Half Marriage 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandani tries to trap Arjun by fake love

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The Episode starts with Chandani and Arjun’s conversation. She convinces him with her acting and comes home. Surya prakash gets angry on her and locks her in room. Arjun’s mum asks her husband to give 1000 Rs for Reva’s fees. He says he has just 300 Rs. and says God will do something. Arjun hears her and gives money to his mum. He checks his pocket and says just 2 Rs. is left now. Arjun talks to his friend and tells that he is taking Chandani out, but has just 2 Rs in his pocket. Mannu agrees to help him. Chandani talks to Simmi and tells that her brother locked her. Simmi asks her to elope from window. Arjun tells Reva that he is going out to have food outside with a friend. Janki says don’t know when they will leave.

Chandani seeks Bhuvan Kaka’s help and come to meet Arjun. Arjun

tells that he will take her to some restaurant. Chandani thinks if it is expensive.

Saab Ji scolds Suryaprakash for locking Chandani and asks him not to be strict with her.
Arjun takes her to red dragon of China, Chinese restaurant. Chandani thinks it is good that she had food before. She tells him that she had food with her father and they shall go somewhere and talk. They sit somewhere and have icecream with her. Arjun says I didn’t think we will sit here and have icecream. Chandani thinks you didn’t see my goodness till now. He cleans the icecream from her chin. He whistles. Chandani asks him to teach her. Adha Ishq plays…….Police comes and asks him to come.

Arjun says we are friends and talking, this is not a crime. Inspector says romeo giri is closed. Arjun says when he didn’t do anything then he will not be scared. Chandani says they love each other and it is not a crime. Inspector asks her to give Saab ji’s number. She asks her to give number. Chandani folds her hands. Inspector says she will lock them in lock up. Arjun says you got this uniform to take care of people and not to trouble us. Inspector says arrest them. Chandani says they love each other a lot and tells that if she calls father then her brother will kill her, says you are an Inspector, but a woman too. She says when my family does something to him then his family will kill me too. Lady Constable cries and says same thing happened with me. Inspector leaves them and tells that she is leaving him because of Chandani and asks him not to trouble her after marriage. Arjun looks on upset.

He asks her why did she lie? Chandani gets upset and asks him to stop his scooter. Arjun follows her and says you told false story to police. Chandani asks him to look in her eyes and refuse to love her. Arjun asks her not to talk filmy and says he is not such kind of guy who will jump in girl’s eyes seeing it. Chandani asks why did you come to meet me and why did you call me for me. Arjun says we are just friends. Chandani says I am mad to think that you loves me as I love you. Arjun is shocked. Chandani asks him not to meet her if he don’t love her. Arjun tries to explain to her. Chandani says I will never come near you and smiles.

Chandani threatens to burn herself if Arjun don’t confess love. Arjun asks her to throw match stick.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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