HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI…swasan ( one shot )

I dont knw whethe u all like it or not…its just a one shot story….
there is no introduction or character sketch…its just based on true love….how a friendship turns a girl to sacrifice her love….whom she loved for years…

As usual swara is in her room…and talking to her teddy…
swara:teddy u know….it has been 4years I loved him…bt still im not able to convey this to him…what if he rejected me…I cant even think of that….
suddenly her phone beeps…
its msg from her love….the great sanskaar

swara :hii….how are u
sanskar:im fine…and u….say frankly anything wil happen
swara :im fine…and about what u are talking
sanskar:dont know…..
swara :say naa
sanskar:ok listen…I wish to meet u…can we meet in park
swara :what are u talking sanskaar…how can I…u knw my family naa…what reason I’ll say
sanskar:say a lie
swara :wot! lie…
sanskar:its just comon….u have great experience naa
swara :no
sanskar:u can go to mumbai..that too saying that u have ur frnds bday party…and njoying with ur useless cousin…
swara :how do u knw that
sanskar:all time I wS there beside u
swara :okkk leave it…ill not come…y should I.
sanskar:if u didn’t come…then surely there will be no relation between us
swara : u r talking as if we have a relation..
sanskar:sorry I dont get u
swara :u wont get anything. ..because u cant understand my feelings
sanskar:wat feeling

swara :nothing
sanskar:this is ur problm…
swara :wot
sanskar:u will never say anything
swara :it seems like u say every thing
sanskar:dont irritate me
swara :of course im a irritation. …for u….then y are u sending me message. ..y u took my no. from my uncles phone that too without his knowledge
sanskar:I accept its my fault…so I knw u r disturbed with me…so frm no I wont say anything. .or msg u
swara : thats good…..good bye

saying she throws phone her

swara:why its happening with me….whenever I decided to tell him that I love him…he moves away frm me…..

she hugs her teddy….
u know teddy tomorrow im going to say him that I love him….im nt at all scared of his reply…at least I would get some piece in my mind…thats enough for me

she sleeps

Next day
in school

swara in class
a girl came running to swara
girl :swaraaa
swara :wot happened kavithaa
kavita:swara u must help me…
swara :what shuld I do
Kavita:im in love….
swara :wow….congrats my dear
kavita:he dont love me…
swara :bt u love him naa…then say that before getting too late
swara:wats his name
swara was taken aback…
kavita:yes swara….that day u showed me naa…ur enemy…who used to play pranks and irritate u..the same boy….
a tear fell fom swaras eye
swara :are u sure kavi….
kavita:wot happend shona…why are u crying. .
swara:its tears of happiness

kavita:will u help me
swara stands silently
she excuses herself and goes to bath room
she opens the tap and cries loudly
swa:today u proved that there is no god living….how can u do that with me…u knw how much I loved him…for past 4years…and now u r taking him away from me…wat sin I ve done. ..why are u always playing with my emotions
she goes to her flash back
A wedding house….
its swara s cousins marriage. …for buying dress she with aysha (her bestie) goes to neighbouring home. ..on retuning back
swara:ayshu..we must njoy it naaa….im so much happy for salma dii
ayshu:even im
they here a car horn…and look back..its blue astar car…car stops near them..
both shouted:saleem bai
its their bro
suddenly a boy speaks up(in car):I love u swara
its our sanskar
saleem:no no I love u swara
swara opened her mouth in shock…she is on way of crying
saleem bhai:just kidding swaraa dont cry
swara :who cried…afterall girls won’t cry
saleem:tats my shonaaa
she and ayshu moves frm there

flash back ends

she comes out the bathroom…and moves towards class

kavi:where did u went
swa:just go to hell blo*dy fool
kavi:swaraaaa say naa…will u help me…afterall im ur best frn naaa…atleat for the sake of our frndship
swa:dont blackmile mee….
kavi:so u dont love me…then go…I wont talk to u anymore
swa:okk baba…I’ll help u…
both hug…still swara have tears in her eyes
swara is lost in her toughts…she thinks about sanskaar…how he save her when she was falling….and all her moments…their fighting and all….
she leaves for house
years passed…
now swara is in 12th std….she have her own frnd…JASSADS DJ And her FUMAS grp they all no about her love…they used to advise her..bt she have no interst in that. .she njoy her life..with them…there were many memmories…including…delhi tour. .physic lab experiance…at time of farewell everyone missed each other All moves on with own their destination and aim

Again years passed

swara now works in a company….

she gets a call
caller:hiii shonaaaa
all types of emotions were there on her face….she was very happy..bt at a corner of her heart she was crying thinking abt sanskaar…she have moved own…bt she is not able to forget her love…first love…
they speak for some time
kavita:look shona…my marrige is fixed…u mustbe there…
swara:with pleasure
they chit chat and sleeps

swara reaches there…gets a welcoming warm
by kavitha. …
she moves inside..
kavitha:let me introduce my would be

a man turns…its none other than SANSKAR
swara was really dazed to see hm afer these years…she feels whole world is falling on her
she have tears in her eyes bt composes herself
kavitha:dont fight frm here oky…its my mrg…
no one noticed that sanskar have tears in his eyes…
sanskar to himself:why swara. ..why u left me..u know whn I said I love u.. u thought I was just kidding..whnevr I decided to confess my feelings..u just moved away…
both were losr in toghts…soon all preparation started…
they continously stare each other…

wedding over
now it was photo session
all were busy taking photos and selfies
swara possed with them..bt when kavitha goes for some purpose..urfortunatly photographer took their poto..their eyelock..swara moves away frm there…
swara was about to go…when kavitha calls her on stagee for singing
At first she refused bt later goes….she takes her guitar and plays her tune..which was filled with all emotions…
She sang a song..which was composed by herself. ..

Oru sandhyaye yengu maanju poyii
(Ohh night where did u vanished)
Caarmeghame yengu maanju poyi
(Dark clouds ehere did u went)
Oru mazhayaayi peyyumo
(Can u fall as a rain)
Irulaayi nje maarmoo
(Can u become night)
Kanalukalaayi eriyumo
(Can destroy them as fire)

Chudu kathaayi veeshmo
(Can u fly like hot wind)

Hridayam unarum..neram
(The time our hearts wake up)
Verude anayaan oru janmam
(Good for nothg birth)
Oru nadana laasyathin mizhikalil
(My eyes are acting in frnt of u)
Oru chadula hasyathin mozhikalil
(My acting smile are fading away)
Anayunnu njan oru maan peda pollll
(Im running away likw a deer)
With more chorus
Oru sandhyaye. ….
She opens her eyes which was filled with tears….
She looks at sanskar and smile…she goes to them and wishes them happy married life..
She stotms out..

Next mrng
Swara gets a courier..
She opens that and is shocked to find her and sanskaars photo…
With a letter
Dear shonaaa..
.its me kavitha….I dont no whether u hates me or not…anyways I dont care about it…I got what I needed….u better move away….may be sanky have crush on u..bt now I have full ryts on him…so I request you to move away from my life…this is my small gift….I hope u would like it….

Urs kavitha..
Swara fell on her knee and cries….she took that photo and moves inside…she locks herself and look at her room…which was just made by sanskars favourite. .
White colored wall-his favt color
Each and every thing has their on story..in one way or other way they connect swasan…

It has been years both see each other…
Swara have moved on her love..not with anyone bt within her world…her dream…CHARITABLE TRUST
she lives there…she njoys there….as we move inside we can see a big photoframe hanging on wall…their passionate eye lock..
There is our swara..standing infrnt of it..with a tear droping..
Bg:hamari adhuri kahani. …
Swara:may be in this birth we are nt born for each other…bt next birth..I wont leave u…I will complete our love story…
****the end****

Dont knw whether u all like or not…bt its a true story….of mine. ..

Just replaces their name

This is my story…but now im happy…for both…FRIENDSHIP EVERYTHING. ..WE CAN SACRIFICE EVEN OUR LIFE FOR THEM….

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  1. u know i had tears in my eyes reafing this bt u faced all this
    i cant even imagine the situation bt can say u r really gud both in life and writing…

  2. Sooooo emotional….. Loved it……..

  3. i was crying when reading your story.you great yaar if i am there in your place then i can’t do this.

  4. Hai salluzz..it is like my love story..he is my bestfrnd. i didnt say him abt my feelings since 6 years but a small change the girl who he is in love is not my frnd . I got to know abt his love when i gone to confess my love .. i am happy that u are happy but i cant … i am living with no other thought than to love and to be loved by him ??

  5. hey..dear frankly speaking when i read about sanskar n kavita marriage..i felt very bad..though u hv mentioned in starting that its based on true story but still i thought in the end swasan will be together..i was not liking the ending..i cried very badly..

    but i felt horrible while i read its your own story..my god i felt my heart skipping beats..this kind of stories i hv just seen in movies n read in story books in my 20 years life..i hv never imagine that this can be the true story of someone’s life..u won’t believe even now also my tears are not stoping…here i couldn’t digest the end but you hv gone through that..u hv faced this situation..you are very brave dear..it reflect your pure n kind heart..

    n dear trust me i am not at all trying to show sympathy towards u…its only n only my RESPECT towards you for your sacrifice..you are a gem of person..stay blessed dear

  6. I had years in my eyes…How did you face the situation i am thinking deeply???Feeling very bad for you…Hope you move on in your life very soon…You know we have a similarity here i faced the same thing but the difference is you didn’t get your first love and i got my first love(Talking about the school part where my best friend sacrificed her love for me and said in next life he will be mine and i agreed and we didn’t had a difference in our friendship matlab hamaari dosti tuti nahi)…Now we are happily in a beautiful relationship…Extremely nice one shot story dear…

  7. really emotional.. loved it much..

  8. i dnt know wat to say but i must say ur brave…i wish god give all happiness to you…i love u dear..i am still crying…how can u bare this pain ur really brave…

  9. Dear salwa,
    I couldn’t control mu tears while reading this. It is actually a very good story mean to say a real one. I wish you have a very great future. Please continue writing stories.

  10. When i completed reading the story not the last line where u mentioned its ur stody my one side was sad and another one was saying its so stupaid..as its not happen in real..but then i read that its ur story and i was literary shocked..i was shocked that there are still people left who sacrificed for others..really inspired from u..u have such a pure heart..may god bless u dear and send ur true soulmate soon..

  11. its really your story!!!!!!!!!!
    i am on the verge of crying……….

  12. Mind blowing. It was very emotional.

  13. Salluzz….it is almost my story…somewhere it connects my feelings too…i dn knw anyone of u here in person…bt still m jz saying my feelings…i m still in scul…bt yess..i m still going thru it…d irony is dt both r my best friends forever n i still love both of dem…bt due to sm incidents which i dn knw properly ..thy hv dstncd themselves frm me…d prrson n d grlfrnd bth knws bout my feeling n tuk me bck as a best frnd too..bt dunno wt hpnd…n nw wenevr i do nything as a best frnd evn..dt prson feels i hvnt yet mvd on…bt i hv mvd on n m truly hppy fr dem..cz thy r d best couple i hv evr seen…bt yess..its true..i wl nvr gt a person lk dt person..i still carry dt persn in my heart..i nw juz wantd to b best frnds as we wr…bt dy sntchd dt right frm me too…nyways ur story ws superb emotionl bt its pace ws a bit too fast..dn mnd guyz hr…i jz shrd a lil prt of my heart wid u all…

  14. Coincidentally i too gt to kbw bout deir love cnfession wen i hd gone to cnfess mine..n den steppd bck.bt m hppy to gt dem as my best frnd..i truly sympathize wid u dear…u r v strng n pure…all d best fr ur future..

  15. Dr. ..when I read the first part (the msgs)…I was like how u got it…it’s same conversion with my friend. ..not my love. .but he had some feeling he didn’t confessed it yet….I don’t know what is future. …u r happy in ur life….true love never ends…this birth or next….u will get him..

    1. Nd r u frm kerala… that song touch my heart. ..
      Njnum keralathila….
      Eee kadhayum ayi enthoo oru adupam thonunnu. ..
      All the best for ur future.

  16. DEAR Salwa,
    I really dont kbow what to say….
    I just feel like meeting u after reading ur story….. i requires a lot of courage to let go d person u hav luved so much….
    when i was reading d story i dint hav d slightest idea tht it was a real story….
    bt after reading the last line.. i was completely shocked….. i dont know when i started crying….
    i jusst want to hug to tightly my sis nd want to say tht u r d best person i hav ever known in my life…. n god will definately snd someone for u who will luv u unconditionally…. luv u dear… stay blessed…

  17. I know my words can’t heel the pain which u had in ur life and trust me i am very bad in this kind of emotional stuff…… anyway sallu, u should continue writing ok i’ll be there with u like a sister so don’t worry… And may be i think allah have another plan for u,.. And keep smiling in ur life and try to make others happy(I KNOW THAT U WILL)…#gud luck

  18. i liked your story a lot but at the marriage time i really felt bad that even sanskar loved her. It is really hard to forget your first love and move on but can try not for others but for our siblings. I really felt bad for you i can understand because i have gone through the same pain that u have gone through….

  19. Dear salwa since now I thought everything in practical and I know there’s not much experiences in my life but by reading ur story and Bisha’s comment I believe that there is really such kind of love and friendship bond for which you can sacrifice everything…..hats off to u guys really wishing good luck to you…and I will pray that you will find a partner who will love u like that….

  20. i think m also in the starting track of ur story but d diff iz dat he dose’nt love me so its better to stay away from him..

    sorry to hurt u Salwa….but if Sher( sanskar) was also loving u…den y did he accept salma’s (kavita’s) proposal…he could have rejected her…he could have also lived alone by your memories like u r living….y did he married kavitha…..m really sorry for hurting ur feelings m much younger dan u but den also i could say he didnt love u d way u loved him….

  21. i think m also in the starting track of ur story but d diff iz dat he dose’nt love me so its better to stay away from him..

    sorry to hurt u Salwa….but if Sher( sanskar) was also loving u…den y did he accept salma’s (kavita’s) proposal…he could have rejected her…he could have also lived alone by your memories like u r living….y did he married kavitha…..m really sorry for hurting ur feelings m much younger dan u but den also i could say he didnt love u d way u loved him…..

  22. Salwa I felt very sad for you but you have to move on in your life dear.Divine is always good but be practical.Musikulon mein tumhare hath pakadne keliye ek partner ki zaroorat hoti hai dear.You know our life is a beautiful gift from God we solely have to enjoy that

    1. Njan ipoza ketto song vayichath chechi Malayali aanalle.Chechi eth districtla.Njan ith vare aareyum snehichittila ini snehikkumonnm arilla ath kond chelpo chechide feelings enk manasilakatath arikkm.but Chechi u have to move on. Veendum oru Kanchanamala aakalle chechi nmmk daivam tarunna gifta e life atine ingne kalanj kulikkle.Jeevitam iniyum mumpott povm oru pakshe chechi ipozullq jivitathil happy arikkm.Avsnm tirinj nokkmpol chechikk santoshm tarunna orupad kazchakal undakm pakshe ee lifil namukai matrm oru love vnde.Sorry chechi if I hurt you but as a sis I will pray for you and if you will find your life partner then please write that story too.Chechi chechide lovene tirchayaym knd mutum aa aal tirchayaym chechiye snehikkm chechi tirichum nokkikko karinakka ente????

  23. In life we can’t tell what in store for us everything have a reason just hope future will be much better most of us don’t get our first love including me right let’s hope for the best

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