Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 1

Hello friends….


Gadodia family(gf)..
Unlike the serial the Gadodia’s are rich they live in Gadodia mansion (gm)
Dendeyal Gadodia (dg) (64 years) head of Family father of samir and shekar. Some what strict. Used to look after their family business now due to ill health staying at home.
Parvathi gadodia (pg) (60) wife of dg. Some what orthodox, always thinks about something and regrets(will be known later). everyone in the family will have fear of her.
Samir gadodia (sg) (44) first son of dg and pg very strict regarding business but when it comes to family he can do anything for them. Will be upset with shekar for some reason (will be known later)
Shekar gadodia (shekar) (42) second son of dg and pg love his family very much but one mistake of his turned to be the worst nightmare of gadodia family (will be known later). He is also into business along with his bro and father.
Sunaina gadodia (Sunaina) (40) wife of samir he is house wife Love’s her family and always try to keep the family one. She is the only one who had convinced all the family members to forgive shekar.
Sharmista gadodia(sumi) (39) second wife of shekar she is also a house wife little bit towards children of their family due to some reasons.
Janki rathore /gadodia(janki) first wife of shekar died few years ago she is loving and caring personality.. Her death is a mystery no one how and why she died. Before her death she is divorced with shekar and he is married to Sharmista as she is his first love.
Janki and Sunaina are Sisters.

Coming to the children of gadodia family…
Karthik gadodia (duggu) (21)- son of samir and Sunaina yet to complete his studies.(last year of bachelors) Modern yet family man.
Swara gadodia (shona) (18)- daughter of shekar and sumi. Modern and bubbly girl. Karthik and Swara share a great bond they do pranks, always in mood of masti
And enjoy a lot all admire their brother sister bond.
Ragini gadodia (18)- daughter of Janki and shekar came to live with her family after the death of Janki she is a introvert, traditional and will not share a good bond with her siblings. Close to Sunaina and talks very less to other family members.
Swayam gadodia (12)- son of shekar and sumi very naughty and youngest of all the siblings. Always blackmails swara and Karthik about their parties and hangouts and make them to do their work. Love’s his both Sisters and brother a lot.

I think now you got to know who is the girl in prologue.

A girl is seen talking to her moms pic and saying I miss you mom but I will never forget my promise mom. Whom ever is reason for your death I will never leave them I will make sure that they will suffer to the hell by wiping her tears and making a determined face.
Then she suddenly hears a women calling out ragini beta come down fast.
Ragini – coming badi maa
Ragini comes out of the room by keeping the pic back on the table. Then we can see the entire house which is huge and beautiful. Ragini comes downstairs without noticing the stairs is full of water without seeing she keep her feet on the water and slips but manages not to fall my taking the support as soon as she realises what is happening a boy comes running towards her and both slips and falls down by a thud sound soon family members (Sunaina, sumi, shekar dada and dadi) gathers their listening to the sound.
Sunaina and sumi comes and makes them stand.
Sumi- ragini are you fine beta
Ragini – I am fine Mrs gadodia thanks for your concern with a smile (here ragini is not rude but can’t accept the relation of shekar and sumi)
Sunaina – ragini are you sure you are not hurt na beta
Boy -offo Di said na she is fine but you are again asking her but no one care about me making fake angry face.
Sunaina and sumi – acha swayam sorry baba now say what you want
Swayam – see again you are asking me only what I won’t nobody are asking whether I am k are not
Shekar – bus dramebazz daily you will fall for atleast 10 times nothing will happen to you but always fake injury and make your maa and badi maa do all your works. Who don’t no about you idiot.
Swayam – Papa you always scold me but you say nothing to shona Di and duggu bai. He pouts and go from their while everyone laugh at his antics.
Pg- but how the water came in the middle of stairs if I would fall I would have gone up. Thanku katushamjiii…
Dg – parvathi on stepping on water no one will go up.. And I am not that lucky so relax
Pg – what do you mean am I that burden to you no one cares about me and she leaves from their angrily.
Dg – like dadi like potha no one can change them
Sunaina – Papa why you always make ma angry
Dg – at this age what can I do rather than enjoying her anger
While all laughs and leave from their…
Sunaina – but how does water come on stairs just before few minutes radha (their house keeper) cleaned the floor
Sumi – who else be di non other than
Sumi and Sunaina at a time shona and duggu…

Precap : entry of karthik and Swara.
Introduction of other characters.

All are similar to characters of serial…
Karthik – Manish Goplani (bihaan from tapki pyaar ki)
Swayam- faishal khan (pratap from maharana pratap)
Samir- Sanjeev Set (vishwambarnath from yrkk)
Sunaina – Lata Sabharwal (rajshri from yrkk)

Note : lead is ragini but every one has their importance. I try not to disappoint any of the fans.


  1. Fairy

    Superbbb awesomeee loved ittt yaaaarrrr…waitng for nxt eagerlyyyyy…keep rockng๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Yashasvi


    |Registered Member

    wowwww it’s awesome……………. love my ragini , thanksss fr making her lead and the ques is dat is it based on ragini’s life or , pairs will also be made…………………
    whatever it is love ragzz and thanzzz fr ff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep smiling n stay blessed…………….

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