HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 6



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If anyone has missed the last epi, i will link it here:
Episode 5

Zyada bak-bak ho gaya na? Baaki baatein epi ke baad??

Yaa n this one is super loonnggg..rapunzel ke baal se thoda chota…par hai bahut lamba…keep ur popcorn stuff..mayB u’ll need it???

❤️________ready set go________❤️

Time flew…it was a short lapse of time…yet it seemed to be like they lived the most beautiful parts of their lives….


❤️After 4 days❤️

Twinj were sitting in the shade of their fav tree…which had become the witness of their growing love which was hidden by the veil of friendship!!

Kunj was sitting with his back against the trunk n Twinkle had her head on his shoulder❤️
Kunj was taking a nap while Twinkle was just staring at the sky…suddenly Twinkle’s eyes popped open…

Twinkle tapped Kunj’s arms…
K-hmm…kya hua?
(Hmm…what happened?)

Twinkle went on tapping him…he opened his eyes n looked at her..

K-kya hai yaar siyappa queen? Mujhe chain se do minutes baithne nahin deti hai!!! Ab uth bhi gaya hun…kya hai?
(What happened Siyappa queen? Can’t u let me sit peacefully for 2 mins!!! I’m up…now what?)

N he made an irritated face..Twinkle lifted her brows and started staring at him…

K-ab kya? Oops….sorry….
(What? Oops….sorry….)

N he took out the notebook from his bag and gave it to her. Twinkle started writing something while kunj again laid down against the tree…

K-yaar siyappa queen ab ye mat kehna ki bhook lagi hai…ab kuch baaki nahin hai…ya to mera khoon pee le ya mujhe khaa jao…guarantee main deta hun….maal itna bhi bura nahin hai…
(Siyappa queen now dont tell me that u’re hungry…there’s nothing to eat now…either u suck my blood or eat me up…I guarantee…i’m not that bad…)

He winked n smirked at her. Twinkle stopped n gave him a ‘wtf’ type of look and threw the notebook at him.
Kunj caught it n said

K-ab ye paitre kaam nahin karne wale hai….sherni ke saath rehkar achhi khasi practice ho gayi hai meri…
(These tactics wont work on me anymore…staying with the lioness…i’ve got a good training of these…)

N he shrugged his shoulders….
He looked at the notebook n then at Twinkle…

K-Sacchi tu na ek number ki duffer hai…pichli baar apne dimaag ka check up kab karaya tune? Lagta hai jab tera voice box phata tha naa to iska side effect tere dimaag par ho gaya…pagal hai kya?
(Truely! Ur a duffer…when was the last time that u did ur check-up? I think when u damaged ur voice box, it had an impact on your mind…are u mad?)

Just then he received a blow on his head..

K-ahhhh! U got me this time!!

He took the notebook and read it:

‘Panga tune liya tha! Maine nahin!! Tere herogiri ke chakkar mein
agar mera semester barbaad ho gaya to mein tumhari band bajaa dungi!!! Bandar sirf per par achche lagte hai! Tum jaise monkeys agar zameen pe rehte hai to hungama hi hota hai! Vaise Kaunse zoo se bhagkar aaya hai tu? Jahan jaao attention hi catch karta hai! Tere chakkar mein mere bhi raste lag jaate hai! Vo Mr Dubey mere chacha nahin lagte hai jo aarti utaarkar phir se class mein bula denge! Tune jo baddimaagon wala kaam kiya hai na…usse sudharne mein meri help kar!! Kisi kaam ke nahin ho!

(U messed up…not me!! If my semester goes to thrash because of ur show-off then i will not spare u!! Monkeys look good only on trees! When monkeys like u come on land, they are bound to create a mess! By the way from which zoo have u run away? U catch attention wherever u go! U put me in trouble along with urself! I am not related to Mr Dubey for he will be delighted upon seeing me and will welcome me…help me to corrct the foolish deeds that u have done!!! Useless fellow!)

K-main na ussi zoo se aaya hun jahan se tu aayi hai! Main to phir bhi baagkar aaya hun! Tujhe to tere siyappe ke vajah se pheka gaya hai! Tere mathe pe na ‘unwanted’ ka board lagana chahiye aur shirt pe likha hona chahiye:
Mushkilon ko bananewali
Siyappon ki maharani
(I came from the same zoo as you! I ran away from there..but u were thrown away from there because of ur mistakes! ‘Unwanted’ should be written on your forehead n u should wear a shirt on which u should write:
The one who creates mistakes
The queen of mistakes)

Twinkle gave him a death glare n left him n went to the class…

Twinkle’s POV
Agar mein silent mode mein nahin hoti naaa to abhi ye bolne layak nahin rehta….har vaqt meri khamoshi kaa faayda uthata rehta hai! Ye baat aur hai ki isse chup karane ke liye mujhe shabd ki zyada zaroorat nahin hai..Punjabi pataka ka ek single vaar aur dushman ki gardan khalas! Par agar Saamne itna pyaara bandar ho to sirf aakhon se hi vaar ho sakta hai…agar mein maidaan pe utar aagayi usse ladne to mein pakka clean bowled ho jaaoungi…uski aankhon mein khokar apne aap ko haar jaaoungi….
(Had i not been on silent mode then u would not have been in the state to talk…ur always taking advantage of my silence! Thats another matter that words are not needed to make him quiet…a single blow from Punjabi Pataka and the enemy is out! But if u have such a sweet monkey in front of u then u can only attack with the eyes….even if i get on the ground to fight, i will be clean bowled…i will get lost in his eyes..)

N she made a cute pout.

T(to herself)- isse achcha hai ki mein class mein chali jaaoun.
(Its better that i go to the class)

K-Oye siyappa queen! Mere bina kidhar chali…chal mein bhi aaj tujhe dikha deta hun ki mera dil kitna bada hai…
(Hey siyappa queen! Where are u going without me…let me show u my huge heart…)

Twinkle smiled..

K-Aye haye! Iss killer smile ke liye to mein 100 Mr Dubey se jung kar baithoun!!!
(Oh god! I can fight with 100 Mr Dubey for this killer smile!!!)

They head towards the class but they were frozen at the doorstep only. Twinkle had her mouth wide open while Kunj was suspiciously looking at the person in class..

K(whispering)-market mein naye product aaye hai kya? Achaanak se bail-gadi mercedes kaise ban gayi? No zero se seedha size zero? Ye ulti ganga kabse behne lagi??
(Have new products been launched in the market? How did this bull-cart become a mercedes? How did he become size zero? Why are things flowing the wrong way? That’s not normal….)

Twinkle was simply admiring the guy, handsomely dressed in black(guys i am soooo lame at description!!! Pls bear with me?)

Kunj was dumbfounded at Twinkle’s face expression…

Pallavi-(from behind)-ohh romeo! Ab no 2 hone ki aadat daal do! U’ve got tough competition! Haye! Bechara! Hawa tight ho gayi? Vaise he’s….
(Ohhh romeo! Get used to being the no 2! U’ve got tough competition! Oh god! Poor guy! By the way he is….)

Guy-i am Yuvraaj, Yuvraaj Luthra…
He said extending his hand towards Twinkle…

Y-i am your new English teacher. I am replacing Mr Dubey for the year to come, n i guess ur my pupil right?

K-Kunj,Kunj Sarna….

He said grabbing his hand pushing Twinkle away…

He was going to take Twinkle away…..

Y-wait…to tum ho Kunj, jo apna samaan idhar-udhar bhulta rehta hai…koi nahi…ab jab tum mere class mein aa hi gaye ho to tumhare bhulne ki bimari choomantar ho jaayegi…bheje mein alzheimer ki jagah thoda sa bheja bhi daal dunga…
(Wait…so u’re kunj who keeps forgetting his things here and there…never mind…when u have joined my class ur disease of forgetting things will disappear…i will knock some sense in this brain n shove the alzheimer away…)

All the class burst out laughing while Twinkle felt a little bit bad…

Y-vaise maine tumse nahin, isse baat kiya tha(pointing at Twinkle)
Maine tum donnon ko kahin dekha hai…ohh yaad aaya…maidaan mein tum log hi the naa jo huggie-huggie khel rahe the?
(By the way i did not talk to you..
I have seen you both somewhere…ohh i remember…u were playing huggie-huggie on the playground right?)

He sat on the table…

Y-abhi karke dikhao…
(Show it to me)

Twinj looked at each other,rather embarassed…

K-par Yuvraaj…
(But Yuvraaj…)

Y-Mr luthra for u! Vaise bhi the syllabus includes Romeo n Juliet…
(Looking at the class) i hope u dont mind a demo..right?
(It’s Mr Luthra for u! Besides, the syllabus includes Romeo and Juliet…)

The same brats who had teased Twinkle replied-Absolutely not sir! With pleasure!!

N they smirked…

Twinj reluctantly side hugged each other, looking in different directions…avoiding eye contact with the class….

Y-nooo!! U’re doing it all wrong! Aise nahin tha!
U guys are hopeless! Main hi dikha deta hun!

N he moved towards Twinkle n forcefully hugged her just like twinj hugged for the first time.

The class was constantly hooting while Twinkle was feeling very uncomfortable n was on the verge of crying. Kunj’s hand was closed in a fist but Pallavi had held his hands n signed in a ‘no’. Kunj was boiling in anger.

Kunj’s POV
THAT BASTARD! Uski himmat kaise hui? Andha hai kya? Dikh nahin raha hai usse ki Twinkle kitna embarassed feel kar rahi hai? Phir bhi chipka hua hai? Tharki kahika! Usne MERI Twinkle ko haath bhi kaise lagaya?! N Twinkle? What the hell is she up to? Kuch bol kyun nahin rahi hai? Damn! Vo protest bhi nahin kar sakti!!!
(THAT BASTARD! How dare he? Is he blind? Can’t he see that Twinkle is uncomfortable? He is still glued to her! Flirt! How dis he touch MY twinkle? N twinkle? What the hell is she up to? Why is she not saying anything? Damn! She can’t even protest!!!)

But the next instant he saw twinkle’s tear…he became mad n grabbed Twinkle by her hand…n stormed out of the class…

Y-how dare u? Baap ka rajya hai kya? Tum aise class chodke nahin jaa sakte!!!
(How dare u? Is it ur father’s rule? U can’t leave the class like this!!!)

K-tumhein mera history shaayad pata nahin hai Mr Yuvraj whatever!!

Sarna Industries ka naam to suna hi hoga tumne? Agar main uske mallik ki baaja sakta hun to soch tera kya haal kar sakta hun!! Aayinda Twinkle ke aaas-paas bhi bhatakte nazar aaye to dekh lena!

(Maybe you are not aware of my history Mr Yuvraj whatever!!

U must have heard about Sarna Industries right? If i didnt care about its owner then just imagine what i’ll do to u!! As from now if i ever see you wandering around Twinkle then u’ll see!)

N he took a sobbing Twinkle from there…

❤️Next Scene❤️

Kunj was pacing right and left in front of that tree while Twinkle was seated like a punished child.

Twinkle’s POV
Babaji ho gaya na siyappa? Kunj kitne gusse mein hai…pehli baar meri vaat lagi padi hai…ye jwalamukhi jaldi phatne wala hai!!! Babaji pls bachao!!!
(Babaji i’ve made a mistake right? Kunj is very angry…for the first time i am in a mess…this volcano is going to erupt!!! Babaji pls save me!!!)

Twinkle tapped kunj’s feet with her hands, in vain…she kept on doing so until kunj took her and pinned her to the trunk

K(screaming)-what’s wrong with u twinkle??? Tumne kuch kiya kyuun nahin? Chup chaap rone se kuch nahin hota hai…ab maana tu baat nahin kar sakti par tere haath-paair kya tel lene gaye the jo tu khade khade bas sehti rahi?? Aur ab tu itna normal kaise ho sakti hai?
Tumhein ho kya gaya hai? Tujhe dikhta nahin hai kya?!! Sorry..bhul gaya tha..main hi yahan emotional fool hoon na!!!!
(What’s wrong with you Twinkle??? Why didn’t u do something? Crying is not the solution…i know that u cannot talk but what had happened to your hands and legs? U kept standing there without doing anything? N how can you be so normal? What’s gotten into u? Can’t u see? Sorry…i forgot i am the only emotional fool her!!)

N he left her on the floor while twinkle was crying…he tapped the trunk…

Kunj shut his eyes and tried to gulp down his anger…suddenly he saw a notebook in the air…sorry sorry Twinkle gave him her notebook.

‘Jab tum ho naa kunj to mujhe kyun kissi cheez ki fikar hogi? Tumhi meri dhaal banke meri raksha karte ho…mujhe pura yakeen hai ki tum mujhe har musibat se bachaaoge…isiliye abhi mein bilkul normal hoon kyunki tum mere saath ho…’
(When u r here kunj then why would i care about anything? U protect me as a wall…i am absolutely sure that u will save me from any situation…thats why i am totally normal because u’re with me…)

Kunj threw the notebook away while Twinkle was shocked…
He bent down in front of Twinkle.

K-mein kya lagta hun tera? Tujhe mujhpe itna bharosa kyun hai? Mein tumhara bodyguard hun? Kahinka security guard hun? Hamari rishta kya hai? Tum aankh band karke mujhpe trust kyun karti ho? Jab tumhein iska jawaab mil jaayega tab tum mere paas aana! Tumhein bhi pata hai ki ye sirf dosti nahin hai..kuch aur hai! Jab tak tumhein iss cheez ka ehsaas nahin hoga..tab tak tum apne raaste aur mein apne raaste…
(What am i for u? Why do you trust me so much? What bond do we share? Why do u blindly trust me? When u get an answer to this then u come to me…even u know that its not merely friendship…its something else! We will part ways until u realise this…)

N he went away, tearing Twinkle’s heart.

T-kya hai ye kunj? Mujhe bhi batao plss!! Mujhse gussa hokar chale gaye! Akela chod diya naa mujhe?
(What is this Kunj? Tell me plsss!! U went away being angry! U left me alone..see…)

N she sobbed quietly looking at the sky.

On the other side the two mysterious eyes were shining victoriously…
Nthose are yuvi’s…

Y-aaj tumhein chooke jannat ka ehsaas hua…ki teri zulfon ki leher se madhosh hua…aankhon mein basi thi jo, aaj uske baahon mein lipatkar sookoon aaya…
(Sorry guys..can’t translate this one…)

PRECAP:love or no love???

❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

I know u know what i am gonna say next

I actually have no valid reason for this late post…i have written two epis…one will be posted today n the next during the week-end…after that..exams time so it will be irregular…

N some of u guys were bang on!! Of course…Yuvi ne entry maar hi di!!!

N chiku i will bring it back to reality hopefully soon…

Hope u guys will like this one..it was a bit serious! Which is not Ayu type!! But hope u like it!

Achcha ho, bura ho! Koi fark nahin padta hai..negative or positive..anyway leave ur precious comments here!!!

Love u all!❤️❤️

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  1. dreamer..arundhati

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    I was literally imaging everything
    Ctd soon dear

    1. Ayu

      Aww! Thank u soo much Aru!?

  2. SidMin

    Loved it the Zoo part was awesome and then that UV was hugging Twinkle (Though I like Zain But the way The villain was hugging her Just wished to slap him hard ) And Kunj’s dialogues were awesome Post soon 🙂

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Shruti?

  3. Ayu

    Can anyone tell me how to change the name? Cuz i had not included the five shots when i posted…help pls?

    1. Ria

      Ayu, contact TU and tell them to change it. They’ll change it soon. Even for my ffs I did so.

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..amazing episode…..awesome….

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Rashi?

  5. Hey Ayu good job…..and that zoo wala part was awesome…..

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Payal?

  6. Amazing epi as always.. loved all the dialogues.. they were killerrr.. and loved all the twinj scenes as well.. that under the tree part and how he saved twinkle from uv.. that uv??.. hate him to the core.. I hope twinj realizes their love for each other soon.. do cont soon ?

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Yashvee! It means a lot?

  7. Maggi

    Well telling in ur way- ❤ LOVED IT ❤
    It was awsm…..as usually I love the dialogues ….awsm epi…..I jzzz luv LNG epis yaaaar….so tqs for this one…..????
    Hope to c u soon dear ??? and uvs entry was written appropriately….
    Brilliant work???

    1. Ayu

      Thank u noodles! That is soo sweet of u!!! Long epis are easy to write cuz ideas flow….really glad u liked it???
      Love you!!❤️

  8. Ria

    It was brilliant. Enjoyed it a lot. Is Yuvi a psycho again? Uggh… Anyways, would love to read further.

    Loads of love.?

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Ria…time will tell everything dear…love u❤️

      1. Ayu

        N a bigg thanks for helping me out!!❤️

  9. Tara

    super late…
    huh.. m angry.. lol.. kidding…
    i loved it soooo much.. was waiting for this since loooooooooooooong.. time…
    well even idk how to change title.. u can just change it while submitting …or u can mail them.. to change the name suggested by u..
    post the next one soon..
    love ya..

    1. Ayu

      Shooo shorry! I will try to post daily after the exams!??❤️
      Thank u for ur lovely words❤️?
      Love u tooooo?

  10. Hi ayu super episode u write so well and u know what I felt very bored yesterday so I thought of reading ur story from first then I went through the comments u asked me whether u can call me sushi I think there is no need to ask you can call me sushi I feel so happy and u know everytime I ask you to post soon I feel bad cauz u will be busy but kya karoon u write so well that I can’t stop myself ??

    1. Ayu

      Hey Sushi!!! Yaar i am sooo overwhelmed at ur comment! Thank you for giving me sooo much love! I am really happy that u r liking it!!!❤️❤️
      Love u❤️?

  11. Sameera

    Ops late hogayi ???but coming to the epi it’s was so amazing yaar …
    Just loved each n every scene specially kunj dialogues ?????

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Sameera! It means a lot?

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    Enjoyed it to the core…


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      Thank u dear?

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    1. Ayu

      Thank u soooo much Ritzi! It means a ot to me!!❤️❤️
      And as far as Twinkle is concerned…u’ll get to know in the epis to come?

  14. Awesome…..

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Sana?

  15. Chiku

    Awesome ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️❤️??????

    1. Ayu

      Awww!! Thank u Pumpkin❤️?

  16. Simiyy

    Sorry for the late message all i can say it was fab …. take care and best luck for your exams xxx???

    1. Ayu

      Its ok sim! Thank u soo much for ur wishes?

  17. Ramya

    Hey ayu
    Episode tho awesome hai.
    Per bechari twinkle aur kitna chup rahegi
    Aur jab kunj ko bata chalega tho kya hoga
    I can’t wait fr next
    N I hope twinkle will realize her feelings fr kunj loved it
    Plss asap

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Ramya!!! ??
      All i can say is sabr ka phal meetha hota hai??

  18. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Saaarrryyy…… jaanti hun phirse late hun but aur bhi kya kar sakti hun ….. since 2 days I wasn’t active on TU n now if I’m so firstly I read urs…… n about this so seriously….. ur script ur lines r so amazing yaar …… such a fab sense of humour u have ………. n really this serious epi at end really made me so suspicious ………… it was Awsome…… just wish ki ab twinkle ka maun wrat khulle aur iss uv ki band baje ……….. love the part … Awsome……..????
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    1. Ayu

      Daamu!!! Was waiting for u only!!! Sweetie!! Glad u liked it yaar!!!❤️❤️
      Thank u! N sabr ka phal meetha hota hai?

      1. SIDMIN-Daamini

        Sabr ka baandh toota jaa raha hai beti ……….. jald karo ..

      2. Ayu

        ??i’ll fix it with fevicol then

  19. Baby

    Ayu srsly wow amazing
    Dis uv ugghhhh how dare he huh
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    1. Ayu

      Awww! Thank u sweetie pie!!! Glad u liked it this much! I am overwhelmed at the moment! Thank u sooo much???
      Love u toooo❤️❤️❤️

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