Hamari adhuri mohobbat (Episode 1)

This is abeer & meher’s love story in a different way . All the characters have different nature unlike the ones from the serial .

Scene 1 – Malhotra mansion backyard
5 kids are playing cricket along with Abeer . Abeer throws the ball which goes high and reaches the road . A car stops as the ball comes in front. Abeer understand he’ll b in trouble and escapes . Meher’s comes out of the car .she picks the ball goes in. The children asks her to return the ball. She scolds them . They get scared. She says just kidding dint get scared . So friends?they say friends. She asks them their names . The eldest one a boy says Amar . Then a girl ria . Then a boy Samar . They say we three are Bros and sis. The next one a boy tell akash and then a girl of about 5 yrs kavya . They say we 2 are bro and sis . She tell oh wow . My name is meher . She asks them do u know Malhotra mansion ? They laugh . She asks what happend ? They say u r right here in Malhotra mansion . She says oh so let’s go in . They asks why ? She tell I’ll explain once v go in . They all go .

Scene 2 – inside Malhotra mansion
She goes and finds kuber. kuber tells come v were waiting for u . He introduces her to the family members . His mom , wife and 2 daughter in-laws.and then he tells that she is my best friends daughter . She’ll stay with us for some months as her mom is no more and dad is in Us . Hey tells my youngest son is Abeer . And asks Amar to call Abeer . Amar goes and finds Abeer bathing . He comes and says Abeer will come he’s in washroom. Madhavi (mom) shows the room to meher the one next to abeer’s . Meher keeps her stuff there and goes out.

Amar goes to Abeer (still in washroom) and asks to come out fast as there is a guest . He says I’ll come . Abeer asked Amar to give the towel which is there on the bed. Amar things to teach him a lesson for leaving them behind in the garden. He says one min I’ll give and goes form there.

Precap: meher and Abeer collide . They stare at each other with anger .

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