Hamara Dil Kehta hai Tumhe (RAGLAK) OS


Hii guys i am new to here but i will surely will try to give my best performance


Ragini – A innocent girl who has lost her whole family in car accident ad his husband left him
Laksh – A man who is betrayed by someone very close to him

Ragini was living in a small apartment after her parents death – she was alone , she had no friends and after his husband left him the samaj people start to bad mouth her – her alone life . She thought that she can’t sit in the chair and do nothing what about her living -So she applied for a job in a school name Malipha universities

She was feeling uncomfortable amongst most of the teacher but still manage to have a friend name swati -maths teacher
One day they both were talking
swati – ragini suno tumne science ke paper toh check kar liye honge
ragini-haan hamne kar lie hai
swati – toh mere ghar chalo naa mughe maths ke karne hai magar mughe bahut kaam bhi hai pls help kar dena
ragini-magar mei …
swati -nahi koi nahi pls aao naaa
ragini-thik hai agar tumko khushi mile toh thik hai ……..

They both went into her house Swati lived with her real brother (they both lives alone )
They both enetered into
the home as swati entered the key and open the gate something came and hit ragini -it was a file she fall down on knees
Swati gets tensed and looked around the mess and slap her head she took ragini too the couch and put her there . She entered in there and ragini heard a thund sound in there she get tensed and saw that swati had slapped someone she didn’t know him his face was down but his eyes were looking for something he falls on knees and swati is looking away atlast that man get something to hit swati but ragini came and side her and that thing fall on ragini head and blood start to come out

Ragini thinks – ham aaye bhi nahi aur hamara bura wakt shuru kyu essa hamare saath hota hai
Swati gets tensed even the man too
Swati shout at him – LAKSH what the hell kya hai yeh tum kisiko esse kese maar sakte ho are you mad ? tears come in her eyes – yaar tum …………..
she goes away ragini looked at her from back (yes he is laksh ) laksh also goes away ragini put up a file and looked inside it
There was some photo of laksh and a girl but to her surprised there were cross mark on them like he dosn’t wanna see but still want to ….
Ragini eyes had tears she kept it on the table she remembered her good times with her husband (moh moh ke dhaage start to play )

Ragini looks up and was about to exit room when she heard a voice – ruko it was laksh he had first aid box in his hand
Ragini-iski jarurt nahi hai ……………
laksh-hai mere wajah se aapko ………..(he can’t countinue )
Ragini- kucch jakhmo pe marham nahi lagaya jaa sakta aapka bhi yahi haal hai naa
laksh gets surprised a stranger who he dosn’t know name knows about him he puts the kit on bed and close to her his anger increase — how do you know
She shows the file laksh looks at it and gets angry – how dare you to take someone personals
Ragini-personals ????????? aapne yahi kitab toh hamare ghar ke ghuste hi pheki thi she looks down while smiling and laksh anger calmed he looked at himself in mirror
Then he goes to the kit and say yeh lagalo agar itna pta hai toh yeh toh pta hi hoga jab koi jakaham mit sakte hai toh unhe mita diya jata hai
Ragini looked into his eyes and says – Mite hue ghav aur dard dete hai jab unki yaad aati hai (she remember her time with him some tears start to appear but she wipes it ) ham uss dard se gujar chuke hai nahi chahte ki aap bhi gujre aur sirf aap bhi nahi koi bhi naa gujre bahut dard deta hai kasam se

Laksh looked at her for a second and say – kon ho tum ???
Suddenly swati comes from behind and say –Tumhe kya matlab tum jaake apna kaam karo
Laksh looked at swati and say – I am sorry sis mughe bahut kaam tha aur mughe ek file nahi mil rahi thi (he looked at ragini ) but magar mughe mil gayi hai (back to swati ) I am sorry
Swati hugged him and say mughe pta hai tumhe uski bahut yaad aati hai magar pls apne aapko yo dard mat diya karo
Then ragini and swati went to living room swati aided her and they both start to work , while doing work laksh looked at ragini – Jab meine kaha tha ki mei laga deta hu tab kyu nahi maani – aai yeh mei kya soch rha hu pagal ho gya hu kya concentrate lucky concentrate

At evening ragini told swati that she should be going but swati insisted her to stay over she will give her some clothes too – ragini agreed and stayed there
At 8 o clock
Ragini was making food swati told that she will make ragini says that she should do her work she will make they share a bonding talk and then swati left ragini . That was the time when laksh entered into the kitchen and saw ragini working he was hypnotized by her beauty but managed himself and say – thanks you
Ragini looked at him – kya ??? she looked at him innocently laksh – voh aapne mughe ehsaas karwane mei help ki
Ragini smiled – isme konsi badi baat hai ? insaan ne toh janam hi liya hai ek dusre ki madad karne ke liye
Laksh-magar kucch log hai joh dil tod dete hai
Laksh-kucch nahi
Ragini – vese umm laksh aap kaam ka karte hai ?
Laksh-aapko mera naam kese pta chala ragini turned and looked at him laksh come a little close and ragini looked at him in eyes –voh voh they break the eyelock
Ragini-voh jab aapna jhgada hua tha tab pta chla
Laksh – essa hai kya use yaad aaya meine aapka naam nahi puccha ?
ragini – mera naam ragini hai ………………
Laksh come to her again and looks at her they both look in each other eyes laksh bahut sundar naam hai
Ragini looking in eyes – thank you aapka bhi
Suddenly the cooker whistled and they both ressemble laksh – I am sorry
Ragini – its ok aapka koi galati nahi hai
Laksh- mughe maaf kardo ?
Ragini thinks and says –ek sharat par ?
Laksh was about to get angry but gets a smile on his face hearing those inncent words – aap hame aap aap karke nahi blaenge laksh –thik hai magar aap bhi matlab tum bhi mughe aap aap karke mat bulana
Ragini – ok

The night comes and they all have supper they both appriciet ragini and it was time to sleep
Swati said that her bed is too small but laksh has a queen size ragini gets shocked but laksh says – meine niche so jaunga no problem ragini –magar laksh – koi baat nahi ……. Ragini – toh thik hai …..
They both entered in the room . laksh opened AC ragini start to feel cold laksh comes and give her a blanket ragini looked at him for second and say aap ???
Laksh puts a finger on her lips to shush her – mei nahi mughe aadat hai
They both set to sleep but laksh can’t sleep he countinue to look at the sleeping ragini – he had falled in love maybe ………………………….

The days pass on and there bonding start to grew up swati thought to bring them close so she planned something she called ragini to her house in emergency a worried ragini entered and saw a dead laksh taking last breath – She was tramatrised , laksh was aout to say something when ragini shushed him – bas aaj ham olenge aur aap sunege pehle din se aapne hamare dil mei ek aanokhi jagah bna li thi ham aapko ek bahut accha dost samaghte the aap hame dhoka de rahe hai kya aapne kaha tha ki aap hamare dost rahenge hamesha aur aapne hamara dil ka ek hisse ka ehsaas dila diya hai laksh laksh hame chod kar mat jaeye aapne hamari aakeli jindagi ko phirse rango mei bhar diya aapke ina ham kucch nahi hai RAGINI LAKSH KE BINA KUCCH NAHI HAI …………………….. haan mr. maheshwari I LOVE YOU shayad hame der ho gyi magar ham aapse bahut pyaar karte hai ………… ham bahut karte hai she was crying badly laksh can’t see her like that and said – me too
Ragini opened her eyes and saw a live laksh she ran from there in fear thinking a ghost –Batchao bhoot bhoot She ran all over atlast she collide with laksh and was about to fall when he gave her a hand she opened her one eye and saw herself alive but closes as she saw laksh she start to recite
Jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu ………………………………………
Lakaha jerked her and she come in senses she touches his face and then hand some tears appear in her eyes and then she start to beat him badly (lightly) laksh start to run away and while running he says LAKSH BHI RAGINI KE BINA NAHI REH SAKT AKYU PUCCHO MAT BECAUSE HE LOVE HER LIKE THE WHOLE WORLD

A smile come on her face they both hugged and laksh kissed her on forehead . Ragini looked up to him – mei ………… she start to blush
And they both confess for each other , they have passinate true kiss on lips (liplock) . After sometime swati enetered and brought a cake and told everything to ragini they both were happy and soon thought of maariage ………………….

But when they saw ragini they told laksh to leave her and tiold that she had a husband he left her everyone bad mouth her and they too don’t like her .
Ragini gets heartbroken and ran away she went near the bridge she was going to suiside and was thinking about her berang life she was about to jump when laksh come and saved her his parents were also there – they told her that they can marry but they will never bless them ragini was scared she doesn’t want that laks leave his family for her laksh made her agreed
They were leading a happy life with there cute daughter name RAGYA ………………….

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Credit to: Anshika

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  9. Understood wit difficulty..nxt time write in english dr fr people like me who dono hindi itz v diff to read… loved raglak

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