Half Marriage 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun helps Chandani and lands himself in trouble

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The Episode starts with Chandani asking Arjun why he cares for her. He says he likes her and asks her not to try doing this again. She promises him. Old man laughs and asks how was his acting? He asks if he will be jailed for 15 lakhs scam. Chandani says no and asks him to remove his get up. Simmi gives him money. Old man gets happy. Simmi tells Chandani that she is sure that Arjun might be planning how to get the money. Munna asks Arjun to get money from boss locker and give to Chandani, and keep it back when she returns it. Arjun refuses. Next day, Boss calls Arjun and asks him to do the work which Chandani was doing, and says she asked for 15 lakhs loan, who will give. He then says that he is going out for 2 days and asks him to take care of office.

Saab ji tells Suryaprakash that he is

selected for the party president’s election and gives lecture to him. Surya Prakash gets upset and asks Servant who is more lucky, he or his father. Servant says you. Surya prakash says he will fly high and then only he will reach Delhi.

Arjun is in his father’s shop. A man comes there and asks for 1000 Rs for his wife’s treatment. Arjun’s father gives him money from Mama’s shop and says he will tell Mama. He says it is a good deed to help others than helping his own family. Arjun takes out the money from the locker and thinks he will tell Ajay once he returns. He comes to Chandani and tells her that he has done wrong for the first time and has broken his rules for her so that she don’t do anything wrong. He says he never lied in his life and will apologize to Ajay Sir. Simmi asks if he is mad. Arjun says yes, he will apologize to her.

Chandani tells that she will teach him a lesson for ruining his father’s respect. Munna tells Arjun that he has done good by helping the girl, but he will land up in trouble if she don’t return the money. He asks if he will give money to him. Arjun says no. he tells that he trust Chandani and he will tell truth to Ajay. Munna says if Ajay will give you noble prize who has kicked that girl out. Arjun says you gave me idea? Munna says I was drunk then. Arjun says she loves me and will return the money. He thinks he has a feeling that he did right.

Arjun is arrested by the police and is behind bars. Chandani comes there and tells him that he deserves to be there for ruining Saab ji, her father respect. Arjun is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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