Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 3


Hello friends…..
Thanku everyone who comment on my ff and to all those silent readers thanku very much…


Let’s begin the story….

Swara and ria are seen waiting for Karthik…
Karthik comes and sighs Swara to sit on his bike…
Swara waves bye to ria and say I will call you later .. Ria also bids bye to her and leave to her house.

On bike…
Swara – bai u saw how many missed calls today I am dead
Karthik – oh please they won’t say anything to you because all are thinking that you are with me but I am sure today they will definitely sue me… Oh god please save me
Swara chuckles.. While Karthik says laugh laugh I will also get tym then I will show you… both started irritating each other by their silly talks soon they reach home..
Swara – Thank God we are in time
Karthik – oh please you should thank me not God
Swara – thanku duggu baiya
Karthik – shona please yaar don’t call me duggu yaar
Swara – k come let’s go in
Karthik – ha come let’s go

In hall…
Swara and Karthik enter through the main door.. All the family members are seen standing and looking towards the door where as swayam was sitting in the sofa and eating chocolates… Dada and dadi are also siting next to him but even they are expression less..
Swara – what happened to you all you all are standing as if you got any punishment from teacher and chuckles..
When all glare at her and shekar sighs her to stay calm..
Karthik – ohho choti Papa what happened why every body faces are so dull what happened…
They are continuously talking without looking at the surroundings…
Then the camera focuses on the swing chair opposite to the swayam his back is facing towards them so they can’t see the face…
Suddenly shekar says baiyya come let’s have dinner see they shona and duggu had come back..
Samir (shouts) – shekar I am not deff I can hear them.. And you both when I said not to go out why you went out come on answer me…
Swara and Karthik bend down their heads….
Shekar – I am just saying they are back so let’s finish this matter here only why to prolonge it
Samir (shouts) – enough shekar I had told all of you not to go out today but no one listened to me these two went out and you also ignored my warning and went to office
Shekar – baiyya that file is important it is necessary to submit it today otherwise we would face a huge loss and about shona and duggu they are kids sometimes they make mistakes we should talk to them and sort out not yell yet them
Samir – ho so you will teach me how to handle kids ha we also used to do mistakes them me and Papa everytime we should excuse you and this was our biggest mistake
Shekar – baiyya please
Dada – enough both of you stop know we are not dead so everyone listen to know one would talk about past understand and this is my final decision
Dadi – ha Samir and shekar know go inside sort out the things and then come to dinner we will be waiting..
Samir and shekar go inside…

Dada – and you both when they come back apologise them because of you they fought today
Swara and Karthik – sorry
Dada goes inside and Dadi says never mind but you should be careful Samir won’t restricted you until their will be a reason and she also leaves from their…

Sunaina – I told not today but anyone won’t listen to me…
Sumi – babhi I will talk to them you don’t take tension. You go inside and please handle baiyya and shekar
Sunaina – hmm Sumi I will see what are they talking hope everything is fine I had not seen ji yelling like this…

In hall…
Swara – hope bade Papa forgives..
Karthik – ha shona I thought he will be angry but don’t know he will yell yet chote Papa.. What is happening yaar…Papa how much he will be angry he won’t hurt chote Papa but today God please everything fine… It’s all my fault
Swara – no bai don’t blame your self I am also equally responsible.. But I am not understanding what mistake of Papa is bade Papa talking about..
Sumi (in tension) – know please stop it… And leave from here..

In swayam room..
He is feeling guilty because of him today his Papa and bade Papa fought with each other
Just then ragini enters his room..
Ragini – so you are hear… You are the one who told bade Papa about Swara and bai..
Swayam – no why I will do that
Ragini – don’t say lies swayam you only told na you will show them hell.. Say truth swayam
Swayam – I am sorry Di I got angry on them so I called bade Papa and complained about them I don’t because of me all this will happen.. I am really sorry Di I don’t want to hurt any one please believe me Di please…

Swara and Karthik listens to him…
Swara – so you told bade Papa..
Karthik – see swayam because of you what happened..
Swayam bends his head and weeps then suddenly he hears Swara and Karthik
Giggling and shouts you are teasing me
Karthik – what to do when you are so cute while weeping
Swayam – I am not a girl to look cute
Swara – ha you are not cute you are too cute.. And pulls his cheek
Swayam – please stop it
Karthik – see shona our cutie pie even gets angry
Swara and Karthik give hi-fi to each other and three of them have a group hug..
Ragini is watching all these with moist eyes..
Three of them will pull her into the hug..
Swara – our hug completes only when we four are together..

Samir and shekar conversation..
Samir – sorry shekar I should not talked about it I am really sorry
Shekar – baiyya I am not angry with you
The truth is it was a mistake I am repenting it till now(remembers ragini) .. But you never made me feel low you always supported me.
Samir – thanku chote
Shekar – baiyya first you say what is wrong with you why are you behaving so wired these days..
Samir – nothing I am just in some tension
Shekar – baiyya please I never forced you to do anything till now but not today please say me what is making you worry
Samir – chote how should I tell you I am getting threatening calls from few days. I always ignored it but today again I got a note that may be I loose some one very close to me so I was very much worried about it.. That is why I told you all not to go out of house.
Shekar – par baiyya whose is doing this
Samir – don’t know who was that I tried so much to find out about it but of no use
Shekar – but we can’t sit like this from tmrw duggu ‘s clg is going to start and after two days shona and raguu will also join clg and swayam he already missed his school for many days and know again
Samir – I know Shekar and we can’t even say them anything all get worried
Shekar – what to do then
Samir – I already talked to acp he told he will do something
Shekar – k baiyya

Sunaina enters the room and calls for dinner..
Shekar – k I am leaving you two come and he leaves
Sunaina is looking at Samir with dought..
Samir – what
Sunaina – what
Samir – that is what I am asking.
Sunaina – I should ask you what happened to you why are you in anger
Samir catches his ears and says sorry
Sunaina – k you know how to cool me
Samir – of course you are my wife I know how to handle you
Sunaina – acha..
And both laughs and go to dinning Hall..
All are seated in their respective places… Swara and Karthik apologise to all the elders and all forgive.. They all have a nice family time..

Samir – k after all these drama we should have a break so tmrw we all will celebrate
Dadi – what is their to celebrate
Shekar – baiyya is saying correct we should celebrate for us also it will be stress buster after all we work all the days so one day break is needed..
Swayam – but tmrw is last day for submitting the project if I will not submit I will loose marks
Swara – as if you care about your marks you are just scared about your teacher’s Karthik also joins her and teases swayam
Samir – stop you both and swayam don’t worry I will talk to your teacher
Swayam – thanku bade Papa.. And sticks his tongue out and show it to Swara and Karthik
Dada – k then now it is final now we all will go to our farm house
Shekar – no Papa why to waste time in journey we will enjoy here only
Sunaina – but.. Interrupted by
Samir – yes we will enjoy here only as I am already tired of today’s journey and again I can’t do journey..
K all agrees…

After dinner Sunaina and sumi are cleaning the kitchen and ragini is helping them…
Ragini – badi maa you don’t think bade Papa and Mr. Gadodia are in some tension
Sunaina – no raguu their is nothing like that you go and sleep we will talk tmrw..
Ragini – k badi maa gud ni8
Sunaina – gud ni8 beta..
After ragini left…
Sumi – ragini is correct babhi they are hiding something from us.
Sunaina – I to think the same but you know how much stubborn they are they won’t share it with us we will see up to when they will hide it.. K you go and sleep I will check on maa and papaji..
Sumi – k babhi gud ni8
Sunaina – gud ni8

Sunaina thinks God please protect my family from evil eyes…

Raginis room…

Ragini is seen sleeping peacefully..
In her dream…. One boy is seen who is brutally beaten by some goons and a girl is seen pleading another boy by siting on her knees and folding her hands..
Their faces are not visible clearly…
Girl – please say them to leave him I will do what ever you want please leave him
Boy 1 to girl – don’t bow in front of him I can’t see you like this
Boy 2 – don’t worry after this you can’t see her ever
Girl – no please don’t do it trust me please
Boy 2 – sorry he has to leave this world by saying this he goes near to boy 1 and beat him with iron rod on his head
Girl shouts noo…..
Here ragini wake up with a thud, she is swetting all over..
Oh god not again saying she drinks water and walks towards balcony…
In balcony looking into the the sky she feels relaxed.. Maa where were you today again I got the dream. After many days again I felt the fear of loosing someone. I don’t know why but I am feeling weird I think something is going to change in my life..I even don’t know it is for good or bad. What ever it may be but keep this family happy maa…
After today’s incident I strongly feel something is wrong please what ever it is make it right… I know you always be on my side…
Love you maa love you to the core…

Precap – ragini’s weird feelings.. Attack on Karthik…

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  1. Sindhura

    U said that today epi will clear my confusion on this ff whether it is sad ff or not but
    I didnt understand still but one thing is clear that raginj is very reserved and all likes her

    1. Ragz_teju

      Sry dear I won’t clear it in this episode but thought to keep it suspense for few more episodes.. But for U I am revealing my concept ragini’s incomplete love story in her past birth will be completed in this birth.. And none of the family members are related to her past birth.. Thanku dear keep reading

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  3. Awesome dear as always . Update soon

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    awesome update, i know swara and kartik liked ragini but somewhere i felt ragini is left alone, her siblings (except Swayam) didnt give her that much importance in their life. sorry if i hurt you.
    i just read your reply that this is story is about reincarnation, i am so happy becoz i just love reincarnation story, so now i am so excited to read it. update soon.

    1. Ragz_teju

      I already told you that she is not so well bonded with her siblings in my first episode dear… Because of her mothers mysterious death…. It will be known in further episodes dear. Thanku and keep reading..

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