HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 4


HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj(Few shots?)Tiktik 4

Hey guys! I am back!!!! U made me blush while reading ur comments. U make me feel so special everytime i post someething…seriously guys u r sweethearts❤️❤️

Back to the epi….❤️

❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

Kunj was about to say something when a group of brats started to gossip….
G-bechari!! Iska sound system to defective nikla….
(Poor girl!! Her sound system is defective….)

B-haan yaar..miss fresher to goongi nikli…kya kya nahin socha tha ki isse kya karaounga…pure plan ki band baj gayi….par iss Amritsar beauty ke liye plan alter kar hi sakta hun….ab zyada mazaa aayega..
(Yes…miss fresher is dumb…i had thought to make her do so many thing….she spoilt the entire plan….but i can definitely alter this plan for this beauty from Amritsar…now we’re gonna have fun,..

G-jitna chahe kaam kara lo…mumma ki achhi bacchi hai na? Complain nahin karegi….
(U can make her do as many tasks as u want….she is mumma’s good girl…she wont complain…)
She passed a cheesy smile.
N they started to laugh at her.

Kunj was distraught as he was not able to understand what was happening at that moment….until he saw the tears in Twinkle’s eyes…

He tightened his fist n looked at the group with blood shot eyes…they passed a mocking smile and went away while Twinkle ran from there in tears with Pallavi followed her.

Kunj was about to go behind her when Karan and Rahul held him by the shoulders. They sighed…
Ka-thank god bach gaye…warna laga tha aaj teri arthi uth jaayegi…
(Thank god we are saved…otherwise i thought that we would have to do ur final rites today…)

R-haan yaar…aaj gurudware mein matha tekunga…sacchi yaar par kamaal ho gaya na…gadi thokte thokte bach gayi…matlab jis sherni ke dahar se hamari phatne wali thi…vo to….
(Ur right pal…today i will offer my prayers at the gurudwara….seriously guys its indeed incredible….i mean the roar of which we were mortified…it…)

Before he could say anything further, kunj jerked their hands away..
K-enough!!! Kamineypan ki bhi hadh hoti hai! U know what? Forget it!! Cheapsters hakike!!
(Enough! There is a limit to behaving like rascals! U know what? Forget it!! Cheapsters!!)

N he went in search of twinkle leaving Karan and Rahul who were fully shocked at their friend’s new angry young man avatar.

Next scene❤️

P-sorryy na twinki!! Maaf kar de yaar! Le dekh maine kaan bhi pakad liye hai…ab ghutnon ki bhi vaat lag gayi…jaane de na miss Amritsar….tu last bench failures ki baat ka bura maan rahi hai?
(Sorryy twinki!! Pls forgive me! Look i have even held my ears…my knees are also in deep mess now…let it be miss Amritsar….ur feeling bad about the words of the last bench failures?)

Twinkle wiped her tears n looked at pallavi n threw her books at her. Pallavi fell down…

P-aaaiiiii!!! Sanky!!! Pagal ho gayi hai kya? Zabaan ke saath akal bhi ghass charne gayi hai kya? Maine nahin mangna maafi-vaafi…..
(Aaaiii!!! Lunatic!! Have u become mad? Have u lost ur power of thinking along with that of speaking?? I am not going to apologise….)

N she went away n twinkle again burst out in tears….

Twinkle’s POV
Uss baba ki to main!!! Dhongi kahika!! Uske kaaran mein…punjabi pataka ine stupid idiots ke saamne pehli baar itni bewakoof dikhi!! Sacchi keh rahi hun agar aaj vo mere saamne aa gaya to issi ki langot se usse ussi per par latka dungi jahan par vo logon ko thugta hai….!!!!!! N wo bandar!!! Vo dekhta raha? Meri itni insult ho gayi aur laad saab haath pe haath dhare baitha raha? Ye nahin ki galti ko maan le aur mera saath de!!

Rukh….twinkle!! Rewind kar!! Kya bola? Tumhein uski itni parvah kabse hone lagi? Tujhe ho kya gaya hai? Aur tu uss Mr Akdu ke baare mein sochkar apna mood aur kharab kyun kar rahi hai? Goli maar usse n mujhe chocolate ki kasam twinki….agar tune bandar ko apne dimaag se bahar nahin nikala na…to mein…mein…..
(That baba!!! Beacause of him..the punjabi pataka looked so silly in front of those stupid idiots!!! I swear if today that baba comes in front of me today i will hang him with his lungi on that same tree where he thugs people….! N that monkey!! He looked on? I was so insulted but he did not bother to intervene..he remained quiet? Atleast he should have apologised to me and helped me out!!!

Wait…Twinkle!! Rewind ur words!! What did u say? Since when did u care for him so much? What has happened to u? N why r u spoiling ur mood further by thinking about that Mr Rude? Let him be n i swear on chocolate twinki…if u dont oust that monkey out of ur mind….then i will..i…)

“Siyappa Que…i mean….Twinkle!!!!”

Kunj’s POV
“Yaar har jagah dhoond liya…kahan gayi ye siyappa queen? Iss bechare aashik ki fikar kar leti…iske pichhe pagalon bana phir raha hun…aaj kal bhalayi ki market value down hi chal rahi hai beta kunj…tu to raste lag hi gaya hai…ab ussstak pahunchne ka raasta dhoondh….”
(Gosh! I have searched everywhere….where is this siyappa queen? She could have cared for this poor lover…i am roaming like a fool in her search…nowadays the marked value of goodness is relatively down…u r already trapped..now watch ue way out….

Then his eyes fell on Twinkle crouched in the shade of a huge tree….with dried lines of tears on her face. She was blankly staring at the sky…..she had a weird twinkle in her eyes….

I approached her n snapped my fingers in front of her…

K(in his mind with his *one brow up wala s*xy move*??)-siyappe karke abb kis duniya ki shanti ki dhajiya uda rahi hai? Babaji…sherni ke munh mein haath daalne jaa raha hun…agar mujhe kuch ho gaya naaa…to darvaaza khula rakhna…mein full revengeful andaaz mein apne sasural aaounga…
(Which world’s peace is she messing around with…after making so many siyappe…? Babaji…i am going to confront the lioness..if anything happens to me….then keep ur door open…i will come with full revengeful style)

N he gulped in…

“siyappa que…i mean twinkle!!”

She looked into my eyes…i felt like drooling in those deep beautiful n innocent eyes….

K(to himself)-Kunj control warna teri taangein tod dunga
(Kunj control urself otherwise i will break ur legs)

He leant down in front of twinkle.
K-hey! Lagta hai tum college mein nayi ho…vaise ur lucky ki main tumhein attention de raha hun…The Mighty Sarna ke kareeb aane ka mauka sabko nahin milta hai…vaise tum mujhe bandar bhi bula sakti ho…kisi special insaan ne naam diya hai….
(Hey! I guess ur new in college…by the way ur lucky that i am giving u some attention..not everybody gets the opportunity to come close to The Mighty Sarna….u can also call me monkey…someone special named me as such….)

N he winked at her…

Twinkle’s POV
Haww!! Isse kaise pata chala ki maine iska naam bandar rakha hai? Of course…iss queen ke pait mein kaunsi baat rehti hai jo yeh bach jaati? N ye khudko zyada bhaav nahi de raha hai?? Style bhi maar raha hai aur flirting…..hmmm..Maar le beta…tu bhi kya yaad rakhega ki Miss Amritsar ne tujhe kabhi bolne ka mauka diya tha??
Vaise cute to bahut hai…mann kar raha hai ki isse choco wala huggie doon par agar isse galat signal mil gaya to?? Arre kaise signal?? Jiske baare mein tujhe khud bhi bhanak nahin hai…uspe kya dimaag chala rahi hai?
(Haww!! How does he know that i named him monkey? Of course…which thing can this queen keep in her stomach…she always has to spill the beans…
N isnt he giving himself too much importance? N he’s flaunting his style n flirting….carry on guy….u will always remember my favour of letting u free to talk..that too while i am there?
By thw way…he is looking very cute. I want to give him a choco huggie but what if he gets a wrong sign? What sort of sign?)

N she made a cute pout….

K- Janti ho kisi mahaan insaan ne kaha hai ki jab ek sundar ladki roti hai to uske aaju baaju sab pheeka lagne lagta hai…aur ye dekho…ye flowers murjhaye se lag rahe hai….just saying….

Twinkle gave him a questioning look….

K-actually maine kaha hai…
He brushed his fingers in his hair…

Twinkle burst out laughing n kunj was mesmerized seeing her…

K-by the way…i’m Kunj…Kunj Sarna…n u??

Twinkle showed her the star bracelet on her wrist n pointed towards it with her eyes…

K-let me guess…chandni…chameli?

Twinkle tapped her forehead and shook her head in ‘no’. She removed her bracelet n took the star in her hand…

K-twinkle?? As in twinkle twinkle little star?

Twinkle answers in affirmation by nodding her head.

K-tujhe pata hai tera naam teri tarah hi cute hai…par siyappa queen is s*xier…
(U know ur name is cute as urself…but siyappa queen is s*xier…)

This made twinkle blush n they walked away together into the class…

PRECAP: ‘only friends’ ya ‘something something’???

❤️______silsila jaari rahega______❤️

Thank u sooo much for ur support gurls…this really means a lot to me???
Love u all n pls i want silent readers to comment…main bhi to jannu ki aur kitni sweet wali sis n di hai….

Keep writing n keep reading??

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  1. Aamu

    u know wat i love about ur ff…..ur dialogues!…!..
    in hindi dialogues r amazing….muah..
    keep going girl..

    1. Ayu

      Thank u aamu!! Glad u liked it??
      Ghar par dialogues maar nahin paati hun varna mumma-papa sochenge ki main pagal ho gayi hun…to kyun na yahan dialogues maar loon?
      Love u dear❤️

  2. SidMin

    Ayu loved it The episode was awesome post soon 🙂 and if you wish to read the summary of my ff you can Pls do read it

    1. Ayu

      Thank u shruti!! I read it n found it?
      I do not know about the others but twinj chemistry seems to be rocking…n chotu sa baby bhi hai??
      Keep writing dear?

  3. Nice episode ayu I was waiting so long for you to post I hope kunj asap twinkle ko propose kare

    1. Ayu

      Hi sushmita! Tumhein ‘sushi’ bulane ka mann karta hai…may i?
      I am sooo sorry for the late post…i will try to be more punctual…thank u soo much for ur lovely comment??

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Ayuuu..it was soooooooo cute ..lovely..and pata hai vo beautiful ladki aur Rone wali baat Maine kahin suni hai…ummm???
    Yaad ni aa RHA kahaan but kisi me mujhse kaha tha…

    Chalo chodo..I love ur dialogues yaar and ye Twinki bina bole bhi kitna bol leti hai..!!!!
    Love TwinjTwinj

    1. Ayu

      Vo dialog kisi ne mujhpe try kiya tha…i got it from there?
      Teh mere ff ki twinki hai…kuch to mere qualities hongi naa??
      Thank u shreya??lovie u❤️

  5. Ranabulbul

    Oh my god
    Ayu main all the time bus ek mainac ki tarah smile kar thi thi and its still there
    Yr u rocked it today
    And I am having a gut feeling ke
    Tw and kunj will became more than friends and then the truth of tw being perfectly fine will come out or UV entry may be
    And kunj will be hurt

    May be bahut hi bewakoofon wala gut feeling hai but
    Plz jaldi post kardo

    1. Ayu

      Who said that ur gut feeling is wrong? But i did not say that it is right either?
      Jaanne ke liye u have to keep on reading?
      Ur very sweet??thank u for ur lovely comments n will try to post asap.

  6. Cute…..sweet….awsm epi…. Luvd d dialogues yaaar…took gud….???? CNT soon

    1. Ayu

      Thank u maggi??
      Will try to upload soon

  7. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aayyuuuuuuu…kya mast thaa yaar………dil churaa liya tune ……I mean seriously yaar …..it was tremendous…..n loved twinj yaar …
    Twinkle kitni cute thi poore episode main aur kunj ka concern uskd liye wow yaar …..
    Loved it n love u ??? Keep posting such amazing parts ….????

    1. Ayu

      Yaar daamu…wait…tera dil dhoondh rahi hun…haan mil gaya❤️
      Yehi hai na???
      Glad u loved it. Love u toooooo??
      N will try to post next one soooon

  8. dreamer..arundhati

    Ayu lovely epi

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Aru?

  9. Awwww…so cute epi… Ioved it… Kisi beautiful, cute, sweet ladkine kaha hey ki jab tumhara ff post hota hey na to baki sab bhi phika lagta hey… He he he.. Kuch jeyada hi self praising hogaya na.. Yaar samajh na kabhi kabhi chalta hey.. Hehehe… Btw superb epi… Loved it..

    1. Ayu

      Yaar dont worry…agar real life mein mujhe baat karte sunogi to even i am all praises for myself???
      Chalta hai…..n ur surely a beautiful sweet cutie pie for sure??

  10. Shreya098

    Ayu kya likhti ho yar…??..
    Enjoyed it..
    And kunj…. Seriously chameli.
    …she is showing her star bracelet and u are saying chameli…chandni is kind of relatable …but chameli????
    But kunj is kunj…. Hehe?? ye talent bas uske paas hai…

    But ayu mujhe thoda confusion hai… I mean when he found her near the tree..he said…..(.”siyappa que….I mean twinkle”)…and later he ask her name… I am a bit confused…

    Anyways the update was superb… Continue soon

    1. Ayu

      Ur right….kunj is kunj only…
      Kunj already knew her name par he was trying to bond with her with a new start…so he cracked the joke…sorry if it was little confusing?
      Aur he is Mr Sarna…he had to flirt?

      1. Shreya098

        Got it..?

  11. Sameera

    Wow ayu yaar amazing amzing epi
    Loved it to the core
    Dialouge in Hindi is like tadka in dal
    Do cont soon ….

    1. Ayu

      Thank u sameera??

  12. Wow Ayu mind blowing.. I love ur hindi dialogues.. they r amazing.. kunj is so adorable, sweet n cute??.. hayee??.. do cont soon ?

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Yashvee??

  13. Lovely…..:*:*:*

    1. Ayu

      Thank u sana?

  14. Shatakshi

    Omg Ayu
    It was Awesome
    I was laughing all the time
    Too good year
    San jaldi jaldi post Karna
    I m waiting??

    1. Ayu

      Thank u shatakshi!
      I will try to..

  15. Baby

    ohhhhh god ayu amazing fabulous speechless episode sooooooo cute
    d name wal part hehehe chameli………
    n twinkle is nyc bt siyappa queen is s*xy sooooo cool
    twinkle blush wow so very excited fr nxt post soon n really vry sry 2 b so late to cmnt was busy
    luvd it………………

    1. Ayu

      Thank u baby! Glad u liked it n i dont mind u being late??

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