Half Marriage 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandani and Arjun to fall in love

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The Episode starts with Chandani intentionally colliding with Arjun and her tiffin falls down. She tells him that she got food from langer with much difficulty. She tells that she can’t afford to have hotel food. Arjun says I will help you to get food and asks her to come. Saabji tells Suryaprakash that he will not let Chandani marry Rishi and will break her marriage later. Arjun and Chandani collides with a Saint. He blesses them for a happy life. They argue with each other not to think like that. Suryaprakash asks Saabji why they couldn’t handle arjun sharma.Saabji says we will make Arjun’s family will repent and tells that he made all the plan..

Chandani gives food to Beggar and asks him to pray for her success. Arjun thinks why did he scold that girl and thinks to apologize to her.

He sees beggar having Chandani’s tiffin and doubts on Chandani. Chandani thanks Simmi for help. Simmi says her boyfriend gave job to her and Arjun too. Arjun asks Chandani how did she go yesterday. She tells that she got auto and went. Arjun says he saw just one car going. Chandani thinks if he saw me going by car.

Simmi’s boyfriend gives locker responsibility to Arjun. Arjun refuses at first, but he insists. Arjun agrees. He goes to Chandani and asks if she talked to Simmi. Chandani asks him to act. He scolds her. Chandani cries. Arjun feels bad. Simmi talks to Chandani and tells her that now Arjun will fall in love with her and will have a heart break. Simmi asks her to hurt Arjun badly and break his heart. Chandani says ok. Arjun sees Chandani going and says he will drop her and says she might be going to langar. Chandani says her neighbor is sending food for her and tells that her friend is waiting for her and will drop her. Simmi calls Chandani and tells that Suryaprakash is calling her home. Chandani says my car is parked nearby and I will come.

Arjun follows Chandani and sees her near car and wishes all poor people must be having big cars like hers and asks what story she will make. Chandani cries and tells that this car was mine, but it is not mine anymore. She tells that his best friend bought this car from her. Arjun says her sorry repeatedly and asks her to stop crying. He gives her handkerchief and it flies. Chandani cleans her nose with his tie. He offers to drop her to langar. Chandani says she refused neighbor aunty. Arjun offers to take her to dinner. Chandani thinks he is trapped by my tears.

Precap: Chandani asks Arjun to look in her eyes. Arjun asks what happens with it. Chandani says love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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