Hamari adhuri kahani (2 shots) (1) [by samaira)

A clg is shown
2 girls are eating
They are none other then our swaragini.
Sw:uf this prof.
Rag: prof nahi problem.
ra:acha what about ur desition of not doing marrige.
S:ha.i hate boys love n all.but not have any prob to make friendship with them.
R:dost lucky is my bf.see he is good.
S:ha but
r:what but
Swa pov
m sorry ragu. But have to do it. M helpless.oh i dont know what to do. Ganesh ji plz help me.
Pov ends

a group of boys are seen pulling a boy.
The boy: plz lucky mera bhai,sahil,veny,avinash leave me. I will not desterb u guys. Sorry.
Lak:nahi.u eated my half head now will not let u eat u more bhai
“ss he is our hero”
sanskar propuse her.
Sanky is about to ran when all hold him n again start to pull.
a gal see all this. She is none other then kavita.
Kav pov
oh god if sanskar propuse swara then it will be a great problem. God plz save me this time only
pov ends.
Kav: no i wont let this happend i have talk with swara.sanskar is mine
all is seen by sahil.
Sahil pov
i love u swara. But i know u have a big crush on sanskar n sanskar is my jan. I know u will stay happy with him. I have to stop kavita.
Pov ends
sahil pull kavita.
he is smiling.

all some how bring sanky to canten.
Lak hold her front of sanky.
Lak:say hi sanskar.
San pov
oh god ji save me. M smart why m felling shy.m wearing cloths but then too.
I just say hi to her.
Pov ends.
Swa pov
what.i have a big crush on him. He is too smart and bold boyof clg.he is the son clgs trusty .Why he is behaving like coward.
Pov ends
sw:lucky why bring this coward here.
This is good for sanky.
Saying this he ran from canten.
lak:bhai why u ran?
San:lucky she says me coward yapee.
Lak:guys catch him.

after 15 [email protected]
all again bring him.
Lak:say now.
All boys are holding him tigthly.
San very slow loking down: i love u.
san more slow:i love uuu.
Swara gives a slap on laks face n lak pases it to sanky.
San:for u i got the slap from my bestie now u have to say it 22 times.
San just blablars:i love u love u 3 2. I love u…
Swa: chipku naver seen a girl.
Saying this she leave.
Here our sanky cry like a kid.
From that when swara sees him just use a word ” chipku”
n sanky give a lil smile. Swara also like that smile but just show angar.
Days pass like this. Now sanky is in last year.
Sanky is near gate.when swara enters.
Again that word chipku.
Sanky gives a lil smile. Swara leaves.
Lak:bhai u dont allow me to see that lether box just tell me what is the specal things in that.
San lost:swara’s memory.
San: wait no i mean yes.
Lak:u love her very much na.
San painly:yes.
Lak:trust on god.
San:ragini loves u.
Lak:wait i am acting to be her bf. Cz in class some one loves me and i wanted to know who is that.
San:idot did u tell her.
Lak: no m going to do break up with her.
San:lucky wait.

Laksh didnt listen.
Lak pov
ragini i love u but if kavya knows that then she will kill u. She is behind my money. God what will happend.
Pov ends
lak: i m acting to be ur bf. I hate u.
Ra: but i love….
Lak: i dont care.
Saying this he left.
All is seen by swaSan.
Swara rans to ragini and sanky reach talking baby stapes.
the half day pased with the advise of swasan.
San: see he was just acting to be ur love. M sorry behave of him.
Here swara is solding her
swara in one breth:how much time i will tell u to not foll at boys trap. But u naver listen to me. Oh god why u not listen to me. Now see the fun of boy.
San:will u shut up. Her boy friend left her n ur solding her. What is her fault. Tell me. Hmm tell me ee.
Swara is suprised and stay quite.
Sanky again start with ragini.
Swara is just loking at him.
After a hour they finished . After ragini left. Swara is near door. Sanky start to walk n stop in side of swara.
San:m sorry to behave like this but her condition was wrost. Saying this he take a step when swara call him.
Sw:listen mr.
San:sanskar maheswri. The son of this clg’s trusty.
Swa smile at this n sanky comes back.
Sw:sanskar i know that lucky cant do this. So something is fishy. Will u help me.
sanky reach at mm. When he is about enter in mansion when hears something.which shocks him.
next day at clg
sanskar call swaragini and lak.
15 min later
swaraglak reach and sees police and kavya there.
Sanky plays a video.
kav:laksh dont try to double cross me or else i will kill ragini.
Lak:no.i give break up.
Vd ends.
San:inspector arest her for smugling.
Kav:how u knw.
San:i know every thing.

Inspector takes her.
Swara hug him in hapines.
Sw:thanks for saving my sis.
Sa:i love u.
Swa broke the hug.
Sw:hifi u love me. I also love
sw:ya myself.
Sanky sit on floor.
Swa smile and foward hand.
Sw:so friends.
3 years leap
plz forgive me for mistake m 4 years kid.
propose side is real. She is my cusin. She just in 8th.m in 7th.so we r sis cam bestie. The boy is also at 8th. So funny propuse na.

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    Samaira dear,I didn’t understand one thing, if you are 4 years old then how can you read in 7th grade…
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