HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 8

HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 8

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❤️________ready set go________❤️

Twinkle and Kunj were trying hard to avoid each other….

Twinkle’s POV
Twinki! Rules book:
1.Bandar se 10 feet door raho
2.Usse bhaao mat do
3.uski baatein mat suno….kyunki keh to tu vaise bhi nahin sakti..
4.Uski aakhon mein mat dekho…kyunki tu kho jaayegi aur Mr Akdu ka kad bad jaayega…vaise bhi aaj kal tevar badle badle se lag rahe hai laad saab ke…bandar kahika!
Ab vo bhaar mein jaaye! Jaise ko taisa! Mein gadhon ki tarah use manane ki koshish kar rahi hoon par kuch fark nahin! Twinkle tu bhi naa! Duniyaa gol hi nahin bahut badi bhi hai! Jaanti hun tu Punjabi Pataka hai…par thodi mehnat kar liya hota aur bahar ki duniya mein nazar ghoomayi hoyi to options dhoond leti par nahin! Log theek kehte hai! Zoo mein rehkar jaanwaaron se pyaar ho jaata hai…tu to bandar se pyaar kar baithi…ab vo haath lagna to door…tere mooh bhi nahi lag raha hai! Sab mein tujhe yehi akdu sariyal bandar hi mila tha pyaar karne ko??
(Twinki! Rules book:
1.stay away from the monkey
2.dont give him any attention
3.dont listen to him…u cannot talk anyways…
4.dont look into his eyes…as u will get lost in them..he will give himself much importance…his attitude seems to have changed lately….
Now he can go to hell! Tit for tat! I am trying to appease him like idiots but he doesnt seem to be affected by it at all! Twinkle the world is not only round but also very big! I know that ur The Punjabi Pataka…had u put in some efforts n searched a little but more, u would have got many options…people are right…when u stay in the zoo, u develop a soft corner for animals…u fell in love with a monkey….now coming near to you is a far fetched thing, he does not even talk to u…

Kehte hai ki dil ka hissa jab bechain hota hai tab uss dil ka doosra hissa bhi machalne lagta hai…pyaar mein shaayad aisa hi hota hai…yaar ye to insaanon mein hota hai…par Kunj to bandar hai na?????
Samjhe? Nahin to samajh jaayenge…out of all the people did u have to find only that rude n insensitive person??


Kunj was, for a change, sitting under the same tree….

K-babaji ye mujhse kya hogaya? Socha tha pyaar ki gadi bhagaounga to manzil jald mil jaayegi…par yahan to accident ho gaya…Siyappa queen to sach mein rooth gayi…par ye pehli sherni hai jo ghayal hokar vaar nahin kar rahi hai…shit yaar! Tujhe kya hogaya? Pata hai naa ladkiyon ki vazan ko leker baat nahin karte hai…mooh pe vazan ki baat kya aagayi…love story ka vazan ghat gaya?
(Babaji what have i done? I had thought that if i would speed up with love i would reach my destination soon but i met with an accident on the way…siyappa queen really got angry…but she is the first injured lioness who is not fighting back…shit! What has gotten into u? U know that u should not discuss a girl’s weight…hardly had i talked about the weight…my love story lightened….)

KaHul came there n were amused seeing his state…He was sitting…with his beard, haggard clothes n messy hairs, looking at the sky with his hand on his belly.

Ka-ho gaya!
(It has happened)

R-kya hua??
(What happened?)

Ka-ye shaheed ho gaya! Mar gaya kat gaya! Ishq ne iski laga daali…kahan ranjha, majnu the…aur kahan ye devdas…
(He has been martyred! He is dead, he has been cut! Love has made this state….we had ranjha n majnu…n now we have this devdas)

R-kunj yaar laalat hai tujhpe! Thu!
(Kunj buddy! Shame on u! Thu!)

He spat near Kunj while the latter got up with a jerk

K-kya yaar! Kya kar raha hai?? Vaise bhi waqt kharaab chal raha hai ab dimaag ka dahi mat bana!
(What the hell? What r u doing?? My time is already bad, please dont add to it!)

Ka(tapping his shoulder as in friendly types)-abe saale abhi badi garmi chadi hai tujhe! Bade thaat se tashan maar raha tha na? Ab kya hogaya?
(Oye bastard! What happened? U were arrogantly flaunting urself right?)

K-kaminey! Tum donnon dost ho ke dushman? Madad karne bajaye galtiyan ginva raha hai!
(Bastards! R u both my friend or enemy? Ur making me count my mistakes instead of helping me!)

R(while laughing)-yaar uski chod….Anju ke thappad ka side effect ab ubhar ke aa raha hai…
(Leave him…its the side effect of Anju’s slap…)

N they two burst out laughing while Karan fumed.

Ka-uda le! Jitna chahe mazaak uda le! Ab devar ka badla bhabhi legi! Bas dekte jaa!
(Continue! Mock me as much as u want! Now bhabhi will take the revenger of her devar! Just wait and watch!)

K-Twinkle? Ab vo kya karegi? Mujhe dekhte hi female milkha singh ban jaati hai…
(Twinkle? What will she do now? She behaves like female milkha singh when she sees me…)

Ka-abe ye wali nahin vo wali…
(Oh god! Not this one, that one)

He said pointing towards a girl, wearing a mini dress, flaunting her s*xy thighs n a beautiful pair of stilletos with some fancy jewelry, all assorted with her dress…

K-yaar! Chupa mereko! Ye miss chipku hai! Chumbak ki tarah mere se chipak jaayegi!
(Shit! Hide me! This is miss chipku! She will stick to me like a magnet!)

Ka-haan…par usse tujhse nikaalne wali hogi kaun?? Socho socho
(Yes…but who will remove this magnet?? Think….)

He smiled lifting his eyebrows.

K-Tw..ink..le! Yaar ur a genius yaar! Tu he ke badle she hota naa to pakka tujhe kiss kar deta!
(Tw..ink..le! Ur a genius pal! Had u been a girl instead of a guy i would have definitely kissed u!)

Ka-oye! Dostana ke abhishek! Mujhse door reh!
(Oye! Dostana’s Abhishek! Stay away from me!)

R-hey bhagwan! Bol dete…inke jagah gadhe paal leta! Par nahin! Itne bakvaas ideas to vo bhi nahin dete!
(Hey god! U would have told me…i would have brought donkeys up in their places! But no! Even donkeys do not come up with such dumb ideas!)

K-ab tujhe itni mirchi kyun lagi hai??
(Why r so affected?)

R-yaar! Agar daav ulta pad gaya to? Tere se chipakne ke bajaaye kisi aur se chipak gayi toh???
(Buddy! If the result is reversed? If instead of sticking to u she sticks to somebody else???)

Ka-kaun? Alisha? Nahi yaar! Vo to Kunj ki deewani hai!
(Whom? Alisha? No! She is mad about Kunj!)

He winked at Kunj while the latter made a disgusted face.

R-ooloo ke pathe! Uski baat kaun kar raha hai? Mein to Twinkle bhabhi ki baat kar raha hoon! Badle mein tere ko do laafe maar diye to??
(Idiot! Who is talking about her? I am talking anout Twinkle bhabhi! If she slaps u instead?)

Ka-Are! Kuch nahi hoga! Ye idea full proof hai!
(Nothing will happen! This idea is full proof!)

R-full proof nahin ye fool proof hai! Teri tarah!
(This idea is not full proof but fool proof! Like u!)

Ka-bas dekhte jaayo! Kaam naa kiya to naam badal dena mera!
(Just wait and watch! If it does not work then change my name!)

R-haan! Anju rakh dena…naam..
(Yes keep it Anju…ur name..)

He giggled.

Ka-tu na!

K-bas! Ruk…..
(Stop it!…)

He was going to say something when a voice came from behind…

‘Honey money pinky lou!
Aajao mere pou!’
(Lou n pou mere darlings ke naam hai…ek mummy ka aur ek mere dost ka…i keep irritating my friend with it…n i call my cousins n friends by lou n pou…so…)

K-shit! Mar gaya!
(Shit! I am dead!)

He shut his eyes n put up a plastic smile…

K-sweetu jaanu Alishu!
He said faking excitement…

Alisha comes to him n hugs him tightly.

A-jaanu! Tumhein pata hai maine tumhe kitna miss kiya? Tumhare bina Miami bhi kaatne ko daur raha tha!
(Darling! Do u know how much i missed u? I could not enjoy miami as i was missing u!)

KaHul whispered to each other:
Ka-lagta hai America jaake makkari aur jhoot bolne mein MBA karke aayi hai…
(I think she has done an MBA on lying and cheating in America…)

R-nahin yaar…MBA thodi na karegi…ye to itni experienced hai ki doosron ko course deke aayi hogi..
(No! She will not do an MBA…she is so experienced that she would have given courses to others…)

They laughed looking at her ‘I LOVE MIAMI’ t-shirt.

Kunj gave them a ‘save me’ look.

K-yaar ye andhe ho gaye hai kya! Naalayak kahike! Iss fevicol ke bottle se koi to bacha lo! Chipku kahiki! Mein isse apni izzat ko kaise bachaoun??? Ye to mujhe kangaal bana degi!
(Are they blind or what? Useless fellows! Somebody save me fron this bottle of fevicol! blo*dy chipku! How do i save my respect from her?)

He was lost in his own thoughts when his gaze caught two girls nearby. His eyes widened and his body froze on the spot.

Girls’s POV
Iski to! Iski himmat kaise hui MERE KUNJ ke gale lagne ki??? Baap ka maal samjha hai kya???? Ek ulte haath ki padegi to akal theekane lag jaayegi! Aur ye bandar! Isne chudiyan pehen rakhi hai kya? Vaise to bara bhashan deke gaya tha! Yuvi ne gale kya lagaya..ye to bharak gaya aur mujhse baat karna band kar diya…abhi iski khair nahin! Bas akele mein mil beta! Iss Miss Chamgadar ka bhoot na utara na to mein hone waali Mrs Twinkle Sarna nahin!!!
(Looking at KaHul)
Aur iss vaanar sena ki to khaas khatirdaari hogi! Iss million dollar smile ko million volt ka jhatka na bana diya to kasam hai chocolate ki…ek hafte tak chocolate ko haath bhi nahin lagaoungi!
(She! How dare she hug MY KUNJ??? Is he her property or wht??? A slap will put her mind on track! N this monkey! Are his hands tied? He had given me such a long speech…yuvi hugged me and he stopped talking to me…i will not spare him! If i do not remove her craze from his head then i am not the future Mrs Twinkle Sarna!
(Looking at KaHul)
N this monkeys’ group will be specially catered for! If i do not change this million dollar smile into a million volt shock then i swer on chocolate…i will not touch chocolate for a whole weak!)

Her hands were closed in a tight fist n she had narrowed her gaze. She was fuming looking at Kunj n Alisha.

Pallavi, who was just beside her, noticed her state n dragged her away from there. She was trying hard to pull her when Karan said:

Ka-Alisha BHABHI! Kunj abhi abhi keh raha tha ki kaash tum uske saath kal ke Freshers’ party mein aa pati…n dekho! Pyaar ki takkat kitni badi hai! Tum aa bhi gayi! Please mere dost ka dil mat todna..haan kehdo…
(Alisha BHABHI! Kunj was just saying that u were the one he wanted to go to the Freshers’ party tomorrow…n see! The strength of love is sooo strong that u came just on time! Please dont break my friend’s heart….say yes…)

He gave her a cheesy smile. Kunj was signing ‘no’ with his head, looking at Twinkle who had jerked Pallavi’s hands away n was just staring at them…

Kunj’s POV
MAR GAYA! Ye siyappa queen to total angry bird avatar mein lag rahi hai! Ho gaya tera! Ye atom bomb to nuclear bomb se bhi khatarnaak hai! Yeh Karan to suicide mission pe bhej raha hai..ek taraf ye chipku chudail aur dusri taraf angry bird…beta tu to gaya..
(I am dead! This siyappa queen seems to be in a full angry bird avatar! Ur done for! This atom bomb is more dangerous than the nuclear bomb….on one side there’s this chipku witch and on the other side there’s angry bird…ur dead…)

He made an ‘oh no!’ face.

A-of course lou! Anything for u!
She kissed his cheeks.

Twinkle was going to literally kill her when 2 strongs hands pulled her by the waist, lifted her and took her away from there while Kunj was still too shocked to understand what had happened..

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinkle was just passing death glares to where they were standing even though they were no longer visible…She was still struggling in the arms of that person. She looked like a small child who desperately wanted a candy…just to throw it away…

The guy finally let her down.

(Quiet! Totally quiet!)

Twinkle got startled and stood still, putting her finger on her mouth…

P-oh hello! Help ke liye thanks but how dared u scream on her???

G-Yuvi ko ye attitude bilkul pasand nahi hai! N btw….ur welcome…

P-kaam batao! Kya hai?
(What do u want?)

Y-chill baby doll! Teacher se aise baat karte hai?
(Chill baby doll! Is this the right way to talk to ur teacher?)

P-oh just cut the crap and get to the point.

Twinkle was just looking at them from turn to turn

Y-i wanted to ask the pretty lady’s hand for the party tomorrow night…may I?

He said taking her hand.

Twinkle’s POV
Itne bhi bure din nahin aaye hai mere ki iss cheapster ke saath party mein jaaoun….
(I am not having such a hard time to accept this cheapster’s invitation…)

But suddenly her gaze fell on Alisha kunj n KaHul

She smirked.

She smiled brightly at Yuvi n nodded her head in agreement.

Yuvi kissed her cheek in excitement.
Y-so tomorrow, at eight?

Pallavi snatched Twinkle’s hand from his..
P-yes…ab phooto!
(Yes…now get lost!)

Yuvi went away from there.

Kunj’s POV
Meri Twinkle ke saath party mein jaayega! Tu gaya Yuvraaj Luthra!
(U will go to the party with MY Twinkle! U’re gone Yuvraaj Luthra!)

He shrugged Alisha’s hand from his shoulder n went from there with full tashan.

PRECAP: Fresher’s party…yuvi talli…twinki talli…kunj talli….

❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

Sorry guys this epi was so unplanned…so the next epi will disclose quite some stuff…

I have already planned the next one which will…i hope….be dhamakedaar!

Till then enjoy…

Love u all❤️

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