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Flash back continues
Sona dumbstruck she was in trans hours flew away like mins she finally digested the fact but thought she will convince her mom so she heads towards her mom’s room she knocks (no reply) knocks again (no reply) so she peeps inside ishwari was sleeping she goes near she kisses her on her forehead ishwari opens her eyes she was overwhelmed with the touch and kiss from sona (ishwari reaction is seen on her face)(they never shared mother and daughter relationship)
Sona straighten herself and says GOOD MORNING
(Yes whole night sona was in trans)
Sona – I will never go out without ur permission I will do what ever you say never ever argue with you I will drink milk and have cabbages mushrooms etc sona without any break keep on promising and after finishing her promises (half hour) gives time for ishwari to speak
Ishwari – U R leaving tomorrow n don’t even try to inform any one or run away
Sona pleads ishwari on knees
Ishwari – leave (turns other side)
Sona runs into her room and lay down with (*dabb*sound) and cries a lot
After hours of crying she slowly slips into sleep
The day of leaving Mumbai arrives (the flash back till now was happening in Mumbai)

Sona got up with swollen eyes ishwari manager arrives and takes sona to parlour for make over (after four hour no one can believe that she was sona her long beautiful hair was turned to boy cut eyebrows medium thin to very thin and finally lashes were changed to honey colour)
Sona was taken to ishwari
Ishwari – good and is everything done
Manager – yes mam train will be departing in Two hours
Ishwari signal him to leave
Ishwari – (bold) manager will drop u to station from there u should travel alone in train and after reaching Hyderabad new uncle will come and pick U up go with him obey his order and what all you need there are ready there so no need to pack anything
Sona again pleads
ishwari (turns other side) angry tone – manager is waiting for you outside
Sona hugs ishwari from back side and leaves with manager
Sona lands in Hyderabad new manager pick up her
She was taken to small hotel room and manager said so many things but nothing went her mind she was blank and what all happened in last three days left her body with out soul (sona never stayed away from ishwari sona used to go out when ishwari was not at home)
New manager takes leave

Next day morning he took her to xyz college of engineering (thrid graded college) and joined her in second year of ECE (already sona finished her frist year of ECE in Mumbai most reputed college)
Then he took her to hostel new manager explained all rules to her showed her bed and finally warned her that no one should know her true identity and said even ur true name also your new name is Elena and I should never get any complaints
Sona was shocked with all that happened in a week
A week pass with sona in trans and finally she makes her mind and decided to attend the college from tomorrow and sleeps
Next day she gets up and see around she finds that she was sharing her room with three others and room was very dirty and she cleans the surrounding and unpacks her stuff and place them neatly and thinks to freshen up she takes necessary stuff and goes to bathroom as all others were sleeping she used the bathroom peaceful and gets ready wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and others in the room gives her a stare and she heads towards the clg with necessaries aa she enters the clg everyone was staring her
Sona feel awkward she lowers her look and she walks few steps she collides with some one and she about to fall
Sona closes her eyes and just then two strong arms encircle her waist she felt the touch still her eyes were closed
She slowly opens her eyes and shocked

Guess who could be and what happens next stayed tuned to hamari kahani DevShi I will try to post in alternate days I am really busy with work u all know no who can escape from work
Thanks for the love showered by u all
U all are such a great writer and ur precious comments make me fly
Thank you each and everyone commented with ur encouragement I could write and glad you are liked the new concept
Plz comment how are my writing skills
am i really good in writing waiting for the replies

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  1. Dhira

    ? TU Valle posted some other thumbnail I don’t even know who are they ? sorry for the mistakes

  2. Awesome episode dear

    1. Dhira

      Thank you so much dear

  3. Awesome episode dear but please don’t cut sonas hair. I can’t imagine her in boy cut. You can try wig or something like that used to hide the hairs but plz don’t make sona have a boy cut . Just my opinion dear. Otherwise love your ff. Post next one soon. ????

    1. Dhira

      Thank you so much dolly I will try to fulfill ur wish dear

  4. Bhoomi

    Superb dhira…?

    1. Dhira

      Thank you so much Bhoomi

  5. Erina

    Amazing dhira ???????????keep going like this…….
    With love

    1. Dhira

      Hey Erina thank you I will be posting it tomorrow ?
      Love you so much ? dhira ?

      1. Erina

        Where is ur next part dear??????? U told na u will post but still i’m not able to find that dhira.. U know what i’m eager to read ur next epi……
        Plzzz post soon dear

  6. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi keep it up and i suppose it must be none other than dev so update asap

    1. Dhira

      Thank you so much ?? I will post it tomorrow till then tc

  7. Sharica

    It was superb Dhira. Loved it?

    1. Dhira

      Thank you ?

  8. Dhira……episode was awesome…????????☺️???????…..amazing…..and why Ishwari is behaving like this…??…..reveal the secret soon…..and the boy who held Sona must be Dev….???????…..waiting for the next

    1. Dhira

      Hey Maleeha Thanks you so much ….
      Ishwari was behaving like this because…….
      Stay tuned. Find out ??
      I will post it tomorrow
      Lots of love

  9. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeee❤️❣??????????ur writing skills are Superbbb ?
    Post soon ??

    1. Dhira

      Hey Ayushi thank you so much n after reading your comment it brought a small and cute curve on my face thank you for that ??
      I will post it tomorrow till then tc

  10. Sakthi

    Omg it was amazing,lovable dhira dear..
    It creates more interest to read as its different..loved it..
    Poor sona and hate tat iswari idiot..but love ur ff.
    The strong hands are none other than dev’s.

    1. Dhira

      Thank you sakthi I will post it tomorrow ur comment makes me fly thank you again
      Lots of love ??

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      Hey Rockzzzzzz thank you so much
      R u new here then welcome come to KRPKAB ff world and may I know your name if you are fine then only and thanks again for liking my ff tc

  12. Rockzzzzzz

    Ya I have recently joined tu, my name is pari I loved ur ff.
    thnx for welcoming me

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