hamaari adhuri kahani (twinj) Epi 1


Hello every one its me princess again…
Characters are same guys….
She loves me omg she loves me …. Twinkle loves me gosh I don’t believe it… Wow thought kunj… He was fully in excitement. Next day he saw a girl come up to his desk… He was all alone in the class… No one was around … She came and “KUNJ!!! U r so unromantic how could u do this to ur girlfriend kunj how could u… No one is in the class at least now u can talk na kunj” she was very pretty and her cheeks were pink due to tension. She turned away and sat with a sad face… She felt that someone was breathing heavily on her forehead and to her surprise it was kunj and he said “twinkle listen, this isn’t the right time for all this, first, we have to complete our school and college and lets get married but this is wrong I know I love u but this ain’t the right time for all this just trust me meri syappa queen ?. Only u will be my wife but for now u should study and score good marks which will make ur mom proud of u ok???” And twinkle said “ok I will do it but u have to promise me that u will never leave my hand kunj…never!”
Kunj: Ofcourse I wont twinkle…
Twinkle: Bye kunj (kissed him on cheeks)

3 years passed and twinkle is still waiting for kunj who has gone to London for his collz but twinkle is doing it in Amritsar itself during her collz she got many new frnds one among them is uvraj luthra who loves twinkle alot and wants her at any cost but twinkle is unaware of it….
One day twinkle gets a call from Usha sarna kunj’s mom who says that kunj is coming back tomorrow…
Twinkle hurries home and makes arrangements for kunjs arrival
The next day…
Kunj arrives and twinkle went to the airport to bring him home both are equally happy to see each other and share a short kiss which is noticed by uv which makes him feel jealous… He intros himself to kunj and all get back home…uv feels very jealous while kunj is around…
Uv is desperate to make twinkle his and can go to any extent to get her…
Next day uv called kunj to a goodown and started beating him up with the help of some goons,kunj was badly injured and he was thrown down the hill by uv and his goons… There was no news about kunj for 2 days and twinkle was worried and she was about to go to uv but she heard him talk to someone about the whole kunj’s murder and all she recorded everything and handed it over to the police and the police arrested him and his goons….
Twinkle saw kunjs body and cried alot and she remembered their moments together from childhood and took his hand which was full of blood and filled her forehead and said “l am Mrs.twinkle kunj sarna and even though kunj is not there with me , I have his memories, I can live with it itself”
Last… Many years passed…
Twinkle was in her death bed and she hugged kunjs photo and said “I love u kunj” and she stopped breathing….
The doctor said to the nurse to inform their relatives and….
In heaven, kunj standing(in srk pose) and twinkle runs and hugs him and both together say “LOVE U” ….

Guys how was it,bad or good??? Waiting for ur comments plz do comments …
Comments se hi meri kahani chalega yaar?

Credit to: princess

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  1. Its just awesome dear-

  2. Nice man but why did u end it soo fast..

  3. princess what happened to ur previous ff??
    btw this one looks,,,a teen story..m excited..

  4. u r 2 fast yaar. anyway very nice epi

  5. Thx guys I’ll give another ff after a week this is one shot and I’m writing a new ff on swaragini u’ll love it guys thnx for the comments

  6. Thnx

  7. Very good n touching

  8. very nice intro
    loved it loads

  9. Awesome princess ur FF was so nice…the last scene was emotional..??

  10. wow….so nice yaar……loved it..

  11. Meenat Abubakar

    Yeah excellent princess, luv it

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