Half Marriage 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun insults Chandani

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The Episode starts with Janki calling Sampath and tells that she wants photographer to click Brahmin bhoj’s pics today and tomorrow. Sampath says ok. Arjun and Mannu hear her. Arjun says they will think twice before getting the pics clicked. Chandani thinks what to wear. Ajun asks her to wear saree which Papa has given her. Chandani says why he is talking sweetly and says she is seeing his changed behavior, she felt like he is fulfilling his dream. Arjun says I am tired of fight and tells that their friendship days were good. Chandani gets happy. Janki got big utensils and says she will get the pics clicked. Arjun and Mannu laughs. Chandani comes there. Arjun and Mannu looks at her. He smiles. Mannu says she is looking lovely and takes selfie with her. He asks him to take pic with her. Chandani

sees big utensils and asks what to do now. Janki says we shall wash utensils and cut the vegetable. Chandani says we would have done this inside the house. Janki says light is more here and even air is fresh. Mannu asks Arjun what is he going to do.

Arjun asks Chandani if she has any problem. Chandani says no and tells that she will wash the utensils. Arjun asks Servant to bring water pipe and soap. Water flow starts in the pipe and it falls on them. Mannu laughs. Chandani is washing the utensils. Media comes there and asks who is Janki. Janki asks them to wash her pics. Media sees Chandani washing the utensils and says Saheb ji’s daughter washing utensil will make great headlines. They click her pics.

Janki says even she will wash and acts to help Chandani. Jija ji asks her to pout. She pout with Chandani and falls down while trying to pose for pics.. They couldn’t get up. Shakti helps Janki gets up. Chandani asks Arjun to help him get up. Arjun ignores her. Janki helps her get up. Utensil shop guy comes there and takes the utensil saying Shakti said that he will get the utensil washed and return. Arjun says he tried to make Chandani repent for her crimes. Janki scolds Arjun and calls his parents and mama ji. She tells that Arjun insulted her and asks Sulochana if she ever made them get insulted. She says I can forget and forgive him, but what about bahu. Mannu tells that Janki organized bhoj, called media and got utensils. Mama ji asks if he is telling right.

He asks Janki to apologize to Arjun. Mama ji tells that such things happen in house, and asks her not to make issue of it. Janki apologizes to him. Arjun says he shall apologize and takes blame on himself. He says he is responsible as he gave her idea to do Brahmin bhoj and called media. He asks Mannu to bring marriage dirty utensils home. Janki says he wanted to humiliate me. Arjun says to insult Chandani. He says that girl entered here forcibly, does dramas and thrown you out of your house. His father says she is your wife. Arjun says she made fun of husband and wife’s relation and says everyone is shameless like her. He tells Mama ji that she acts to be his wife without knowing him and asks if sanskari girl will do this. Rakhi says Chandani. Chandani hears all and cries.

Chandani asks Arjun why is he doing this and why don’t he let her go. Arjun says why? She falls on him and they fall on ground. They have an eye lock. Song plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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