Hamari adhuri kahani-Twinj OS ( Happy Birthday Zuha)


Hi everyone. Firstly thank u for extending the hand of friendship n for all the wonderful comment. As u all wanted to know my name, my name is Aakriti n all my friends call me aaku. Neha I know u n I also read ur ff Isqh chupta nai chupane se. Happy Birthday Zuha. May god bless u. May all ur wishes come true. Now let’s begin.
Tears were rolling down from my cheeks.”Why did this happen to me?” was the only word that came out of my mouth. Two months have passed but still I am not able to forget her. Why did she came in my life if she meant to let me down? She is the sole reason I regret for being blind.
Each day my father would give me ride to a nearby road n someone so kind n generous would help me to get to the other side of the road. From there it would take exactly 100 footsteps for me to reach the office. This was my daily schedule. Everything was okay until she came.

Like always my father dropped me on the road side. I was waiting for someone who would help me. I could recognize the new hands very easily for once I touch the things n I never forget its taste. After a moment, somebody gave a gentle touch in my hand. The hand was soft and smooth. It was a hand of a girl who was probably 22yrs. This touch was the best touch one. I often don’t compose conversation with the people who help me, except a thanks. I felt like talking with her.”Hey. What ur name?” I said to her.”Hi. I am Twinkle Taneja. N what’s ur name?”She said.”Kunj Sarna.” I replied.”Here u are to the next end. Nice meeting u.” she wished me n left my hand. Then she was gone. She even didn’t waited for my thank u.

The very next day, I was waiting for someone who would help me. Then a hand gave me a support. It was the same hand that I had felt yesterday. “Hi, if I am not wrong u are Twinkle right.”I said. “Yes” she replied. We reached to the next side. “Thank u.” I said in a hurry. “No problem.” she replied n walked away. She held my hand the next day as well. “Hi Twinkle.” I said with a smile. “Hi Kunj. U have nice name.” she said. “Can we be friends?” I said. “It would be my pleasure.” She replied. After that day we met always. Sometimes when I was early I used to wait for her n when I was late she used to wait for me. Even in Sunday’s we met. On Sunday we used to go for walk to the nearby places. I loved her company. I feel in love with her. I tried many times to tell her that I love her but I couldn’t because I was afraid that she would hate me for that.

I clearly remember that day it was November 5.I took a leave from my office n she also was free. We met in the roadside. She had said that She would make me meet with a special person. We took a bus. She placed me on a seat n said “Kunj Do u know I like u, because ur heart is clean , u don’t see things with ur eyes but u feel them . U see things in different way, u see the world with ur heart. It does not matter that u are blind.”I just smiled. We reached to our destination. “Hey Twinkle” I heard a girls voice. “Hey” Twinkle said. “This is Zuha, my best friend. She means the world to me. I don’t have anyone in my family except her.N today is her birthday.”“Happy Birthday Zuha. May god bless u.” I said. “THANK U” Zuha replied. “Happy Birthday my friend Zuha.” Twinkle said. We talked with Zuha for about an hour. We celebrated her birthday by cutting cake as well.

Then Twinkle n I left from there. During our departure time she hugged me. It was the first time that someone was happy on my existence. Like always I was waiting for her but she didn’t came. From that day till now I have not met her. I even try to contact her but all went in vain. Two months have but still there is no sign of her. “Knock. Knock.” Someone was there in the door. I quickly wiped my tears n opened the door it was Dad. “Hey champ. Lets go. I will drop u to the roadside” As usual he dropped me to the roadside n I waited for her but she didn’t come n someone helped me cross the road. I walked 100 footstep n reached my office. “Kunj, there’s a letter for u.” Yuvi said. Yuvi was the receptionist of our office.”Who left it for me?”I asked. “A young girl left it for u. She requested me to read it for u” Yuvi said. He read out the letter which said

“Hey Kunj
I am Zuha. Two months ago on the next day of my b-day, Twinkle met with an accident n passed away. She told me in her last breathe not to tell u but everyday when I see u waiting for her I feel guilty. N today in her room I found a diary in which she had written that She loves u. It doesn’t matter whether u are blind but from the first day she fell in love with u n I know that u also love her. Tumari adhuri kahani jarure puri hogi.”After reading the letter I started crying.”I LOVE U TWINKLE. Hamari adhuri kahani agle janam me puri hogi. May tumare liye aur tum mere liye janam logi”

The end

Sorry if it bored u. N once again Happy b-day Zuha n can we be friends.

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  1. Yashasvi

    Awwww dear aakriti it was such a short , sweet n emotional Os…..
    and Zuha darling wish u a very very happy wala b’day my baby…….
    love u shoooo much my shona…… meri jaan……….
    tu jeeye hazaaro saal yahi meri he aarzooo……
    aur apni iss jhalli ko bhulna mat…… love u re……

  2. Aamu

    Ahhha….amazing???..?????but end me…??…
    Just amazing..lovely..???????..
    Next 1 pls…u r amazing

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Hey aaku…Firstly a big thanks foe such a wonderful surprise…Well I guess u should not ask that can we be friends…Of course we can dear!! Thanks once again…..Love u!

    And I loved the OS…It was not at all boring!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  4. Twinjfan.tamanna

    woowwww…. I m not able to stop my tears..I m speechless… ur amazing… happy birthday zuha…

  5. Ramya

    Aakarti such a cute n emotional os loved it yr n do writing more

  6. Meeta

    This left me spellbound, Aakriti.
    You write so well.
    I would love to read more.

    Loads of love. ♥♥

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    happy birthday zuha…..& os was awesome emotional amazing

  8. Superb n cute not emotional os.. loved it.. keep writing more ❤

  9. Hey aakriti,
    amazing…awesom…fab… mindblowing epi… luved it to the core… Happy birthday Zuha…

  10. Adya

    Wooowwww yrrr….Akriti di it was sooo amazing….inspite of being emotional it was superrrrrrrrrrrrb…..loved it…U r awesome di….keep writing…..it was wonderful……..

  11. awesome aaku di…
    luved it…keep writing…

  12. Loved it
    Too emotional 🙂
    Keep writing 🙂

  13. Hey twinj aku….It was amazing adhuri kahani. I am you’re biggest fan…

  14. Naira_kartik fan

    Aaku di luv it.Awesome superb di.
    Fabulous OS.Post asap.

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