Half Marriage 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saab Ji apologizes to Arjun and his family

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The Episode starts with Saab Ji to hug him and appreciates him for standing against corruption. He tells that his name is cleared from the fraud and tells that he and his son were unaware of the fraudulent people. He tells that he heard his supporters attacking him and assures that nobody will do this again. Janki asks him to sit and have something. Saab Ji tells that he will come some day and have food made by Arjun’s mum. He applauds for his mum and calls her Kunti. He apologizes to Arjun and says he will leave now. Media comes there. Saab Ji asks Arjun to come out with him. He addresses to the media and tells that these youngsters will end the corruption. Media asks about the fraud. He says Arjun complained against the company and not me. He asks Sampath that this is politics and says even a

smallest thing is big to ruin the name. Media questions Arjun. Arjun says no comments. Chandani tells her friend that Arjun’s heart is so small, but her father is so big hearted that he went there and apologized to him. Her friend tells something. Chandani thinks she will insult Arjun Sharma badly.

Arjun tells his family that he feels something is fishy as Saab Ji and Media came at same time. His mum asks him to have food. Someone calls him and offers him 40000 salary job. Arjun says he will think and tells his mum that world is not bad. He thanks his mum for being good mum of the world. His mum says you are world’s best son.

Arjun comes to the company. He gets a grand welcome by his colleagues. He sees Chandani there. Chandani says so good to see you, and thinks she will make him apologize and will not spare him. Arjun asks why you are in need to do job. Chandani says I was rich father’s daughter, but time has changed. Arjun thinks if she thinks me fool and thinks to find out about Chandani on net. Chandani thinks you can’t find out about me. Chandani gets his chipku boyfriend video message and gets tensed.

Surya Prakash gets angry on Chandani. Saab Ji assures Rishi’s mum that Chandani went to do yoga. Rishi’s mum says they will fix the engagement. Saab Ji says once your brother makes my son political career, we will announce the engagement. Chandani comes to have tea at tea stall. Arjun says this acting is too much.

Chandani says it seems I have to tell you everything and tells that her Papa’s business was gone in one day as his business partner betrayed him. Papa is in depression and Maa is in hospital. Arjun says sorry for not understanding her. Chandani says its ok and says she is her father’s life and can do anything for him. He says may be God did this to break her ego and apologizes to him. Arjun says I will not make you say sorry 100 times and gives her handkerchief. Chandani smiles. Arjun gets his father’s call and he asks him to bring something. Chandani thinks she will win from him.

Saab ji and his son plan to take revenge on Arjun and says even his family will suffer. Chandani comes to have food at langar. Arjun asks her until when she will lie.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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