Half Marriage 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani presents proofs for Reva’s case

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The Episode starts with Laywer telling that we have to make sure that Chandani shall stay silent. He says all proofs will be proved in court and says only you can turn the case, your father can pressurize you. He says if you give statement in his favour then Surya Prakash will be saved. He says I need your signatures on the paper in which it is written that your mental state is not fine and you were not present at the accident spot. Sulochana asks Chandani to sign on the papers and become daughter from daughter in law. She asks her to stay at home and clean Reva’s room. She says we will do puja for Reva after court judgement.

Later Chandani looks at the papers and reminisces Reva. She recalls singing and dancing with Reva before her accident and cries. Arjun comes to her and says Reva used

to trust you more than me. He says when I think, I realize she used to share her secrets with you, as she was more close to you. He says now everyone is doubting you or questioning you, I trust you and knows you will not do anything wrong.

Chandani is restless in the room and prays to God to show right way. She says Arjun and Sulochana hope that they will get justice for Reva and is worried that her statement can save Surya Prakash. She says if I keep quiet then it will be wrong. She asks what to do, if she shall support truth or family.

In the morning, everyone go to court. Judge asks lawyer to start the proceedings. Prosecution lawyer presents the postmortem report and tells that the nail marks on Reva’s body was of Surya Prakash. He says he forced himself on Reva and would have murdered her. She ran out and called Arjun. He followed her and pushed her seeing the truck coming. He says this is not accident, but murder and the murderer is Surya Prakash. Defense Lawyer tells that Prosecutor told half truth, it is not proved that Surya Prakash pushed Reva infront of truth and says he has woven a fake story. He says Reva went to meet Surya Prakash, but it is not proved that he killed her. Surya Prakash stands feeling guilty.

Defense Lawyer asks Judge to call Chandani Sharma and says she is a prime witness. Prosecution lawyer tells that Chandani is unwell and can’t come to court and shows the papers. Saheb ji gets up and says Chandani is the witness and her sasural people have stopped her from coming here. Judge says Chandani made it clear that she was not present there and is about to give his judgement against Surya Prakash when Chandani comes there and stops the judge. Arjun and his family are shocked to see her coming there. Judge asks who are you? Chandani says she is eye witness and tells Judge that both of the families are hers, one side is father’s family and other side is of her husband. She says we couldn’t come out of Reva’s death trauma. She says she felt that they shall get the guilty punished and know the truth. She says she wants to show the CCTV footage of the circuit house and says nobody have seen this before.

The CCTV footage is played on the screen. They see Reva seeing Surya Prakash with Kajal and running out from there crying. Prosection Lawyer tells that Surya Prakash must be having relations with many girls, and Reva had seen her with him. He says Surya Prakash ran after her and then pushed her. He thanks Chandani again. Judge asks you have just now presented Chandani’s report and now thanking her for coming here. Chandani says prosecution didn’t know about this truth and tells that the girl in the video is the main witness to the case, and says if she had not come there, then would have not forgiven herself. She asks Judge to call Kajal to court.

Arjun and his family get against Chandani. Janki tells everyone that Chandani will always be Kanojia. Arjun cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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