Dhira …..(devsfan) I guess many of you know my name
With flickering lights and scary background music (sounds of anklets, sounds of wolves)
A handsome guy was laughing in this environment suddenly from back a lady bumps on him and tightly holds his hand and side hug him
Guy stopped laughing tries to look who was she but he can’t see her due darkness and flickering lights
He decides to head out he tries to move but the lady doesn’t move and tightens her grip on him

Scene changes
Boys gang (4)
Three of them were question him what was that ??
Handsome guy : she was scared

Scene changes
Handsome guy –
Aakha baykarar hai Teri pheli jalak kayliye
dil lo baysabre hai rooba roo kayliye
Subah ka suruwath rath ka ante tum say hi hai
Tum mari aakho may basi mujhe dakana hai
Teri huoto say mera nam Sunna hai
Dil ki yahi hal hai jub say tum miley

Screen changes
Jis pal tum ko daka wakth vahi tam gaya
Akiya tere adda may tam gaye
Dil tho Teri ho gayi Teri ho gayi

What happened between them is the story

I know writing is not my cup of tea
I just wrote this promo because I want to wish my best friend and this is her gift
Happy birthday to you sreelalitha
So comment about the promo and do wish her
Drop u comments below ????????
Every comment matters so do comment
To finish my story which is in my thoughts feel free to express your thoughts
Sorry for any kind of spelling mistakes

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  1. Sakthi

    Hai dear..promo was good..but want subtitles please..

    1. Dhira

      Thank you ??I will give them

      1. Dhira

        aakha bekarar hai teri pehli jalak kayliyah
        dil ko baysabre hai roobaroo ke liye
        Subah ki shuruaat raat ko ante tumse hi hai
        tum meri aankhon mein basi mujhe dekhna hai
        Teri huoto say mera naam Suna hai
        Dil ki yahi haal hai jab se tum milay
        Translation I don’t I could do it are not but this for u Sakthi
        Eyes are restless to get a frist glimpse of you
        Heart is impatient for face to face
        Beginning of the day and end of the day is with you only
        Want to see myself in your eyes
        Want to hear my name from you
        This is my heart state since we met

        jis pal tum ko dekha waqt voihi tam gaya
        Akhiyan tera adda may tam gaye
        Dil to Teri ho gayi Teri ho gayi
        The second I saw you time freezed
        Eyes were lost in your style
        I lost my heart to you you only

      2. Sakthi

        wow such a beautiful lines…every line expresses love..and thankyou very much for the translation…lots of love for this…

  2. Manya

    Hey dhira the promo is really interesting?And the lines were nice ?Post soon ?

    1. Dhira

      Hey ayushi thank you for the compliment

  3. Amazing promo……???☺️???????….and happy birthday to ur friend ??☺️?…..post the episode soon ☺️?

    1. Dhira

      Thank you so much from my friend side also

  4. Awesome promo???????.it’s really interesting. Waiting plz post nxt epi soooooooon.?

    1. Dhira

      Thank you ??

  5. Erina

    Hey dhira r u sure writting is not ur cup of tea?????????? Bcse promo is amazing dear. I wonder if u r not good it writting then u write so well nd awesome so…… Agar aata to kya hota????????? ???????so post soon dear i’m waitingggg for ur next epi ?????

    1. Dhira

      Thank you so much
      Compliment matter to me u r the one who felt that even I can write thanks again
      Lots of love

      1. Erina

        Hey thankque for giving me such a awesome vala promo nd dear i think ki tmme vo baat hai so go ahead nd bas chaa jao
        With lots of love for u nd ur ff

  6. Aaru

    Interesting promo..N I like your dp..

    1. Dhira

      Thank you ????

  7. Esme

    Very interesting. It feels I am watching it live. I am imagining the situation u wrote. Awesome lines and Aweeeeeeeeeesome Dhira…..

    1. Dhira

      Thank you ELG
      Ur compliment made my day dear ???
      As we are friends I have a habit I will ask them how they want me to call them or liked to be called so reply me how u want me to call you or refer u ???

      1. Esme

        Ummm…simply Esme(pronunciation:EHZ-may) but in case of nickname if
        1.u want to call me with love then call me ES(pronunciation:EHZ)
        2.u want to call me with too much love then call me ESSY.

        I love both es and essy.

      2. Dhira

        ESSY dear I will post in 2-3 days thanks u so much ???
        Lots of love

  8. Jiya_Ani

    Don’t dare say that Writing is not your cup of tea…
    Dear its your glass of cold coffee?
    I know main exceptional case hoon.. Really looking forward for it…many many happy returns of the day to your friend…
    And yes Actually I had a question… Are you a boy??…
    Don’t bash me is you ain’t…?


    1. Dhira

      Thanks for the lovely compliment and thanks for wish from my friend side I will post it 2-3 days
      No I am a girl I have some problem with TU so it’s not showing my details

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