HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI…complete swasan ( one shot )

This is agian ur salluzz…on my story www.tellyupdates.com/hamari-adhuri-kahani-swasan-one-shot/

I know many of u were sad and not happy…I would like to complete my story….I know this is impossible. .bt still atleast in story we would be together naa…so read it…anf share ur feelings..

The same day…
Swara stands infront of the photo frame..
Swara:sanskar…I knw u must have moved on ur life..these years I lived only in ur mrmmories and I can in it..till my death…A tear fall frm eyes…
Suddenly a women come to her..its the worker nandu..

Nandu:swara…u have got the award for best charity worker. ..
Swara:I knw…dii…bt im not interested. .
Nandu:u must…u knw..day by day childreb are increasing here…we must raise thm..with any burden. .for that we need money..
Swara:k dii..I will

After some days
Swara reaches the venue
She was called on the stage
The host gives mike to her to speak
Swara:I dont no what to speak..im so happy to receive it…im dedicating this to my….she pause for sometime then continues…to my..now im happy….lot of changes had occured…and im living in my sweet memmories..thats enough for me. ..
Host:now its the time to honour our swara…u call upon mr sanskar maheswary to give award
Swara was shocked as didnt expect it….tears were coming frm her eyes…
Sanskar comes there….and sees swara….he dont no what to say…both spoke with their eyes
Swara:there is no change happened to u sanskaar. ..u r same as before. .even ur dressing hairstyles. .there is no change..
Next morning
Swara was shocked to find sanskar in frnt of her

Sanskar:swara plz listen…I love u swaraa…I love u a lot..it doesnt start frm now..bt years back…that time why I said it…u thought I was kidding. .no swraa…I loved u frm that moment…ur innocent face…childish behaviour. .everything attracted me more…bt..u…
Saying sanskar hugged swaraa..she too hugs him back…bt suddenly she jerked him…
Swara:sorry mr maheswary. .how can u say that u love me…u are married..and these years…u just moved on…and im sorry to say that I never loved u….she controls her tears…sabskar grabed her hand and forced her to walk…and push her infrnt of the frame
sanskar:then wot about it swara
Swara:this is past mr maheswary. …u have ur present and future with kavithaa…
Sanskar:then why u wrote hamari adhuri kahani on the photo….speak up swaraa..ur silence kills mee
Swara:just move on with kavithaa….
Sanskar who was fuming in anger. ..hold swars shoulder tight and started to shake it…
Sanskar:u knw something swaraa….kavitha is no morer…
SwRa was shattered to hear that…she falls down…
Sanskar:u knw what happen after our marriage. …
I told kavitha I loved u…we were just living as strangers in our room…only before our parents we were married couple…after one year…she met with a accident…u knw what she said
Kavitha was in lap of sanskar:sanky…u knw swara loved u…..no she loves u till ne…and will only love u…it was all because of me that u both didnt become one. ..I kw this must be gods decision. ..im really sorry sanky….I loved ur money fame…bt swara. .she just loved the way u are…
I knw I will go away nw. .before that promise me sanky….u will meet ur better half..ur shona…the story which was adhuri…should be complete nw…and..and…(she statrd to breath heavily) COMPLETE UR LOVE STORY….U STORY CANT BE ADHURI. .IT MUST BE COMPLETED. ..
By saying she passes away
Fb ovrr

Swara was completely broken by this….
Sanskar:swaraaa….plz…let us complete our story…the who seven birth. ..our story remains completed….
sSwara hugged him tighyly…
SANSKAR….I LOVE U…whenever I decided to confess my feelings. ..I dont no…I failed always….bt now…
Sanskar:its destiny swaraa…even god needs it….
They both gets up tear the note HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI wriiten on the frame…
Both hugged infrnt of that….

Guys I dont wheter what I wrote is correct or not….I cant kill my kavi…at the same time I cant leave my sher…my sanskar. ..im sorry guys…it can be called as selfish…bt atleast in story..I should be with him naaa. ..My story always remain adhuri…because im nothing without him…Ill live in his memmories till my death….
What about u guyss….

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  1. omg….i dont have words….

  2. no words to say..

  3. salluz, dont hav anywords to say u… grl u r really a very golden hearted grl…. u knw when I frst read ur frst one shot, I couldnt control mine tears… just imagining swasan seperation… but at last u mentioned that its non other than ur’s own story, then i was shocked how could it be… but yeah it could happen… I nvr experienced those things, but yeah got betrayed twice, after that I totally became strong hearted towards love but grl wid full of life.. and coming to u… I must respect u.. u urself let ur love go.. but look how strong u r, in short I amnt getting any words to say u.. bst of luck for coming future..

    and coming to this ff, yeah it couldnt happen In ur life… and tnx for uniting swasan..

  4. Rina Sivaguru

    Omg…….. Jus love it salluzz….. The best one shot….. ?????

  5. tears flowing down my cheeks u made me cry di I have always been a strong person but when I read swasan separation in first part I felt ping in my heart then when I read it is ur real story couldn’t help myself but cry ur r one in million diii no one will leave their loved one’s for friend hats off……

  6. Salluzz..life always comes up wid a second chance..i blv it..i too m in ur state presently n i alwys think…i dn wanna lv nyone nymore…still i blv ds dt smdy smwhr vryone will gt d prsn dt evryone deserve…u sud move on dear..life is all abt mving on too…we mv on frm one stge to ndr n grw bigger n bigger dn y nt in love?? I blv u wl gt a btter love dn Sher whu wl lv u to d fullest n dn u wl frgt evrything n mv on…u know na dear..KEHTE HAI KHUDA NE IS JAHAN ME SABHI K LIYE…KISI NA KISIKO HAI BANAYA HAR KISIK LIYE…ALL THE VERY BEST FR UR FUTURE…N yaa..i dn blv in prsn to prsn love..i mn only bf gf typ lv nymore…bt yess i do blv love wl cm in ny form to nyone..mind it..ANY FORM N NY KIND…Nd ur os was AWESUMM…I LVD IT…ALWAYS SIMLE N B OPTIMISTIC..:-) 😀

  7. Amazing dear. Pls never give up. Ur r the best

  8. I had tears when i was reading ur ff and real stories
    Gorl u have a really bigggggg heart

  9. Please chechi don’t give up I know you are a Malayalee.Please chechi move on.It is a humple request.Maybe Love happen twice chechi.I don’t fall in love with anyone anyone so I don’t know what is love. Love happen each other and it is not right that one will live his life with joy and the other will suffer. Please chechi…..oru Aniyathide request ayitt kndal mathi.We cannot enjoy this second part chechi,we all want to see your life like this…..

  10. I wish this could really happen in my life I got betrayed the friend with whom i shared my fealings about my love promised me to make us together but she took him far away from me.i cant write anything more i will start crying again but it really hurts.

  11. when i see the person i loved happy with my friend still i m happy that atleast he is happy in the company of my friend but it also makes me sad why was i not the reason for his smile. it hurts when i her i feel why she constantly lied me about things

  12. and kept betraying now when she is successful in it she doesnt even talk to me. if once she had told me about it i cant promise but i would have found a solution to it. i loved him i trully did and i know i cant love anybody as much as i love him. But he

  13. is not aware of it and i know he will never know about it. oh god i dont know how i will move on the pain is not healing. btw ur os was awesome it really made me tell my feelings here. keep writing as ur really good in it.

  14. U hav a very big heart….go ong in ur life let all the success be in your side..dear…..keepsmiling…

  15. U r a pure hearted person and the os proves that…I wish all ur happiness in life and all the best..may Allah gives you all the things u deserve ?

  16. chechi ningalude unam the ff idum wayichitu enuku nalonem kariyan wanoo…

  17. First of all i want to say ur really courageous n good kind hearted ….
    U have tried to move on…. Its life whatever maybe situation we have to move on…. I know its not easy for u….. But i want to tell u something god has made our Destiny whichever in Destiny will happen for sure …. U have to move on…. N am sure one day u can get ur true love i know love happen only once… But i believe destiny … I wish ur Destiny brings ur brighter future …

    I talked to much …. I know its hard for ur but at least u tried am so happy

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