HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 3


HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj(Five Shots) Tiktik 3

Hey guys!! Really sorry for the late update!! Shooo shoryyy!! Actually…i did not get time at last these last few days for some reason…..n i have noticed that some of u hadn’t comment on my last….i think that u do not know that i have changed the title….soo pls tell the others the same….i feel that they are not aware of it….anyways….there will be a talk-with-me kind of session at the end so keep reading till the end…u r not forced to though….?
N yaaa maybe SURPRISE…depends on u guys??

Now what?

❤️_________ready set go________❤

First scene❤️
Kunj is still trying to grasp what had just happened while our mighty Twinkle was smirking at his state….

Twinkle’s POV
Mr Kunj….sorry sorry…sadu Sarna…bola tha na Miss Amritsar se panga mat lena…kya bola tha mujhe?? Baby na??? Ab kiske hosh ud rahe hai? Ro kaun raha hai??? Awww Mr Sadu ki ankhon mein paani?? Mujhe tevar dikha rahe the naa? Hawa mein ud rahe the….mujhe akad dikha rahe the? Duffer kahika!
‘Hansome hunk?? My foot! Naak ke bal aaoge mere pas…maafi maangne…ye mera challenge hai…vaise bhi mere pairon ke neeche hi ho….
(Mr Kunj…sorry sorry…sadu sarna…i had told u not to mess with me…what did u say to me?? Baby?? Who was startled? Who is crying?aww Mr sadu has tears in his eyes?? U were showing me attitude,isn’t it? U were flying high?
U were showing me ur arrogance right? Duffer!
Handsome hunk? My foot! U will come to apologise to me…thats my challenge…)

She looked at Kunj who was still on his knees….

Kunj’s POV
Babaji!!! Maine iske siyappe nikalne ko kaha tha…awaaz nahin….meri chikni chameli to defective piece nikli….kismat ne mere saath itni badi comedy kheli…aisa hi hona tha to barfi bhej dete…at least main uska dil to nahin dukhata…vo to meri bakwaas sun bhi nahin pata…aur mein bach jaata…lekin ye…agar iske mute wale vaar itne khatarnak hai to zara socho…mera to bharta bana degi…(looking at Karan and Rahul) aur ine donon ko keema…ye mere dost hai ke dushmann…gadhon ki tarah mujhe ghoore jaa rahe hai…ye nahin ki apne dost ko iss shitty situation se bahar nikale…kaminey! Ab mujhe akele mein milo!!! Ulta latka na diya to mera naam Kunj se champak rakh dena…aur tu champak…i mean kunj….bada aaya tha beta isse Siyappa Queen boulane….khud jo itne siyappe kiye…uska kya? Kaha tha na apni zubaan kabu mein rakh?? Lekin nahin tu to Kunj The Great hai na? Khud ki bhi nahin sunta?? Yeh sherni dahar nahin sakti to kya hua? Kaat to sakti hai na? Chal beta…nikal le..varna ghayal sherni ke pairon tale kuchla jaayega….
(Babaji i had told u to remove all the mistakes from her…not her voice…..destiny has been so unfair to me…if her muted attacks are so dangerous then what will be my state?? N look at my friends…they are staring at me instead of helpng me…just let me meet them alone…i will hang them upside down…idiots! N kunj u were so ecstatic to call her siyappa queen n what about u? What about ur siyappas? I told u to control ur tongue!!! But u r Kunj Sarna The Great…u dont even listen to urself right? This tigress cannot roar but can definitely bite…kunj save urself otherwise u will get crushed by this tigress…)

He looked up towards Twinkle who was pretending to be sad n crying….

Kunj’s POV
Ye to ro rahi hai…beta agar tu mein nahin hota na to isko rulane ke liye tera huliya badal deta…lekin tu toh handsome hunk hai na…itna sweetie cutie pie hai…koi chahe bhi naa tujhe maar hi nahin sakta…tera bhola chehra dekhkar sabka mann pighal jaata….
(She is crying…kunj if u had not been me i would have thrashed u for having hurt her…but u r the handsome hunk ….soo sweetie cutie pie…nobody can beat u…even if somebody wants to..he cannot beat u…seeing ur naive face, they would have melted…)

he made a cute pout…(haye koi mujhe girne se bacha lo…iska deadly smile mujhe maar dalega)

K(to himself)-control kunj! Ur prime concern ab ye siyappa queen hai….abhi maafi maang varna tum samjho mar gaya…

(Looking towards Pallavi) iski haathon nahin to iske bodyguard ke haathon zaroor maar khayega…dekho to aise ghoor rahi hai jaise baap ka maal ho…beta kunj iss ladki ke niyat theek nahin lag rahe hai yaar…apni izzat pack kar aur baccha le khud ko…
( not her but u will definitely get beaten up by her bodyguard…look how she is staring at me…save ur dignity n respect…..)
N Mr. dramebaaz started his acting if crying again….

(Btw…remember guys? Pallavi is tharki no 1….she got lost in kunj’s six packs which were visible because some of the buttons of his shirt got broken when he bumped into Twinkle…)

Twinkle looked at Pallavi who had her jaws dropped and she was busy staring at kunj…
She whispered to her…
T-oye tharki kahiki! Abhi ye mera shikaar hai…bada sher bana phirta hai na? Pehle mujhe isse bakra banane de…phir vaar kar dena….abhi muh band kar…makkhi ghuss jaayegi….
(Hello miss flirt! Right now he is my prey…he thinks to be the lion right? Let me transform him into a goat first…then u can hunt him n close ur mouth otherwise a fly will get in)

N she let out a soft giggle…

P-tu to muh band rakh…ab to tu goongi hai na…mere romance ke beech tang ladane to nahin aayegi…jaise aaj ladaya tha….
(U better shut up..u r dumb now….u will not hinder my romance….like u did today….)

T-ohhh to isiliye ye saara natak kiya….pallu tune anjaane mein mera bahut bada kaam kar diya…Twinkle Taneja se hoshiyari kar raha tha…iss phule hue gubbare se aaj to mein hawa nikaal kar hi rahungi….
(Ohh so thats why u did all this drama…u’ve done a great jon unknowingly for me Pallu…he was acting smart with Twinkle Taneja….i will bring him down to earth today)

N she peeped at Kunj who got up with his head down….(like chotus when they make a mistake)

PRECAP:will depend on ur ans to my ques…??

❤️___kahaani abhi baaki hai___❤️

I was wondering to extend this mini ff to some more epi…cuz ideas are constantly coming in and i am not able to fit them all in….thats also why i have written a short epi today…because i did not know what would be ur reaction….

So please do suggest what to be done…shall i carry on for some few more epis or wrap it up on the fifth one only as prev decided??

Now…i wAnted to give u guys a small treat on my bd…sooo choose…
1. Pure love story
2. Lust or love??

N sooo sorry guys!!! I will not be able to comment on ur ffs for some time. All my lovely ladies babus n gurls…pls maaf kar dena…it is already difficult for me to post my ff…i have exams coming in 3 weeks…pls understand me…but whenever i will get time i will definitely read all ur ffs…pls bura mat manna…but education is also very imp….

N ya i may be irregular in posting…so bear with me plss??

N yaa pls guys do not forget to pass on the msg on the top…
Love ya all?❤️❤️

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  1. Wow fantastic episode I loved it I think u can do a pure love story and extended a few more episodes

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Sushmitha…point noted?

  2. Amazing….♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Ayu

      Thank u simran?

    1. Ayu

      Thank u dear…btw…may i know if fatarajo is ur real name? N what does it mean? Its unique!!! Hope u dont mind…?

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      It’s not my actual name ?? my name is farin or Joyee u can call me what u want Fatarajo is the combination of th first two letters of my full name like FA is from farin jo is from Joyee u can call me jo too

      1. Ayu

        Ohhh! But thats sweet!!! N my bestie’sname is also Jo as in Joanna…but she is a chinese darling?
        Anyways…glad to meet u farin?

  3. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome one yaar…its amazing…n abt ur ques…I feel u should put down all ur ideas in it…
    I feel u should write both of them or any u chose…love u..

    1. Ayu

      Thank u soo much Tamanna….hmm…ok…ur view has been taken into account?

  4. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Ayu…….first of all epi was fab ?????N second ………ff continue krle……kyunki sochte OS ka hain ….Lekin ban ff five shots ka Jataa hai ???….ab itna achhaa ff ban hi gaya hai toh Plzz do continue n sorry in advance dear in fact to all writers that I won’t be able to comment now onwards coz it is becoming very difficult for me to read n comment…..ur exams r gonna come but mine r going on ….I have very less time for my studies n u know that study is more important …….so sorry in advance but if u want u can send me ur links ….whenever I will be free I will surely read n comment though I get late in such things but I will surely do ….n epi was superb…loved kunj ??????

    1. Ayu

      Aww Daamu!! Did i tell u that ur a sweetheart? N u know we r on the same boat…kuch likhne baitte hai aur kuch aur likh dete hai???
      Anyways sis concentrate on ur exams n best of luck!!! Achha whats ur email address? We can stay in touch more often??? love u dear❤️

  5. dreamer..arundhati

    Ayu superb

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Aru?

  6. Ranabulbul

    Ayu yr
    Plz plz thoda lamba post kara kat yr
    I a was waiting for it so impatiently yr understand na
    Exnam time so plz
    Post soon and extend with some cute romance

    1. Ayu

      I am so sorry dear….actually the epi had to be decided as per ur decision….i am indeed going to extend the lapse of this ff so u will definitely get a longer one next??

  7. Nice epi… Nd i think u should extend some more epi.. And abt the treat i’m confused,,, so it up’s to u…

    1. Ayu

      Thank u dear….i will…..n i will try to present something that u all will hopefully enjoy??

  8. Awesome epi and I also wanted to know when is ur bd and about your gues I liked the 2

    1. Ayu

      Hi Nimi! My bd is on the 20th….i am growing up too fast??
      Anyways thank u for ur comments…?

  9. *ques

  10. Jiya_Ani

    Ayuuu…tum much bhi post Karo sab chalega..

    Best wishes for your exams…and epi was great… Zyaada long nahi likh rahi you still have 3 weeks but mera parso sscience exam hai… Isiliye buhbye…see ya..

    1. Ayu

      Hey ram! U also study science?? Same pinch dear?
      Meri vaat lagi jaa rahi hi…hope yours goes on well. Best of luck???

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Meri baat toh nahi lag rahi..yipeeeee..
      Hope you go well..

      1. Ayu

        Yaar i am going mad!!! Not bcuz its difficult but i am kinda lazy to learn all of that stuff…thats a lot….?
        Thank god dimaag main to ghusti hai!! Anyways take care dear!! Do give me a feedback…

  11. SidMin

    Loved it
    All the best for your exams and if you wish you can extend five shots I would love to read your ff for some more time 🙂

    1. Ayu

      Thank u dear??
      I will extend it for a few more n will try to wrap it up soon

  12. Sameera

    Wow ayu awesome yaar fab epi
    N yeah u can extend as we will be glad to read further yaar ???

    1. Ayu

      Thank u ssooooo much Sameera??

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi….loved it….was laughing like mad….& pure love story…

    1. Ayu

      Thank u purnima?? glad u liked it n yaa i will be taking ur suggestion into consideration?

  14. Baby

    ayu amazing episode luvd it 2 d core
    sooooooo cute srsly beautiful epsidoe
    n funny 2 yr yes pakka cntinue it fr sure n wen is ur bday dear
    cnt w8 any treat will go…………hehhehee yr luvd d epsidoe hassi toh phasseee
    hehehe mein hassee…………

    1. Ayu

      Aww!! How sweet baby!!! My bd is on the 20th….n yaaa the treat is on progress?
      Love you???

  15. Amazing dear bt u should go fr pure love bt kunj ya twinki ko plzz sacrificing mode pe mat dal dena us pallu ki wajah se??plz

    1. Ayu

      Kinjal picture abhi baaki hai….change is the ultimate step for progress…let’s see how this works out?

  16. Super amazing epi.. I really loved kunj’s povs????.. they were killer???.. Nd yea u can continue with more episodes.. I already love ur story so am very happy to hear that u will continue ???.. and both titles seems interesting.. can’t choose 1.. so I’m fine with whatever u choose☺☺.. Nd bdw when is ur birthday? Hope u don’t mind 🙂

    1. Ayu

      Hey Yashvee!! Really glad u liked the epi…..i will continue it soon. My bd is on the 20th n i will try to make the treat special???

  17. Cute episode…:):):):):)

    1. Ayu

      Thank u sana?

  18. Cute episode…:):):):):):):):)

  19. ayu…i m sry as i m late…
    i really loved ur dialouges…it was marvellous…kunj ka toh band bajgaya…love u n post asap…

    1. Ayu

      Kunj bechara lag raha hai na?? Aage aage dekho hota hai kya…??

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