Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 4

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Episode 3

It’s morning…
Sun rays are are falling on a girl who is sitting down in the balcony by resting her back to the wall and disturbing her sleep…
Sunaina enters her just then, sees ragini missing and calling out her name goes into the balcony…
Sunaina – raguu get up n come into the room
Ragini in sleepy tone good morning badi maa
Sunaina (smiling) – gud mrng beta now come into the room. again you slept here ragu how many times I have to say you not to do this but always I found you here only. sometimes I think you will spend more time in balcony rather than your room
Ragini – it’s not like that I like talking to stars it feels as if I am sharing with maa and she will take all my sorrows and fill my life with happiness
Sunaina – hmm so this badi maa has nothing to do then you are happy with your maa, both maa beti had forgotten me and janki say your daughter not to talk to me. I am useless to her na by looking at the sky
Tears are forming in her eyes by listening to her badi maa…
Sunaina – aree pagli I am just kidding ragu you became serious.. K baba Sorry (by catching her ears)
Ragini -badi maa (by removing her hands from ears) please I should be sorry how much you had done for me, more than Karthik bai you took care of me but I always keep on hurting you. I am so stupid. But badi maa I had no intentions in saying that, you are more than anything to me badi maa please forgive me
Sunaina – No ragini I was just kidding beta unknowingly also you can never hurt me
Ragini hugs her badi maa and weep
Sunaina – ragu now stop crying k otherwise I will feel bad for making you upset
Ragini – No badi maa I will not be crying please don’t be upset I can’t see you like that you should be always happy
Sunaina (wiping her tears) – k now enough of this senti drama I came here to check whether you are awake or not and see you wasted all the time. If everyone will get up they will shout for breakfast now you take a nap I will come after some time
Ragini – no badi maa I am not sleepy I will come and help you in kitchen after freshing up
Sunaina – no need ragu sumi is their to help me and what for we kept radha (their maid) you sleep I know you had not slept properly last night.. Ragini – badi maa I am fine. Sunaina – I know how much fine you are now do what I say k and hugs her..

Sunaina thinks I don’t know janki whether I am able to give ragu all the happiness she deserve or not I don’t know how she will learn to leave in this 7 years since you left us I tried my level best to full fill my duties towards her as a mother and give all the motherly love she required but I can’t see happiness in her eyes. She never asks for anything not complines about anything. Hope SomeOne come into her life to fill it with happiness, love and care . God Please take care of her… And she comes out of her thought by hearing ragini’s vocie.

Ragini – where were you lost badi maa
Sunaina – Nothing just thinking about random things…
And leaves from their to kitchen…

In kitchen..
Sumi – babhi where were you I am searching for you
Sunaina – I just went to ragu’s room why anything you want
Sumi – no Nothing I just want to ask you what to make for breakfast
Sunaina – anything you wish how many times I should remind you not to be formal
Sumi – it’s not like that babhi you know how to keep this family Happy more than me and about being formal respecting babhi is not being formal
Sunaina – kk know stop praising me although I am elder in relation and age but according to the family we are to pillars at Opposite ends and even maa and bauji always agree with this
Sumi – thanku babhi for always being their for me even after all that Happened in the past you never let me feel alone
Sunaina – Oh God enough why today all are taking so emotional please I can’t bear this emotional hatyachar
Sumi – who else made you emotional this morning ha I know who else it would rather than ragu. Except her neither of our kids would bother nor wake up this morning….
Both laughs and starts preparing breakfast…
Sumi – babhi you talked to baisa about yesterday
Sunaina – no Sumi yesterday till I enter the room ji already slept and you
Sumi – no babhi I asked but shekar said Nothing and went away
Sunaina – I think they are wantedly avoiding us so that they can’t answer us
Sumi – I to think the same
Sunaina – lets see till when they will hide..

In swara’s room…
Swara is seen sleeping like a Princess with a cute smile on her face then Suddenly she feel something is scrolling on her and opens her eyes to see a snake and shout to hell… Snake snake..
Then we can see two people smiling at her and enjoying the scene they are none other than swayam and Karthik…

Swayam – you always say that you are strong and see hear by seeing that dummy snake you are shouting like hell
Swara – shut up swayam ka bachhaa…
Karthik – ha shut up swayam she never say that she is strong she said that she is strongest of all and laughs louder
Swara – bai I am warning you not to do this again
Karthik – ohh swayam how can we do this again next time we will try for another creature
Swayam – Yes we will keep chipkali
Swara – both of you shut up, hits them with pillow and starts chasing them..

Mean while All family members gather near Swara room by hearing her shout..
And see what is happening and give unbelievable look…

Dadi -ohh katusham ji today what drama again they started I don’t know what karma I did in my last birth that u gave me such naughty grand childern
Dada – ho come on parvathi what you want you want ha. You think our grand childern also to be like you and your sons
Dadi – please you don’t start to irritate me this morning they even not let me to complete my pooja
Dada – then who told you to come by leaving pooja when you what will happen you are curious to know what they did this time…
Dadi – make faces and leave from their.
Samir and shekar (glares) – bauji please
Dada – know what I did why you both looking at me Like this
Samir – you know what you did and don’t make us to say it k
Shekar – you always irritate maa
Dada – see since when I took my retirement from business no one want me to be Happy its better to go to office only.. Balbbering he leaves from their..

Samir, shekar, sumi and Sunaina laughs by seeing their childern and parents irritating each other
Sunaina – kk you both go and freshup we will set dinning for breakfast, sumi come lets go
Sumi – ha come babhi
And they leave..

Shekar – see baiyya our family is so Happy we should sort this matter as soon as possible
Samir – Yes chote we can’t let face our family any trouble
And leave from their but ragini hears their conversation…
Ragini think I thought their would be some problem because of which bade Papa is upset but know I am sure about it…please maa help them to sort out the problem soon maa I can’t see them upset .. And I know your best wishes will always be with all of us Please keep this family safe and happy maa…

Here Swara get tierd by chasing her brothers she stops to drink and then think of something and smirks…
Swara – k I am tierd I will see you both afterwards
Karthik – ho really what Happened today jhansi ki rani got tierd early
Swayam – because she is becoming old day by day
Soon they sees them selfs drenched in water and swara smriking at them…
Soon they start chasing her with jug of water she runs from their and hides behind ragini…
Swara – ragu please save me yaar… Otherwise they are going to kill me…
Suddenly she get flashes of a boy coming towards a girl, by hiding behind her saying save me please yaar Otherwise he will kill me.. Ragini jerks And comes into her senses my hearing Swara’s scream and turns back and sees Swara drenched in water..
Swara – ragu what is this yaar where are you lost when they are approaching me..
Ragini (stammering ) – Swa… ara I am s..or.. ry I I am thi.. nk… ing a. bo.. ut…
Swara – relax ragini is everything fine why you look so worried what is bothering you
Swayam -di are you fine you look so tensed
Swara – shut up I am asking her know why you will interfere
Swayam – Di you always need a reason to fight with me
Swara – Oh shut up swayam I will….
Karthik – stop it both of you ragu are you fine goes near her and keeps his hand on her head Suddenly she comes into senses…
Ragini – ha ha I am fine I am fine what will happen to me Nothing its just my imagination
Balbbering she leaves to her room…
Swara – what happen to her
Swayam – what ever Happened because of you
Swara – not me because of you
Karthik – come on guys see how much she is scared and you are fighting
Swara and swayam at a time say sorrrryyyy by making puppy faces by seeing them Karthik laughs….

Ragini in her room…
What was that I am not getting any thing why I feel as if same thing happened to me before.. And who is that boy and girl are they same who come in my dream or different.. I always try remembering their faces but I can’t see them clearly.. One day I become mad by thinking of those dreams.. Maa please show me a way…

Sumi calls everyone for breakfast…
All are sitting and having their breakfast
Sunaina observed ragini’s tensed face and asked what Happened but she sighed her Nothing…

Dada – what have you decided to do today…
Swayam – dadu we will play video games Swara – not only you are here everyone else are their so please don’t give your stupid ideas
Swayam – maa see her
Sumi – shona shut up eat
Karthik – k guys we will play antakshari
Dadi – no
Dada – Yes and thats final
All say k… But ragini is not eating are involving in the conversation she is contonuosly thinking about the flashes that she is getting day and night while staring at her plate..
Samir – ragu why are you not eating
Ragini – Nothing bade Papa I was just thinking… Interupts
Dadi – k as you wish I am not going to involve in this stupid ideas I am going to do my pooja paat ragu will you read ramayan for me
Ragini – ji Dadi
Dada – ohho you will not enjoy and not let her enjoy she is not going with you she will play with us
Swara – Yes Dadi please let her stay with her
Ragini – no Swara I will go actually I am not interested in this right know
Karthik – come on ragu you are playing with us
Swayam – Yes Di please
Dadi – all of you are your dadu side only ragu is my side and know you are making her your side
Dada – Oh parvathi ragini is always my side only she just shows some pity on you so that you won’t feel alone..
All giggles at dada’s words….
Sunaina – k then you all play I will do arrangements for lunch
Sumi – babhi I will help you
Karthik – no today you two will also join and no more kitchen work
Swayam and Swara in unison Yes
Sunaina – but lunch…
Shekar – babhi radha is their no she will do
Sumi – but she alone can’t cook for all of us na and she is also not feeling well
Radha – it’s k now I am k I can cook
Sunaina – no radha your family trusted us and send you hear for work we can’t let you work when u r ill
Karthik – If that is the problem we will order from outside
Swara – ya this will be fine
Samir and shekar look at each other….
Shekar – k then we will come in few min do all the arrangements

Shekar and Samir leave from their…
Shekar – what to do know baiyya food from outside I think its risky
Samir – but if we say no again they will get daught
Shekar – then how we will manage
Samir – don’t worry chote I will tell vikram to arrange food and also I will ask him to check Before it delivers to our house
Shekar – k baiyya

In corridor…
All ladies are arranging mats and cusions for them sit and snacks and jucies, where swayam and Karthik are arranging music system….
Meanwhile Karthik gets a call from dhruv

Phone conversation….
Karthik – ha dhruv
Dhruv – are you not coming to clg this is first day no
Karthik – no actually today Papa and chote Papa on break so we thought of spending some family tym as they rarely get time
Dhruv – k but you told that your sisters will join our clg
Karthik – Yes Dhruv Papa had already spoken to principle sir only admission form falling is left that I will do it when I will come to clg
Dhruv – Karthik but even for freshers also with in 2 days clg is going to start I read the new notice just know so you do their admission today it self or else just once talk to admin department so that their will not be any problem at the time of their joining
Karthik – k Dhruv I will come know only
Thanks yaar
Dhruv – come on yaar don’t be formal we are frnds
Karthik – k then bye I will meet you in clg
Dhruv – k bye

Karthik – mom I need to go to clg
Sunaina – but why all of sudden
Karthik – actually clg for freshers is preponed so I need to take admission for shona and ragu
Sumi – duggu u can do it tmrw also na
Karthik – no choti maa clg will start with in two days I will leave now
Sumi – k then be careful while driving bike
Karthik – k choti maa
Sunaina – inform you dad Before leaving
Karthik – mom please you inform dad I am already late
Sunaina – k bye
After Karthik left…
Swara – within two days clg will start and ragu till know we not even done shopping
ragini – it’s k Swara we can also go for shopping after the clg is started
Swara – come on ragini we should look good in our clg so we are going to shopping tmrw and that’s final
Sumi – k but know what we will do

Just then samir and shekar come…
Samir- what we will do means are we not playing
Sumi – wo baiyya duggu went to clg
Shekar- what but I told na today we all are spending time together then why would you let him go that to Without informing us
All gets tensed by seeing shekars angry
Dada – why are you shouting on her he just went on admission work of shona and ragu
Samir – but once he would have asked Before leaving we would have talked to principle what is the need for him to go
Sunaina – ji is everything fine why you and shekar are so worried
Dadi – say chora I am getting tension is their any problem
Samir – no problem ma we are just concerned about him that’s it
Ragini – please say the truth I can feel some thing wrong is going on
Samir bow his head down and sits
Swara – Papa is ragu is saying what are you hiding from us
Sunaina – please ji say something
Ragini – mr. Gadodia Please you won’t be this much tensed Without any reason and I also heard you and bade Papa taking about some problem
Dada – just anyone open your mouth..
Shekar – bauji after returning we will explain you everything but know we need to rush. Come baiyya
Samir – ha lets go shekar
All are worried for Karthik.. Dadi is not at all stopping she is contonuosly crying even sumi and Sunaina are weeping silently.. Swara and swayam are worried and walking here and their..
Dada is trying to find out what is happening with his contacts (I already said he is business man but now took retirement)…..

Ragini by watching her family in tension went to in house mandir and started prayers to keep her family and Karthik safe but some unknown fear is also bothering her…..

Samir and shekar leave to Karthik’s clg and ask vikram to contact acp for help if needed…

On road we can see some goons are following Karthik in jeep … While Karthik is on his bike on the way to his clg…

Precap – what happens to Karthik???

Who are behind gadodias??? Is this related to ragini or something else???


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