Halloween night #nokaanchi #nosanveer (one shot)

Hey guys I’m back. This idea came to me after reading ashanita’s Halloween special episode. …..so I thought to write an os on this.
I think it’s already clear from the title that here is no sanveer or kaanchi drama. So I request all the readers to give ur feedback after reading this. This os will focus only on how our characters celebrate their Halloween night ??
This is the first time I’m writing for Halloween party.? …. I have never read about any Halloween party? before. After reading ashu’s ff I tried to make my own story.

Pls do ignore grammatical nd typing mistakes.

Here all r friends i.e. kabir, saanchi, veer,pragya,nd isha. Only ria has another gang. No drama ……only fun and party.

I know after reading this u will throw ur slippers ?? as well as tomatoes ??. So I’m ready to accept those.

Let’s start.

Day before Halloween party our gang as well as ria are deciding for the party because their parents don’t know about this secret party

Veer – what to do guys.
Kabir – let’s first decide the venue.
Riya – oh god. …what will I wear. ….I haven’t decided yet?
Pragya – hey listen. …. we have tym till 2morrow to decide how to dressup. So just chill.
Riya – hey listen …… I’m not like u…. have u ever seen ur face in the mirror?
Pragya (angrily ) ?- abeo gareebo ki supermodel. …..jaa ke apna cehra dekh aiyne me. ….khud na dar gyi apni shakal dekh ke tab humko boliyo. ?

Boys were irritated with their fights. ??
Kabir ?- shut up both of u …. first let us decide after that u two continue ur mahabharat.
Again riya started
Riya – I will wear a red coloured heavy gown.
Isha – have u gone completely mad.
Riya(interrupting ) ?- what do u mean by completely mad.
Kabir – she meant u were mad we all knew but today we think u have completely gone insane.
While kabir gave a hi fi to veer and sanprasha giggled. ????
Riya – ok ok, then I will come in a b*t*h attire. …. u all will get to see the hottest b*t*h ever.?
Pragya – that u r. ?
While veer shouted
Veer – nooooooooooooooo
Riya -? why what happened.
Veer – ?my dear sis. …. u look like a b*t*h in ur everyday clothes also.? ….. that’s why whenever I get to see ur face in the morning. …my whole day is spoiled. …… nd if u put extra efforts in becoming b*t*h?. ….. surely any ?vampire will propose u in the party night.

All started laughing like a mad while riya left the place angrily. ???
Kabir – atleast let decide the venue then u can go ?? (While trying to control his laugh ).
Riya – message me the venue and tym. I will come.

After that they decided the place. As kabir was messaging to riya about the venue. Saanchi shouted.
Saanchi – wait …wait …wait. when riya is not here then why don’t we take the advantage of the situation. ??
Veer – wow miss golgappa. … my company has spoiled u also. ….. I never thought that this there’s a naughty ?face behind this innocent and sweet mask.
Saanchi – leave all that and think how to scare riya.
Kabir – that’s the good idea.
All started thinking.
While veer giggled.
Plan muted? and everybody gave hi fi ✋

Next day all were ready for party. ..soon everybody started to come (here everybody means our gang )
The place was decorated with skulls.???…skeleton?????…cobwebs nd bats ??

First came our RIYA IN BELLATRIX LUMBSTRANGE getup ( madam lumbstrange from harry potter ). She was looking not less than lumbstrange. The same hairstyle. …makeup nd dress. ??

She was shocked to see the scene infront of her. ?
There was a table arranged for a candle light dinner. And in big big words it was written I LOVE U RIYA ❤and some pictures of kabir was there.

Riya got very happy.?

Riya – I knew it kabir u also loved me and one day u will propose me. ….. but what kind of proposal is this. …. on a Halloween night?.
Where r u kabir.

But next moment only her smile disappeared. ?

  song plays
Gumnam Hain Koi Badnam Hain Koi
Kisko Khabar Kaun Hain
Woh Anjan Hain Koi
Gumnam Hain Koi Badnam Hain Koi
Kisko Khabar Kaun Hain
Woh Anjan Hain Koi
Gumnam Hain Koi

Riya got scared. ????
Kabir I know u r trying to scare me. Pls don’t do so. Come infront.

A voice came.
Kabir – u want me to come out.
Riya – yes
Kabir – ok then turn behind.
She turned behind and she fainted while 2-3 voice of shouting came.

Let’s see what she saw.

Kabir was in werewolf getup. … veer in a vampire and garv wore a skeleton dress.

First the light falls on kabir. ..then on veer another side and after that garv.

As riya turned around she fainted but she made boys frightened with her look. ?
After that they started laughing like a maniac. ????
Then veer said girls missed it but don’t worry I had done video recording of this. I had already placed a camera there.
Garv – hey listen. ..I have an idea . Let’s scare the girls also.
Kabir – that’s good idea.

So they were ready with their plans.
First PRAGYA entered. She was dressed like a PIRATE (like jhonny Depp in pirates of carrebian sea ) As she entered a skull? came infront of her face but she ignored and and moved as she moved the boys did same thing as they did with riya except the proposal one.
But what the hell is this. Pragya started laughing ????
Boys were shocked. ?
Pragya – trying to control her laughter. Come out guys. …. don’t try to scare me. I won’t get affected by ur childish prank. Pragya yadav naam h humara …… bhoot khud humse darta h or tum log hume darane ki kosish kar rhe ho.

Kabir veer nd garv came out. They showed her the video how they scared riya nd how riya scared them.
Pragya – kasam se keh rahe h. … ye chudail ko dekh kar darane wala bhi dar jayega. Or to or isne dressup kiya h MADAME LUMBSTRANGE jaise ?????agar wo ise dekh le to khud bhi dar jayegi lumbstrange.
All laughed.
Kabir – where r isha nd saanchi.
Pragya – they might be coming.
Veer – now let’s try to scare them.

Finally isha nd saanchi came. SAANCHI dressedup like a chudail in movies. She wore a white saare with her hair open and deep smoky makeup. No one could recognise she was saanchi.
Isha wore a dress similar to loose nighty and her makeup was like she cried (khoon ke aasu ). Isha was dressed up like BLOOD MARY.

Isha – saanchi u go. … I have to go to washroom.
Saanchi – ok . Nd she moved.
As she entered she shouted.
Riya was sitting on the chair like a lifeless body plus her look was scary enough to scare anyone.
Nd as she turned behind to run kabir shouted
Boommmmm ???
Saanchi was so much scared that she started crying. ??
Riya and kabir started laughing. ??
Saanchi – u guys fooled me. I won’t leave u both.
Kabir – it’s party night let’s enjoy yaar.
Saanchi – where are others.
Riya – veer garv nd pragya have went to scare isha.
Saanchi let’s go nd see.
And they went.

Scene shifts to washroom.
Isha was giving final touch up to her makeup . Suddenly light went off. ?
She saw a reflection ?of girl wearing a white nighty same as hers with a candle in her hand.
Ishaa got scared. She said who’s there come out. But no response. Then light came?. She packed her makeup kit and came out but again power was cut. She saw same girl moving in corridors whose reflection she saw in washroom.
Isha (in mind ) – oh god what is this. I dressed up like BLOOD MARY nd looks like the blood mary is following me.
As she was moving the blood Mary stopped nd looked at her.
Blood Mary – u tried to copy me. Now see what I will do. I will make u like this forever.
Isha started crying – no pls don’t do this. I dressed up like u only for the party night. I promise from next tym I won’t let anyone to dressup like u. Pls let me go.
She turned behind nd she saw riya standing behind her.
She couldn’t recognise her nd due to fear she fainted.
Garv removed his mask .
All came out nd started laughing ????

After sometime isha gained consciousness .
Party started.
They were having drinks. ??
All – cheers .
All laughed after seeing how riya saanchi nd isha got scared. ???
They were dancing while veer went to take another drink.
While he was drinking he saw VOLDEMORT was standing there. But he recognised him.
Veer (in mind ) – I’m hallucinating. How will dad come here. ?

《Yes the man is anand malhotra in voldemort’s getup (voldemort from harry potter ) bcoz voldemort was bald so anand dressed like him》

Veer rubbed his eyes? and saw everybody was dancing. So he ignored nd continued to drink .
Kabir went aside to attend a call.?
Saanchi said I’m just coming in a second u guys continue on.
She went to washroom nd she was scared that she came to the hall shouting.

But what is this veer. …. kabir and saanchi …..were shouting.

Garv – what happened guys. Why r u shouting. Seems like u 3 have seen a ghost.
Saanchi – wo mai….ne…..m..m….maa ko dekha. ?
Kabir – m…..m….maine bhi. ?
Veer – m….m….m…m……m……m……??
Pragya – aboe nalayak. M….m. ….m kya kar rhe ho sidhe sidhe batao na kya hua.
Veer (gulping his saliva) – maine dad ko dekha wo bhi voldemort ke dressup me. ?

Isha pragya riya and garv started laughing.???????????
Isha – how will uncle nd aunties come to know about our secret party. ?

Suddenly they all heard a voice. ?
“Voldemort ko sab pata hota h “???
They turned behind and all shouted together. ????????

Anand, kusum, jaya, pragya’s ..isha’s nd garv’s dad were standing in different scary attires. ?????

Seeing their children’s conditions all parents started laughing. ????
Light came nd the they were hell shocked to see their parents .???

Anand – what u think guys.
Kusum – u will do secret party .
Jaya – or humlogo ko pata bhi nhi chalega.
Pragya’s dad – baap h hum tumhare.
Isha’s dad – anand Ji ne kal riya ke phone me msg padh liya tha. Isilye humne bhi tumlogo ko surprise dene ka plan banaya.
Anand – are party to humlog ke zamaane me hoti thi wo tumlog kaha jaante.
Jaya nd kusum – hum batate h party kaise hoti h.
Anand – music.

Party starts nd my story ends here.
Are bhai or kitna padhoge. … enjoy krne do unko party apne parents ke saath.


As I’m a harry potter series lover so I added bellatrix lumbstrange and voldemort (black magicians) in my party .
I know u will throw slippers nd tomatoes on me. U can throw whatever u want for killing ur time with this long shot.

Here there was no kaanchi nd sanveer drama. … so pls kaanchi nd sanveer fans + silent readers do comment.
If no comments then pls atleast press ?or ? button nd let me know how many of u liked it.
Thank u for reading this .
Thank u all for supporting me nd giving me love.
Bye and take care till I come with next one.
Luv u all my sisters .
Have a good day.☺☺

Now u can throw ur ????? for this wahiyat shot in the comment box . I will catch it.

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  1. Priyanshipp

    Sorry. I again did a mistake. I wrote b*t*h instead of witch. Nd again I did same bewakoofi. …without reading submitting the article. ☺☺

  2. Priyanshipp I am also a very big harry potter fan . I just loved to see that you are also a potter fan . Besides you have written bellatrix’s name wrong. It is bellatrix lestrange but you have written bellatrix lumbstrange

    1. Oops. ….thanq so much dear for correcting me. Actually I didn’t read the last 3 parts of series …I saw the movies. I have read only 4 parts of novel from school library. Nd in movie I think I made mistake in recognising the name. ….but after reading ur comment I also checked on Internet nd it was lestrange. Thanq so much for correcting me once again. Luv u dear nd take care.

    2. Priyanshipp

      Thanq so much dear for correcting me. Actually didn’t read all novels only 1st 4 parts but I saw all harry potter movie series. Till now I felt it was lumbstrange but today I got to know it’s lestrange. Thanq again for helping me out. Luv u loads nd take care.

  3. Priyanshipp I am also a very big harry potter fan . I just loved to see that you are also a potter fan . Besides you have written bellatrix’s name wrong. It is bellatrix lestrange but you have written bellatrix lumbstrange

  4. Dhruti

    superb tha os maza aa gaya…………..in last parents rock unke bachche(doctors) shock!!! ye line perfect he and how sanchi, isha and riya scare ……………………os was funny, comedy……………
    sorry jyada likh nahi paongi………………exa he to padhna padega…………………..
    keep writing like this……………………love you……………….tc……………………see you soon……………………

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear. ……m glad u liked it. …all the best for your exams. ..rock in ur exams. Luv u loads nd take care.

  5. Flyingfatty

    ??????main mar gyi but phir bhi bol rhi hoon……ekdam khidki tod tha…..ab mera chhotu sa finger aur type ni kr skta byeee

    1. Priyanshipp

      ????what tu Mar gyi to phir articles kon likhega or mere posts pe comment kon karega. ???? thanq u dear .luv u loads take care

      1. Flyingfatty

        Bhagwan ne mujhe return kar diya……btw wc

  6. Soo amazing… I couldnt stop laughing…… Loved it

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear☺☺

  7. Aafiya

    Wow! Superb…

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear ☺☺

  8. Amazing ND funny OS Yaar I really had a great time reading it…..

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear. ☺☺

  9. wow
    most crazy party
    i don’t want to throw my slippers i loved them
    and i love this halloween night and you
    keep writing dear

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq so much dear ☺☺☺

  10. Riyarocks

    Priyanshi……….main brahmarakshas hoon………main tujhe kachcha chabake khaa jaoongi……kuch nehi haath aaya toh tera dimaag toh atleast le loongi, apne reference ke liye;P………hehe haha………kya hua, hairaan ho gayi naa mera comments padhke…..arey yaar, har waqt wohi poorani ghisi piti amazing, osm etc etc likh likh ke bore ho gayi thi, isiliye aaj kuch naya try karne ka mann kiya……kaisa laga?……achha nehi laga na?……koi nehi, achha nehi lagega toh bhi tu mera kya bigaad degi………haha……….luv u dherrrrrrr saara………

    1. Priyanshipp

      ????tu brahmarakshas h to mai v naagin hoon. Aa to shi phir batati hoon. Or waise bhi tu nhi mai aaungi tere paas tera dimaag hypnotise krne. Tere phadu ideas ke liye. Or teri baate mujhe bohot achi lgti h. Luv u my sweetheart ☺☺☺???

  11. Niyaaa

    Ri brahmrakashash to m to zoombie hoon trra khoon pee jaungi…. haha.. kya party thi maza aa gya party kam darane ka game jyada chala… girls ko bhi boys darane the per koi naa parents h naa sabke mai baap sari kami puri kar di.. loved it enjoy it… bye nd hahaha mne itna late commnt kiya kya h naa kal insta Pe chatting krne lag gye to time ka pta nhi chala ab time mila to sare post abhi padhe bye.. insta p milte h

    1. Priyanshipp

      Aila. … riya mujhe kachcha chabaegi or tu mera khoon piyegi. … thik hpar tum dono decide kar lo ki mera khoon pine or chabane ke baad tum dono ka kya hoga kyuki naagin hoon mai ???.
      Are girls ki kami parents need puri kar di. Hahaha sachi insta ke chakkar me sab busy ho gye h. Pagal hoon mai jo insta pe group start kiya. … sbke sab whi busy ho gye h. ….gazab ???luv u loads

      1. Niyaaa

        Tujhe badi jldi yaad aaya reply krna tujh per bhi insta nahi nahi twitter ka bukhaar jyada chada h..???nd tera khoon pike mrna h kya naagin badla lene pahunch gyi toh.. mujhe apne pass bin rkhni padegi?????

  12. Awsm priyandhi…haaye m mar jawa on dis OS….thanku 4 writing dis

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank u sweetie. Infact I’m thanq that u took ur tym to read this ☺☺

  13. Nice and amazing party

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq anu.☺☺

  14. RuCh23

    Priyu…. you just rocked it yaar…!!! I was dying from laughter ??? Anand is perfect for voldermot ??? and Riya ???Bellatrix would surely get scared seeing her!!! I just loved every second of reading it. I’m a crazy fan of Harry Potter too ??? love you loads ???

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear. Wow this means that I’m not alone crazy fan of harry potter. Luv u too dear

  15. Khamoshi

    Pehle to i am really veey sorry dear for such a late reply.. bhul fyi thi but priyanka ne jab yaad karvaya to jaise taise tera article dhunda or oura padha.. how can i missed such a fabulous article yaar.. it was hilarious.. i enjoyed it truely. Again sorry

    1. Priyanshipp

      Maar ke tera muh tod dungi ?? agar agli baar tere muh se sorry nikla to. Ooooo ab samajh aaya insta pe saara natak h na tera dosti ka. Mai tuhje apni bestie samajh rhi thi parmujhe kya pta tha ki tune to kbhi mujhe dost maana hi nhi.
      Chal koi baat nhi dost to h nhi tu meri to apology accepted. Nd thanq so much for reading this article. ????
      I loved u my bestie nd will always love u. Sorry for bothering u. ☺☺have a good day dear

      1. Khamoshi

        Vandru…. kitni nautanki… yeah tujhe to kabhi maine friend mana hi nahi… bestie hi mana.. par jaa tu apna drama continue kar.. insta pe milte hai or teri band bajati hu ????????

  16. Really sorry for late comment….,Priyu it’s damn funny & hillarious,…loved it to the coree…..Lots of love??

    1. Priyanshipp

      Again sorry. … yaar sorry ko muh me fit krke rakha h kya. Nikal pheko kyuki is TU world me sorry Kisko bolegi dosto ko. …..dosto ko sorry bolte h kya. …..nhi na. ….to agli baar bolne ki glti mat krna. ……nd thanq sweetie. Luv u so much dear. ??

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