Hamari Diya hai woo…Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 1)

Hello guys i am silent reader but today i will start my ff . It is based on Diya and Ratan love story after Ratan will be of 22 years . So lets starts:—

The episode starts with Kaki maa sa doing puja as today is Ratan’s birthday . Today he will become of 22 years . CT is very happy and distributing sweets . All people give her good wishes . She get a call from England . She gets happy as Ratan is coming tomorrow after completing his M.com. She announces this news in whole palace. But the family members are not so happy as Ratan kaka thinks now Ratan will rule over them and they all will become his servent . Bhua thinks now Diya will also come here back .

CT call diya and inform this to her . Diya was living in her Father’s palace as after Ratan goes abroad for his studies since childhood she lives in her maika only as nobody nowa about there marraige without there family members. Diya gets happy and as well as her family . Diya says now my wait will over when Ratan saa will come and take me home with him . CT says when you first time came in our house we are annoyed with you amd not able to do your grah pravesh but now we will grand welcome you . They end call .

Diya imagine small Ratan saa saying to her iam coming to you my angel. She smiles and says now no more waiting come fast my piya .

Ratan is shown in england , he became adventurous. He is in some bike race and leading the race and he wins also . His face is covered as he wears helmet . His friends come and says Ratan bro you did fantastic once again . Ratan removes his helmet and his face is shown . He is none other than “Namish” . He says iam the Rajput and Rajput always win . His friends says tomorrow you are going we all will miss you . Ratan says no probleum now what we are going to do after that you will never able to forget me . They ask what . He says Paragliding. They ask what . His friend says you now right iam afraid of height after that also you are doing this . Ratan says Mr. Champu today you will win over your fear . He says lets go .

They reached in adventurous park and goes to paragliding point . There trainers trained them about paragliding. They all learn very well . Now they sit in plane and reaches in the top . Ratan says first i will jump then you all jump one by one . They all agree . Ratan thinks about Diya . He thinks if Diya saa was here then she will be get unconcious after seing the height only . He jumps from plane and one by one his friends also jump from plane . They all are in air . His one friend got afraid and shouts laudly . He shouts to Ratan that i will never going to see your face after going to India . Ratan smiles . They all open parashoots and land safely . They all cheers after completing task . They all say to Ratan that today is your last day in england so we will celebrate it . You have to give us party . He agrees and says be ready tonight for party .

In India CT does preparation and renovate Ratan saa room with new furniture, paint ,etc. She says after so long my Ratan is coming so there must be no mistake . Other family members are seeing this and gets angry . They say we have to fo something. Kaka saa says i will make sure his welcome should be grand with lot of crackers and Bomb . They all laugh.

Precap- Ratan reached India and come outside the airport and sit in his car . They are coming while coming the car blast . Kaka saa inform others I have welcomed our dada hukam .

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  1. Awesome dearie update soon

  2. Berdilla

    Superb dear friend

  3. lovely wow raglak as Dira loved it can’t wait for next epi do update soon . Can’t wait to read and Dira meeting

  4. Akankshanna

    Mind bliwig…….

  5. Suma123

    Wowwww. It’s nice but one doubt wat abt Diya???he should pick her and come to keshar Mahal ryt???

    1. Nav

      Actually you will see by yourself in next ff . Your every doubt will get clear

      1. Suma123

        ok waiting to read next episode…..

  6. IQRA222

    god!!!! its wonderful

  7. Vivian20

    Nice start….loved it!!!

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