rahe hai…Kunj ke paas jaaoke…to kahin kaat na dein….aur haan…aag se kheloge…to jalna tay hai…
(Dont worry Mr Flirt. Care for urself…ur Alisha seems to be angry…ur going towards Kunj…she may bite u…n yes…if u play with fire..ur sure to get burnt…)

Ka-oofff! Jalne ki boo aa rahi hai..
(ooff! I can smell something burning…)
(He leant towards her and said…)
Kahin yaha se to nahin aa rahi hai….
(Is it coming from here?)

Pallavi smirked and turned his head towards Kunj…

P-yahan se nahin…vahan se aa rahi hai
(Not from here…its coming from there)

She laughed and went from there.

Karan looked at Kunj who was weirdly staring at him. He felt embarassed and walked away.

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinkle was crying in the lawn. She was seated on a chair.

Twinkle’s POV
Uss Alisha ki maa ki….usne Kunj ka haath mere haath se chin liya!!! Uski itni himmat! Shakal pardadiyon ke standard ke aur sapne mere Kunj ke! Mujhse panga lene ki koshish ki tune? Mujhse bhirkar tune bahut bari galti kardi Miss Plastic Surgery! I hate you!!!
Kunj!!!! Uski to khair nahin! Chod diya naa mera saath! Aisa kya kar diya maine jisse tumhare andar angry young man ka bhoot utar gaya? Miss u Kunj…mujhe tumhare pyaar ki aadat pad chuki hai…par ye nafrat…iss berukhi ke aag mein main khud ko to nyochavar kar bhi doon par mujhe iss baat ka darr hai ki ye gussa kahin hamare pyaar ko naa pee jaaye…Tumhare ek ishaare par mein khood ko tum mein kho sakti khoon…par mein tumhein nahin kho sakti!

(This Alisha…she snatched Kunj’s hand from mine!!! How dared she! She has unmatched standards and is dreaming about my kunj! U tried to mess with me? U did wrong by messing with me Miss Plastic Surgery! I hate u!
Kunj!! I’ll not spare him! U left my hand right! What did i do to awaken that angry young man spirit in u? Miss u Kunj…i am already used to ur love…but this hatred…i can sacrifice myself in the fire of rudeness but i am afraid that this anger may drink our love…i can lose myself in u at ur behest…but i cannot lose u…)

She was in deep reflection when someone called her from behind. She quickly dried her tears and replied smilingly.

T-ab kya hai Pallu ki bachchi?
(Now what happened Pallu?)

P-tu phir boli? Iss baar swami ji ne teri zubaan hi kaat deni hai!! Maa ne kaha…
(U spoke again? This time swami ji will cut ur tongue!! Maa has said…)

T-Yaar tu uss manhoos swami ka naam leker kyun mood ki band baja rahi hai? Vo meri zubaan kaatega? Mere saamne lekar to aao pakhandi ko! Aakhein naa nikaal doon uske! Huh! Sunn…vo aaj 6 baje ko vrat khatam ho gaya mera…isiliye….

(Why r u spoiling my mood by taking that swami’s name? He will cut my tongue? Bring that cheat in front of me first! I will snatch his eyes! Huh!
Listen…my fast ended today at six…thats why…)

Pallavi laughed at her childishness but then realised what she said.

P-kya? Awesome!!!
(What? Awesome!!!)

She jumped.

Pallavi’s POV
sone pe suhaaga! Ab aayega maza!
(It has gotten better! Now we’ll have fun!)

T-tu kyun itne hava mein ud rahi hai? Ohhh! Ab samjhi! Vaanar sena ke ek member ke saath teri full too setting ho gayi naa
(Why r u so happy? Ohh! Now i understand! U’ve got set with a member of the monkeys group..)

She winked at her.

She looked around…trying to avoid eye contact with Twinkle.

T-uhun! Mein sadke jaawan! Ye aapke gaal hai yaa gulaab ki pankhuriyan! Hum bhi to dekhein!!
(Uhun! I’ll die! Are these ur cheeks or some flower petals? Let me see)

She said teasingly.

P-ch…chup kar! Twinkle ki bachchi! Achcha…ye le…pee le! Dance karke gala sukh gaya hoga tera…
(S…shut up! Take this…drink it! Ur throat must have dried while u were dancing…)

T-ohh! Thanks yaar! Iski bahut zaroorat thi.
Vaise tune bhi achcha dance kiya…tujhe kisne pilaayi??
(Ohhh! Thanks! I badly needed this!
By the way…even u danced well…who made u drink??)

She winked at her.

P-chup! Shaitan dimaag wali ladki!
(Shup up! Devil!)

❤️Next Scene❤️

Karan, kunj and Alisha were talking in the hall when a voice pierced through the noise:

‘Mr Sadu Sarna!!!’


❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

Hey guys! I know ye bahut lamba tha…i am sorry if it was boring. I tried to introduce new pairings and elements. Please do include if u r liking the new couples.

Also the song part…if u have not, put ur earphones and listen to the song while reading it otherwise u will not understand anything…

Sorry for the lame translations…n haan..comment na karne ke liye soo sorry guys!!

Thank u all for ur kind attention! Leave ur comments down below…

Love u all❤️

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    U nailed it I mean wow yr I m sooo sry I m nt able 2 cmnt on all episodes or evr1s ff or os abhi bcz my computer ia nt wid me n is in service centre dey r taking tym n yr I read urs ff abhi abhi n it was soo I mean speechless yr soo beautiful bt dis uvraj I ll kill him fr sure how dare he tch twinkle a n yr dis kunj wt was d need 2 kiss alisha ugghhhh yr n pairs r amazing n also d MR. SADU SARNA hahahhhahahahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaa
    Pta nhi ab kya hoga bt maza aa gya ohh goodness cant w8 ft nxt update pls post soon n yr guys my sisters I m srsly missing u all vry mch luv u guys u nailed it dear now I hope u r happy wid my cmnt n wuld not b angry d previous episode of dis ff was also wow wen kunj pickd twinkle frm uvs class n den gt dat wt twinkle was trying 2 do n made hr fall on d ground haha haha a a haha aa it was wow n dis uv how dare he pickd dose letters bt fabulous n d dressing way of all marvellous n also ki twinkle ki awaz vapas aa gyi finally thank god luvd it dear luv u all sistoes n missing u all luv u..post next asap cant w8..

  16. Baby

    post asap dear m w8ing eagerly for ur ff… 😀 :U :’

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