Half Marriage 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Surya prakash is freed by Court

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The Episode starts with Kajal presenting in the court. Kajal tells that when she came to know that Suryaprakash is going to marry, she got angry and told him that she is pregnant with his baby. Chandani says this was not true and shows the medical report. Kajal says she wanted big amount from Surya Prakash, when we were talking Reva came there, I had done more drama and Reva got angry and left from there. Surya Prakash left following her. Chandani tells that because of this girl, Reva lost trust on him. She says nails marks on her body was because Surya prakash tried to stop her. She says she gave her circuit house address to Reva as she wanted to meet him. When I reached there, I saw Reva brushing off Surya Prakash’s hand and colliding with the truck. Chandani says Reva’s death was an accident,

my brother is innocent.

Judge tells that Reva’s death happened because of accident and frees Surya Prakash from the crime. Saheb ji hugs Surya Prakash. Arjun loses trust on Chandani and looks at her. Sulochana and Manohar are upset too. Saheb ji comes to chandani and thanks her for helping Surya Prakash. Sulochana angrily takes Chandani from there. Chandani thinks to go back after sometime. Chandani, Surya Prakash and Saheb ji come home. She hears Saheb ji talking to Singhania and telling that his son was innocent and dragged to court case unnecessarily. Chandani looks on. Saheb ji tells Chandani that he wanted her to marry Singhania’s son Sid. Chandani says she is married.

Saheb ji says you will not be welcomed in that house and asks her to understand. Chandani says she came here as she want to give sometime to her inlaws and also because Surya Prakash is going to London for forever. She goes inside. Saheb ji says son has taken sanyas from politics and his daughter wanted to go to poor house. Janki blames Chandani for making them lose the case. Shakti says Saheb ji went out proudly from the court. Janki says Chandani will always be Kanojia and she was never Sharma. Shakti says we gave her so much love and Arjun loved her a lot, but she showed who is she? Janki says bahu can never become beti and says Arjun was madly in love with her, but he got nothing. Sulochana cries and apologizes to Reva. Arjun gets angry and leaves from there.

Surya Prakash is about to sit in car and looks upset. Arjun comes there and beats him badly. Surya Prakash gets beaten up by him silently. Chandani comes there and asks Arjun to leave him. Arjun says I will get justice for my sister, and says she was not your sister. Chandani says I have learnt from you to support truth and says Surya Prakash was trying to save her, and hadn’t pushed her. She asks Arjun to kill her brother and says he will not say anything as he is changed. She asks him to see Reva’s death guilt in his eyes and says he blames himself responsible for her death and that’s why leaving from here. She tells that even Surya Prakash loved Reva the same way. Saheb ji comes there and asks Chandani why she is talking to cheap man. He asks Suryaprakash if he is fine. He says yes. Saheb ji asks Sampath to call Police. Chandani stops him and asks why? Saheb ji says this cheap man tried to hurt my son. Chandani says she didn’t know how he got injured. Surya Prakash says I fell down, nobody has beaten me. Chandani asks Arjun to go home and says she will come later, and says she is with him in his happiness and sorrows, and says whatever you have lost is lost by me also.

Chandani comes home. Sulochana stops her and says if this girl stays here then I will burn myself. Arjun looks on shocked. Chandani looks at him. Sulochana says doors are closed for you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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