Half Marriage 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun falls for Chandani

Half Marriage 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Arjun talking to his friend Mannu. Mannu asks him to agree to girl. Arjun says he don’t love her or have any feelings for her. Mannu asks him to call her and agree. Arjun says I did a mistake by calling you. Arjun asks boss (Simmi’s boyfriend) to check something. He says he trusts him fully. Arjun goes. Chandani comes to boss and asks if Simmi called. Boss says yes and asks if Simmi said something. Chandani praises him and says action. Boss refuses to give her loan or advance salary. Chandani smiles and pretends to cry just as Arjun come to her. Arjun is about to give her handkerchief when Peon tells that Boss asked you to bring file. Arjun comes to boss while looking at Chandani. Boss asks can you give her 15 lakhs loan. Arjun looks at her all day as she pretends to cry.

At the end of day, Chandani ignores him and goes. Arjun gets affected.

Chandani comes back home and tells Simmi that she cried a lot today without glycerine and asks what she will make her do after 2 days. Simmi says you will meet him tomorrow itself and the love fire will ignite in his heart. Simmi comes to meet Arjun. Mama’s son and Arjun’s brother ask who is she? Simmi scolds Anuj. Arjun comes and says you are Chandani’s friend. Simmi tells him that Chandani is depressed and tells that she sent her message. She shows him message and acts as Chandani is going to suicide. They come to the place. Chandani thinks she got a good chance to act. She pours kerosene oil on herself and says today this lovestruck Chandani will die. Arjun tries to stop her. Simmi asks Chandani to turn to him as he brings water pipe. Arjun throws water on her and sets off match stick and washes away kerosene oil. He hugs her and asks if she was mad.. Chandani looks on surprised. Arjun asks why do you want to die? Chandani asks why did you save me, you don’t love me? Arjun asks her to listen and he falls on her. Simmi comes and thanks Arjun. Arjun asks why she tried to commit suicide. Chandani says her father needs 15 lakhs Rs. for 2-3 days and she has an insurance that’s why she tried to commit suicide so that her father can get insurance money. Arjun says no insurance companies gives money if the insured person commit suicide.

They bring him to an old man who calls Chandani, and tells that his left eye was blinking and asks if she is fine. Chandani says yes. Arjun looks on. Old Man acts as her father and tells Arjun that he saw him on Tv and calls him Rajnikant. He cries. Simmi says angel came to your house. Arjun says Chandani told me that you needs 15 lakhs. Old man gets shocked and scolds Chandani. He then cooks up a story and says he needs money for 2-3 days.

Chandani tells Arjun that she don’t want him to get engage in any problem because of her and says she will find a way. Arjun asks what you will do, if anything had happened to you then? Chandani says she fell weak. Arjun says I am with you as a friend. He says I am struggling with bad times since morning and tells that the matter is about life. Chandani asks why do you think about me. Arjun says I like you. Song plays….Dil lageya plays…..

Arjun gives 15 lakhs rs. to Chandani. Simmi tells Chandani that now she can take revenge on him. Chandani is adamant to ruin him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Please end this serial as soon as possible, because it is totally boring and the plots are weak and the acting mediocre.

  2. The plot is so typical hate, betrayal, redemption, then love. I think the fl is a spoiled brat but I like the ml.

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