Half Marriage 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Janki welcomes Chandani as Arjun’s wife

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The Episode starts with Arjun seeing Chandani coming to his house in a bridal wear. He fumes with anger. Chandani comes on the door, calls patidev to Arjun and asks won’t you welcome me. Arjun is angry and asks what is this new act, I can’t bear anymore. Chandani asks him to be silent. Rakhi greets her and says I am your nanand. Arjun says didi please and asks Chandani to end her drama. Saab ji comes and asks if he thinks this is a drama. Everyone looks at Saab ji. Saab ji says damad ji, it is written in the shastra that after marriage, girl’s house is her husband’s house. He greets Sulochana and her husband. He makes Arjun’s father have sweets. Sulochana says I told you that this house is not political place for you. Saab ji asks her to have sweets. She don’t have sweets and tries to

stop him and the box falls down from his hands. Sulochana goes to room. Mama ji tells that Sulochana is going through tough times.

Janki says she will handle her and asks Arjun’s father if Sulochana did right and asks him not to forget that Arjun has married Chandani and took 7 rounds. She says even we have daughters, if somebody marries Reva forcibly then. She says she will welcome Chandani. Arjun asks her not to take their decisions and says Chandani is not bahu of this house and will never be. He says those 7 rounds were planned by Saab ji, folds his hands and asks him to take his daughter from there and get a groom who is suitable for her. Janki asks why didn’t you say anything when you were marrying her. Arjun says I was helpless then and tells that Saab ji’s sanskar sena were getting Reva married forcibly. Janki asks what you and your sister doing in the garden and asks him to tell truth. She asks his father, if Arjun’s doing is justified.

Arjun asks why she is stretching the same thing. His father says you got married that day and says the truth can’t be changed now, you have to stand by Chandani. He apologizes to Saab ji and says your daughter will stay here and they will decide about the relation. Janki asks her daughter to light aarti plate. She does Chandani’s aarti. Arjun says I don’t want to do any rasam. Mama ji asks him to leave his stubbornness. Arjun asks Chandani to kick the kalash. Chandani kicks the kalash and it hits Janki. Janki says it is a kalash and not football. Chandani says sorry. Saab ji congratulates Arjun’s father and says from today my daughter is your daughter. Chandani gets emotional. She enters the house. Janki says bahu grahpravesh is done. Chandani says I have come to your house, now I will give a new teaching to you every day. Arjun shows her foot prints and says you will soon leave.

Arjun’s father asks Sulochana to accept the marriage. Sulochana says since morning, Janki is talking to us nicely as she knew Chandani is coming. He says but marriage is done. Reva comes to Sulochana. Sulochana blames her for going to college and inviting the trouble. She says Janki got Chandani home due to her greed. Janki says my son is not clever like you, and asks them to come for Mama ji’s respect.

Anuj tells that he is far good than Arjun, but he got good bride. Arjun says he will not do any rasam. Mama ji tells him that whatever happening here is with your father’s consent and he can’t be wrong. He sits down beside Chandani. Chandani smiles.

Chandani calls Saab ji and says she wants to return home. Saab ji misleads her. Arjun tells that he will give divorce to Chandani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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