Swara kisses him in his eyes saying i love u sanskar…forgive me for the pains i have given u..sanskar keeps his finger on her lips and says..shhhh…Shona I love u……….He kisses her forehead…then on her eyes…….kissing the tears rolling down the cheeks and was about to kiss on her lips suddenly they hear Sujatha’s sound asking Laksh Howz Sanskar..where is my Beta i wanna see him now.They suddenly realised its hospital and swara moves apart shyly not able to look to Sanskar’s eyes.Sanskar was staring at Swara who was blushing out of what had happened.Heart broken Laksh along with other family members came to the room and started laughing .Swara and sanskar looked at them doubtfully…Parineeta came near to Sanskar asking him to rub off the Kumkum from his face which accidentaly had on Sanskars face while kissing her forehead.Swara shyly goesa near him and wipes it off.They all returned back to Maheshwari house along with Swara and Sanskar. Swara and Sanskar wished to be with each other but all other ladies teased them and asked to be patient till the fast breaks. Sanskar was roaming around Swara to see a glance but ladies were standing around her as a shield.Swara dressed like a bride and came downstairs Sanskar was fully mesmerised to see her beauty and watches her as if he was seeing her for the first time.Swara too looks on Sanskar …Their Eyes speak a lot…….She wishes to hug him and be in his arms….Moon came and all ladies watches the moon through the sieve and tehn their hubbys face.Lakshya was looking on Swara curtly.Sanskar breaks her fast and swara too feeds him.While all other ladies started dancing and other games Swara leaves to her room and stands beside the window looking at the moon.Sanskar came behind her closing the door and holds her around from back asking her are u thing of me??she shyly nods…Sanskar make her turn towards him and ask to look into his eyes…she looks into his eyes and he startss his romance ur face is more beautiful than the moon and kisses her forehead……ur eyes beautiful than the sea and kisses on her eyes………..ur cheeks more reddish than the rising sun and kisses on her cheeks …..ur lips much sweeter than honey and kisses her lightly……..then lifting her face he kisses her lips hardly till she is feeling hard to breath…He lifts her in his arms and make her sit on the bed…He removes the earrings and kisses her both ears…Removes her chain from the neck kissing her neck…She is feeling as if she is floating in the sky……He unties the knot of her blouse kissing the back and removes the neatly plated saree……….She hugs him tightly……..(continues)

Credit to: Diana

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  1. Wow I wish they keep these scenes in real swaragini serial

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  6. awesome. . ur imagination is super..
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