Hamari Diya hai woo…Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 2)

The episode starts with Ratan going from car and the car blasts . Someone inform this to Kaka sa . He gets happy and says to his son in law that i had welcomed Bade Hukam with a grand blast . They both laugh.

CT waits for Ratan saa and stands on door . Rest of the family members ask her to come inside CT there is hot weather today you will get ill . She refuses to come as she aays till my Hukam will not come i will also not come inside . I will wait for him here only , you all can go .

Some servent informs her that Bade Hukam’s car get blast and i think he also …. CT slaps him and says he is alive my heart says he is fine. Go from there otherwise you will not get spare from me . He leaves . CT gets emotional and thinks come fast Hukam , your kaki saa is waiting for you please come fast .

In Diya’s palace she is in bathroom. Someone comes inside her room and knocks washroom. She ask who is this . He didn’t reply and hide in curtains. She comes out from washroom and sees around. She finds no one . She says may be i was over thinking. She changes dress . She feels someone’s presence and gets scare . She starts shouting maa , baba saa come fast . Ratan saa come from behind curtains and cover her mouth to stop her from shouting. He says stop madam there is not even a small change in you , you are the same scary pari . But its ok now i have came back for protecting you . Yes , mam i am your so called piya ji , your Ratan saa . She says you didn’t do right Hukam saa , i am almost dead by your prank . He says sorry , please forgive me . He holds his ears and say please forgive me . She says ok fine now go from there maa saa will be coming here as i was shouting. Maa saa comes and ask what happen Diya saa . Diya looks around for Ratan but he gets hide. Diya says maa i saw cockroach, yes and he was very big . I was so scared . Maa saa says oh diya saa you are to much you got scared of cockroaches but you forgot how you gaurd Ratan saa with gun and today you get afraid of small insects . Take care of yourself . She goes . Ratan comes and says so cockroach hmm ,

he says you remembered our first meeting . Flash back shows that how she gets afraid of cockroach and Ratan saa hold her . Flashback ends . Ratan says even then also you got
afraid and so as now . She asks tell me one thing why you came here . He says you forgot. She ask what . He says for my two dearest friends Hoky poky . Not you remember i gave tou there responsibility when i was leaving for England 5 yeasrs back . She says of course how will i forgot . They are now my best friends . He says really . Remember your first meeting with them , you got do afraid that time and now they become your friends Great . She calls them . They come and jump on Ratan . Ratan fells down . They play with him . He says yes i also missed you both . He cares them . They leave outside .

Siya says you should go home first kaki saa must be very angry now . He says ok iam going now . But wait for me . I will come back with Band Baja Barat for taking my pari . Be ready we will marry once again and this time it will be legal . Bye . He goes from there hiding from maa sa and sasur saa ( sajan singh ) . He comes outside the palace and call in his palace asking his servent to come with car and take me home . Servent goes there in car . He reaches there and take him back in his palace. They reach there . Ratan see kaki saa fell down on ground and unconscious. He list her inside and calls servent for water . He drops water on her face and ask her to open eyes kaki saa, see your Ratan came back open your eyes please . She gets conscious and says Ratan saa you are fine , oh thank god you are fine i was so afraid. She hugs him . Ratan says but what happened to me i am fine .

She says servent informs me that your car gets blast . He says actually i left the car and takes taxi as i want to meet Diya first and my hoky poky . She says but you left in taxi and not in your own car ! Why ? He says if i had took my car then the driver would surely inform this to you and may be you got angry as I don’t come home first . He says sorry kaki saa . CT says don’t feel guilty it good that you took taxi otherwise anything can happened. Some one wants to kill you this means danger is not gone and that servent which we caught earlier which is trying to kill you is not the real culprit some one from family only wants to kill you . She hugs him and gets emotional. He consoles her and says nothing can happen to me beacause two beautiful as well as strong ladies are with me . She says yes we both are your pehredaar .

Precap – CT informs Sujan singh that marriage should be done in a week only . Danger is not gonee from Ratan saa head . He asks what . She tells him everything. He says don’t worry CT we will arrange marriage with in a week . I will Call pandit ji and will ask about date for there marriage soon .

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  1. It was very beutiful
    waiting for next

  2. Suma123

    lovly …dira scene was simply amazing loved it,, keep going …

  3. wow soooo…… nice episode
    it’s really amazing

  4. very nice I already know nothing will happen to him. Dira scene waS too cute. Love the way he go to met diya first. Update soon I m waiting

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