Half Marriage 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun throws Chandani’s stuff out

Half Marriage 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Arjun asking the guys bringing the bath tub to keep it in the cow’s shed. Chandani comes there and is shocked to see her bath tub in the shed. She steps on the dung and calls down in the grass. Mannu comes and greets her. Arjun says I will help her and gives his hand. He then takes back his hand and asks her to think again before asking her father to send anything. Sulochana tells her husband that she will not go to Chandani’s muh dikhayi. He says she is not that bad. She refuses to go. Chandani gets ready for muh dikhayi. Arjun comes and looks at her. Chandani asks if he is thinking that he will look like cartoon infront of her, as she is beautiful. Arjun asks her to cover her face in ghunghat else people will faint. Janki praises Chandani during muh dikhayi rasam.

Neighbor lady asks Arjun to sit with her. She lifts her ghunghat and sees Chandani’s Dracula teeth. Other lady sees Chandani making faces and gets shocked too. Jija ji asks the guys to keep the stuff in the house.

Arjun asks what is all this. Sampath comes there and asks Arjun to see if the stuff is fine. Arjun asks who asked this stuff. Sampath tells that someone told on phone to send these things and that’s why Saab ji sent it for his daughter. Chandani asks Arjun if this is enough and says she called whatever he asked. Arjun throws the stuff outside one by one. Janki asks Chandani to stop him before he throws AC. Sulochana asks Arjun what is happening here. Neighbors say they asked them to send and now pretending as if they didn’t ask for it.

Chandani asks him to throw the things bought with his money and tells that it is her father’s hard earned money stuff. Arjun asks her to tell aloud that she got it for herself. Chandani tells the neighbors that she asked her father to send these stuff for herself. Neighbors gossip that now they are making her say this thing. Janki asks neighbors to leave gift and go to their houses. Arjun warns Chandani not to ask for anything again. Chandani says she don’t want his family to feel bad and that’s why said that. She says she is Kanodia and not Sharma. Arjun says you can never become Sharma. Janki tells Chandani that toaster and TV is broken. Chandani asks her to make another list and says she will see how Arjun stops her.

The family members talk about Arjun and Chandani. Jija ji says it seems that they had an affair and caught in the park. Arjun asks what she is talking. Chandani comes and says she don’t want to have food. Janki asks Chandani to sit and praises her. Chandani sits. She sees baigan ka bharta and says she don’t eat it and asks for Chinese or Thai food etc. Janki asks her to order. Chandani orders the food and asks Arjun for address. Arjun tells wrong address and says chudail khana. He asks her to pay with her own money.

Saab ji calls Chandani for pagphera. Surya prakash threatens Arjun. Arjun comes to Saab ji’s house smilingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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