Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 6

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Episode 5

In GM….
Everyone are having dinner samir and shekar also returned back from office and told everyone that they were tensed about some business issues ….. Now everything got sorted out.
Gododia’s are having a happy wala family time…
after finishing dinner all are sitting together in the hall and chitchatting by having their favourite desert…. ragini made gulab jamoon for her family as she is happy for her family… but something is bothering her, is about her weird dreams which are now not only disturbing her in her sleep but also when she is awake by form of flashes…. may be this is giving any hint about the coming Venture Of her life but ragini can’t get out of those feelings…. may be someone can get her out lets see….

it’s a pleasant morning….
we can see ragini sleeping peacefully as if someone are making her blush in her dreams… she opens her eyes and smiles by stretching her hands get out of bed and go near janki’s portrait and starts sharing her feelings as always….
don’t know but as if she gets answers for all her unanswered questions by talking to her mom…..

ragini pov…
maa don’t know why but after yesterday nights peaceful sleep I totally believe that those flashes and those weird dreams anything can’t break the trust I had on you… you will always be with me or send someone to be with me and make everything in favour….
today I am feeling so fresh and happy…. and from tmrw new phase of our life is going to start… me and shona will be going to clg for the first time bless us ma as this will be our first step towards our careers…
and she leaves to washroom for freshing up…
pov ends

at dining…
ragini gets freshen up and comes down to help sumi and sunaina…
dadi is doing pooja in the in house mandir…
samir and shekar are discussing about their upcoming deals with dada…
swayam as usual comes and starts complaining about his shona Di and duggu bro, their stupid pranks for irritating him… but Swara and Karthik are defending themselves…..
it seems to be a happy and perfect family…..

in a Dark room….
a man came and asked his boss who is looking at the gododia’s family pic that is hanged to the wall quite Opposite to him…
man – boss know viplav is caught then what will be our next plan…
boss (smirking) – what ever the plan is but the result should be good for us and bad for gododia’s.. lets wait for few days as they just came out of a problem so they may be more careful
man – Yes sir lets execute our plan with out giving them a chance to figure it out…

in GM…
shekar and samir left for office…
Swara – mom, badi maa you know riya my best friend is also joining in our college it self I am so exited for clg life
sunaina – duggu is admission procedure completed
swara – ha bai I forgot to ask you only because of that all tension
Karthik – don’t worry shona I had completed your’s and ragu’s admission work but which group you want to join will be your choice and tmrw will be ur first day so tmrw it self you can choose your group
Swara – whatever group is but their should be cute boys in our group then only I will choose it
sumi – (slightly hits her head) shut up always concentration will be on other things except studies see ragu and learn something from her

swara – come on mom I am perfect ragu should only learn how to talk and make friends
all get worried by swaras statement and looks towards ragini….
ragini – (senses the situation and with a smile) says don’t worry Swara I don’t want any friends as long as you are with me…
all gets emotional as ragini who is still adjusting to the family although she is staying with them from past seven years but never herself get into a conversation with any of the family members other than swayam and badi maa, now is saying that Swara is enough for her to be as a friend
tears are forming even in swaras eyes but composes herself and to lighten up the mood she says….
Swara – k ragu you said I am your friend so you should prove it
sumi – (worried) shona what are u taking??
swara – mom please this is matter between two friends or Sisters
ragini – k swara what you want me to do
sumi – no ragu no need to prove anything this girl became mad
sunaina – sumi shona is right we should not interfere in between them
sumi – but babhi
sunaina – don’t worry

sumi – k as you wish
ragini – say na swara what you want me to do
Swara – simple you should come with me and riya for shopping
everyone get relaxed as they thought as if Swara may make her to do something stupid….
ragini – swara you know na I don’t like all such things
Swara – I know if I directly ask you, you would say no but now you only agreed to do anything to prove you consider me as your friend so no excuses
sunaina – and this time also I am with shona only so ragu you should go
ragini – but badi maa… interrupted by dadu
by getting down the stairs…
dadu – ragu you should go by some new dressess so you looking good only and shona no need to make her like u she is perfect the way she is
dadu – shona don’t worry your dadi is just jealous of you and both give hi-fi to each other …..
dadi – why I will be jealous of shona she is my grand daughter
dadu – that is why you are jealous that your grand daughter is enjoying her life and wearing modern dresses which you can’t do when you are young
and see now you want your another grand daughter to become like you
dadi fumes…
dadi – ragu don’t listen to them buy only those in which you are comfortable in…
all enjoys dadi and dadu’s nok jhok…
Swara – k now we will leave otherwise we will get late
sunaina – k be care full and take care of your self
Karthik thinks as he is worried after Before days incident he can’t let them go alone….
Karthik – I will come with you
Swara – no need bai if you will come you will make us to do fast shopping which will not happen so leave it

Karthik – no problem you take your own time I won’t say anything but I am coming with you
ragini – Swara let bai also come with us na what will happen
Swara – no ragu last time when he came for shopping he irritated me a lot to complete my shopping fast but I need time to choose the best I can’t take anything randomly
Karthik – come on I said na this time it will not repeat
Swara – maa and badi maa please say him na not to be typical brother
Karthik – k I am typical brother then wait and watch I am not going to help you when you will be ragged in the college
swara – don’t worry till now nobody are born that they can rag Swara gadodia…
Karthik – lets see
swara – k see how I will handle them with out getting ragged

Karthik – challenge…
Swara – challenge accepted…
swayam says (till know who is silent by watching and enjoying) – I wish I am also in college I would have seen who are going to win and laugh…
both are giving death glares to swayam and each other…..
sumi -(to swayam) don’t worry tmrw you will go somewhere else
swayam – (exited) where I am going
sumi – to school
swayam – (pouting) Oh no…
all laughs and leave to their respective works…..

in shopping mall….
Swaragini get down the car…
Swara – kaka we will call you once we complete our shopping
kaka (driver) – k beta
ragini – kaka if you will feel hungry please do eat something k
kaka (smiles) – k I will eat beta but now you go are else it will become late..
Swaragini – k kaka
Swaragini will be waiting for riya in front of the mall while riya comes their…
riya – hi Swara hi ragini
Swaragini – hi riya come lets go inside
ragini – why mall is so rush
riya – oh today their is some celebration going on in the mall and I heard that few famous bands of our city will be performing…
ragini – Oh now what we will do it is so rush I don’t know why but I don’t like crowded places
riya – ragini come on in clg it will be like this only then what you will do you will not come to clg also
hearing to riya, ragini becomes worried..

Swara – don’t worry ragu I am with you na come lets go don’t pay head to riya
all three enter the mall and do shopping….
riya and Swara bye some modern dresses where ragini buys salwar suits…
Swara – k now we will go to that shop
riya – first we will eat something I am hungry
ragini – I am also tired

Swara – k then come lets go
they go to restaurant and order for sandwiches …
three are chitchatting and enjoying… even ragini is also enjoying their company although she is not used to it…
after finishing eating Swara and riya went to do few more shopping where as ragini told them she will wait for them in the restaurant only. ..

swara and riya left from their….
ragini see a girl of age around 6 is crying she feels bad for her and go to her
ragini – baby why are u crying
girl – Papa scolded me
ragini – why he scolded such a cute doll
girl – I just asked him I won’t to meet momma
ragini – don’t worry I will Tell your Papa to take to your momma
girl – no he said we can’t go their
ragini – why can’t we go
girl – because she is near God
ragini feels as if someone stabbed her heart she remember ‘s janki and her eyes gets moist due to tears…
mean while that little girls Papa comes and takes her away… ragini not even realised that the girl had already left but all her thoughts were again stucked at same point… what happen to her maa …. although she everyday misses her maa but today by seeing the small girl crying for her maa she remembered herself in the position of that small girl seven years back.. she can’t control herself and ran out of mall to the mall garden, Sat on one of benches and started remembering her moments with her maa… tears are flowing their is no way to stop them almost 15 to 20 min are over but still tears are not stopping…
suddenly someone kept a hand on her shoulder.. she wiped her tears and look back to see who was it…
she found a boy of 10 years standing their… ragini wiped her tears and composed herself…
ragini – (to boy) anything you want
boy – didi you are not beautiful
ragini – what
boy – Yes you are not beautiful may be a smile can make you worlds most beautiful girl
ragini – (with a smile) what are you saying
boy – I am saying you to smile and always keep smiling
ragini -(automatically she smiles by hearing him) that’s so sweet of you, Thanks for making me smile with your cute talks and fulls his cheek
boy – didi I am not cute, only girls will be cute and I am handsome
ragini – acha and who told you this
boy – (pointing towards a man with a guitar on his back only his back is visible not his face) that baiyaa told and he only first saw you crying, he gave me chocolate and asked to say all this to you

ragini looks at him but can’t see his face…
boy – I even asked him why you want her to smile is she your girl friend then he said for making some one happy their is no need of any relation between them
ragini is surprised by the gesture of that man towards a unknown person and she thought of thinking him and waves bye to that boy and leave in search of that mystery man….
ragini couldn’t find him so she thought of going into the mall as Swara and riya would come back any time…
ragini goes back to the restaurant but their is a huge crowd gathered and cheering up for a man who was ready to play….

ragini identified him to be the same person in the garden with his dress and the guitar he was holding… but she can’t see his face as the stage was Dark and none of the faces on the stage were visible….
then anchor announced that the man on the stage was going to play one of his own compositions and his name will be revealed later after the performance….
ragini is eagerly waiting for his performance don’t know why she feels a unknown connection towards him although she don’t know who is he…
when she is busy thinking about him she heard a music and resumed herself from her thoughts to see his performance….

the mystery man of ragini is sitting in the chair on the stage and started performing all the way his face is not visible….
but the music or tune he was playing seemed very familiar to her… she Suddenly got the flashes of a boy singing for a girl and the girl is enjoying herself (but their faces are not visible)…..

precap – is ragini able to know him??… first day of clg…. entry of dare devils.

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