Half Marriage 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandani determines to take revenge from Arjun

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The Episode starts with the neighborhood people applaud for Arjun and lifts him high. Saab Ji thinks who is this Arjun Khanna and asks to find out about him. Chandani thinks she will make Arjun Khanna say sorry for insulting her father. She gets down from her car. Arjun sees her. Chandani slaps hard on his face, it turns out to be her imagination. He asks what she is looking at? Chandani says I didn’t know that you are so daring and have become hero in everyone’s eyes. She shakes hand with him. Arjun says I will make you say sorry for 100 times. Chandani says she is ready to say thousand’s time.

Outside Saab ji, people are standing and tell slogans against Saab ji. Saab ji asks who is this Arjun Khanna and says he is waiting for the next big news, says he will welcome him. Arjun’s

sister tells that he got 600 likes on fb. Mami’s son tells them how Saab Ji is.

Saab Ji’s men come to Mama and Arjun’s father shop. They ask since when you have started selling cow dung. They break the shop. Arjun is exercising there and don’t hear anything. Everyone think where is Arjun putting us in trouble. Arjun’s mum asks Mami’s son not to tell him, but he goes and tells Arjun. Goons gives a warning. Arjun is going, but his mum stops him. Mami scolds him for exposing Saab ji’s fraud and making him enemy. Arjun says he will fight till the end. Chandani and Saab Ji see the news that Saab Ji is innocent and the fraud was done by his employees who are arrested. Chandani says she knows that he is innocent. Munim ji tells Saab Ji that their supporters attacked Arjun’s shop.

Saab ji asks Munim Ji who is this bad people and says nobody shall harm Arjun Sharma or his family. He tells that a youngster tried to expose corruption and asks Munim ji to understand. Chandani thinks Arjun Sharma has tried to ruin her Devta like father’s respect. Munim ji says he didn’t understand what he means? Saab ji says if you would have understand then you would have been on my place, and I would have been following you.

Mama’s son informs them that Saab ji is coming to their house. They get worried. Saab ji enters the house. Janki greets him. Saab ji says I shall fold my hands to see that courageous boy who was brought up here. He asks where is he? Arjun comes there. Saab Ji looks at him.

Chandani tells her friend that she will insult Arjun so that he can’t walk with his head high. Later they bump into each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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