Half Marriage 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani gets to know about her birth truth

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The Episode starts with Surya Prakash crying looking at Reva’s pics and recalls the moments with them. Chandani comes to him and says she wants to talk to him about Reva. Surya Prakash says I have killed Reva, punish me, what I will do without her and cries badly. Chandani sees Sampath standing outside the window and asks him to go with Saheb ji. Chandani thinks Bhaiyya is really affected by Reva’s death. I need to know the truth and thinks Sampath must be knowing it. She stops Sampath and says she needs to talk to him. She tells him that she knows that truth. Sampath asks which truth. Reva says the truth which you and Papa know, but you thinks I don’t know circuit house truth. Sampath gets tensed and thinks how did she know. Chandani says she wants to know all the truth from him. Sampath thinks

of Saheb ji’s words that Chandani is not his daughter. He says he really don’t know. Chandani says even Arjun knows about it, being my husband and he shall know it. Sampath makes excuse and goes out.

He calls Saheb ji and informs him that Chandani knows truth about circuit house, and she told that even Arjun knows about your and Chandani’s truth. Chandani hears him and thinks she wanted to know about Bhaiyya and Reva’s truth. Saheb ji is shocked and asks him to keep an eye on Chandani. He comes inside and asks Servant where is Chandani. Servant says she went out after you. Sampath thinks where did she go? Chandani gets Saheb ji’s call. She thinks she shall not talk to him until she gets to know about the true. She thinks to search in Saheb ji’s office for proofs. Arjun and others mourn for Reva’s death. Neighbors ask where is your bahu? Janki says I will call him. Arjun cries badly. Janki asks him where is chandani. Arjun says she must be here. Janki says it is bahu’s responsibility to talk to people. She says may be she went to save her brother. Arjun says it is not like that. Janki asks him to go and bring her back. Arjun says I will call her. Janki says I tried, but her number is off.

Chandani comes to Saheb ji’s house and searches in the files. She thinks to check his personal cupboard. Saheb ji asks Sampath how is Surya Prakash. Sampath says he is looking at Reva’s pics and crying. Saheb ji says what a madness. Even Chandani is not picking the call. Chandani hides. Saheb ji tells that Chandani’s phone is off. Arjun comes to Saheb ji’s house, and Servant tells him that Chandani left. Arjun thinks what is she hiding? Saheb ji asks Sampath what did she tell you. Sampath says she told me that she knows about circuit house truth. Saheb ji says don’t know what will happen now. Chandani get up and the pics fall down on floor. She picks it up. Saheb ji recalls his marriage with Chandani’s mother. Chandani sees pic of Saheb ji and her mother’s pic. She thinks bhaiyya is in pic and maa is already pregnant in her marriage pic. Saheb ji and Sampath looks on. Saheb ji tells Chandani that he is not…Chandani says my father. She asks if this pic is taken before her birth. Saheb ji nods her head. Chandani runs to Saheb ji and hugs him surprising him. Arjun comes there. Chandani says I am shocked with this truth.

Arjun sees Chandani hugging Saheb ji and telling him that her relation will not change with him or Surya Prakash. Saheb ji relaxes seeing Chandani not knowing his truth. Arjun is shocked. Chandani tells him that she will not let injustice happen to her brother.

Chandani asks Arjun to trust her. Sulochana hugs Chandani and asks him to get justice for Reva and says now you are my daughter. Chandani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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