Hamari Adhuri Kahani epi-2


Hi guy so I am back let’s continue!
————————————————————————————————————————————–Recap-aaba death . Aru to leave for Krishnavati.
Aradhya and Ashiwini’s bags packedleave in a car. 6 hours later, a milestone is shown which has the name krishnavati.
The car stops at the border of the village. Aradhya gets out of the car and comes to the entrance of the village.
Old man- Beta you have come back I am very happy.but also sad because my dad died. yes the man is Shashwant.
A villager comes screaming saying-Sarpanch is coming!everyone Chimaji and family are coming!
Aradhya gets tensed hearing to her father in law’s name.
Tulsi comes and tells Aradhya-Beta you remember me? Come since your married and entering this village with your child kick this kalash and step into the red water and walk till the temple.
Aradhya does as told.

She then turns carrying a plate of sindoor and turns but Aryan stands there his hand falls on the plate of sindoor and Aradhya is about to fall down but in catching her he fills her maang.
Villager- Aryan baba aur Aradhya Betiya ki shaadi hochoki hai.ab Aryan ko Aradhya aur uski bachi ko svikaar na hoga!
Aryan-what nonsense is this? How can I accept a fatherless child as my own?
Aradhya eyes red in anger slaps Aryan infront of the whole village.
Aradhya- My daughter is not fatherless! Her father is alive and very well present here!
Ashwini enters just then.

Aryan- then point out to your husband?i mean your child’s father!
Aradhya slowly lifts her hand and points to Aryan.
Aryan is shocked even Ashwini is she is in tears.
Ashwini-Aayi?(everybody looks at her and villagers make way for her to go.)Aayi? This human is my father?Answer me?i have every right to know?

Villagers- yes! Swear on your daughter and tell us the truth!
Ashwini places Aradhya’s hand on her head.
Ashwini – promise on my life that this person is my father!
Aradhya- I swear Aryan Pratap is the father of my child. Apart from me there is one more person who knows the truth.
Aryan- who is that? Come ot.
Tulsi steps forward and tells me.

Precap- Araa Marriage Aaba Sahib funeral.

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  1. Manya

    Episode was awesomeeeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Asmitha

      Thanks even your ff is awesome.

  2. Waitingg for next part..(with lotz f doubt & confussion)??

    1. Same ?

    2. Asmitha

      Don’t worry as you go reading you will understand. Also tell me your questions.

  3. silent reader

    nice continue

  4. Crazy..Sheeba

    Uff nic epi pls nxt …I wnt Aryan as a caring father like he ws fr Aradhya….

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