Hamara pyar ki kahani (thahan) Intro

It is my intro episode I hope people will support me…i’m specially a fan for Mounika who is playing the role shraddhadhruvpandey…

Everyone started hating thapki including bauji….
The only person who has trust upon her is only bihan
B for bihan one day comes to thapki and asked her to sign on the papers..
Thapki:what is this bihan
Bihan:hamara divorce papers…
Bihan keeps it on the table and he left…
Thapki took the papers along with the pen but she is about to sign but she can’t
She recalls all her moments with bihan
She tears the papers….

Next day morning….
Everyone is having breakfast expect bihan&dhruv….
Thapki asked bauji&dadi should I serve u
They said no thanks

Suddenly one beautiful girl came into the house having beautiful tee shirt&jeans…having strug upon it. …
Shraddha:(looks her surprised to see her)who r u??
Everyone looks at her she didn’t replied …
Everyone goes there she is present here but her eyes are not here…
Her eyes are saying that she is searching for someone….
Suddenly one man is coming down by keeping handcuff button…he is not looking down…
He about to slip….
This girl went and holds him…..
He looked into this girl..
They both have an eye lock….
He is so happy to see her…
He cups her face. …
Everyone shocked to see it…
He called MEGHANA ….
Meghana:she says yes…

Anyone can guess who is he??

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  1. Interesting story upload next part soon.. I think he is Bihaan.

  2. that’s dhruv… he will wear coat na….

  3. nooo I think he is dhruv …but anyway I love thahan …ur ff is interesting …keep it up

  4. Plz upload thahaan ff not sharuv.
    waiting for next part

  5. Very nice eagerly waiting for the next Part. Plz keep the story long. It was too short

  6. It’s good keep writing
    I guess he is bihaan, well,may be
    plzz update fast

  7. Hmmm very interesting looks like Shraddha is positive here

  8. Superb…please try to update daily…n i think he is bihaan

  9. Update next part soon…make it slightly lengthier…awesome

  10. Dhruv , think so

  11. I miss dhruv thapki chemistry

  12. Very awesomeee story dear plz update soon it has been already two days since you updated this part so hurry up we can’t wait anymore nithya??

    1. And plz dear make it longer ,I’d love to read a longer part !!

  13. Very nice..
    Plz update soon..
    Its been 2 days

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