Hamari Diya hai woo…Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 3)

The episode starts with Kaki saa asking Ratan saa for go and get fresh . I had made your all favourite dishes today . Ratan gets excited after listening this as he missed her food in england . He goes .

Kaki saa calls Sajan singh asking him that now Ratan saa came back and we should do there marriage legal . He ask yes we should do that . What happened you sound scared . Is everything fine . She says nothing is fine . She tells him everything. He says then we have to do there marriage soon . Today i will call pandit ji and ask for the marriage date within a week only . They end call . Sajan singh call pandit ji and ask him to come today . He informs all this to his family . Diya gets worried for her piya after listening this as well as she gets anger in her eyes for the person who tries to kill his piya . She goes to her room and calls Ratan . He picks call and says oh ho madam . So missed me so suddenly. I mean i meet you just one hour ago and now you called me . Keep some patience mam i will come in horse and take you away from the sight of the world . She says shut up Ratan saa .

I was worried for you . You didn’t get me know about this . Not fare hmm . He says oh ho i think you will get worried for me that’s why only i hided this from you . Sorry pari madam . Now can we talk some thing else . She ask what else ohh yes you know my friend was just married and she goes to paris in her honeymoon. He make faces and mimic her . He thinks i want to talk about our future and she keep talking about her friends. She is not understanding that i am going to marry with her not with her friends . He ends call but Diya in her flow keep talking about her friends only . She just then recognised that call is end . She think why he ends call i was just going to ask about our future plans . I think he would be busy or may be some one came .

Ratan goes down for dinner. He sees all her favourite dishes and gets excited. He thinks what to eat first . He ask kaki saa to ate me food . I want to eat by your hands . She ate him food .

Precap – sajan singh came to Ratan saa palace and give him sagun for marriage. He declairs Diya and Ratan saa marriage would be held after two days . Ratan gets happy and thinks just 48 hours my pari after then you will be mine . Then you will become Mrs. Diya Ratan singh , HAMARI DIYA .

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  1. Suma123

    Nice…but pls don’t stop their marriage …connected to this story than the original series…dira love

  2. Awsome but it was short year
    plz post long ones

    1. Nav

      Surely next time

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