Hamari adhuri mohobbat (Episode 2)

Amar says one min I’ll give and goes from there. He goes to meher and says that is abeer’s room . You did not meet him till now . Meher says fine I’ll go now . She gets in . Abeer thinks it’s Amar and starts shouting at him . He asks Amar to give the towel fast . Meher takes it and knocks on the door . ( door is little open ) Abeer forwards his hand . She gives the towel in his hands . He hold her hand and asks how come u put nail polish? He pulls her hand . She screams and he leaves her hand confused . She runs from there . He thinks who was that ?

She comes out of the room and the kids Comes and asks her what happend ? She says nothing she’s alright and goes . Amar says sorry di but I had to do it . She thinks how ill mannered guy .

Abeer comes out of room . Abeer and Meher collides . They get shocked seeing each other’s face . They stare at each other angrily . The kids come and tells Meher this is abeer chachu. Meher gets angry and goes from there . Abeer also goes . The kids stand there confused . Meher goes to her room and cries . Abeer goes to madhvi and asks how come Meher is here . Madhvi asks do you know Meher b4 ? Well … And tells the connection .

The children discuss among themselves why Meher and Abeer reacted like that when they say each other . Did they know each other b4?

Ria goes to meher and asks her to come And help her with her hw. Samar goes and asks Abeer the same . Abeer comes with Samar and finds Meher there . He gets angry seeing her . Meher asks what are u all up to ? Ria says di pls tell us why u both behaving like this ? Meher says ask Abeer he’ll tell . Abeer goes from there in anger. Amar tells Meher : see di bcause of u we couldn’t plan for Ria ‘s bd . Meher says ria’s bd ? They say yes . She wanted all of us to plan together . So she brought u here . But everything is gone . Meher say sorry call her . Samar goes . When they born return Amar asks her to say the reason , were they together in college or something ? She says yes …

(Last Day of college )

Meher wishes Abeer all the best for competition . He says thanx anyways I’ll win . No one can play guitar better than me . Meher says let’s see and goes. Abeer smiles . Meher wishes that Abeer wins .
Abeer goes to his practice room and finds his guitar missing . The competition starts and Abeer gets tensed. He thinks thinks to ask Meher for help . He comes from back stage and finds Meher missing in the crowd.He goes to her room and finds his guitar with broken strings . He gets angry seeing it .

Precap : Meher Comes to her room and asks him why didn’t he go for competition and sees the guitar . He angrily looks at her and raises her hand .

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  1. Abeer, Oh God how can he raise hand on Meher.
    Bd rocks

  2. Perfct brilliant… i m reading all d ff in 1 go… plZzz dont stop

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